8 Rebirth
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Author :CelestialKobold
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8 Rebirth

"To proceed with our plan what is first needed is you two must first be purified of all impurities. We will begin by bringing you to bathe in the cauldron. During that time you will feel immense pain. However, it is necessary to force out the potential of the body. We will come again and choose the best product. If neither of you lives then we will again go out and choose more people. When we succeed your sacrifice will be recorded in the history for all to know of your selflessness." The man looked at them with conviction and resolution, hoping that this time they pick a good body for their lord.

The man then turned around and left the two kids to their lonesome. As the kids went on they noticed in the cells that all the bones were small.

They closed their golden eyes and saw lights shining above all of the bodies. Most of them were colorless but they can feel them. As they got closer to them and tried to touch them the lights all went to the corner of the cell and cowered. The children left them alone as they were scared.

After a while of waiting, the man came back with others and opened the cage. They pulled the children, who gave little resistance, toward another room. In there they saw many cauldrons lining the wall looking like a group of glaring beasts staring at their preys. There were two cauldrons filled to the brim with countless medicines and herbs, the liquid inside boiling and shining, fires placed below them.

Surrounding the fires were circles with lines leading to the center where the cauldron was placed. In the center were strange looking symbols. They felt a strange sensation looking at them and held an urge to get on one knee to pay respects. The men followed the will when seeing the circle and bowed. After saying a chant they got up and pulled the kids.

The kids who were in rags were stripped of the clothes. The men then brought one to a cauldron and then held them by their waste above them. They chanted a mysterious language that the kids had a hard time hearing.

It sounded rough in their ears but it didn't last long before they were forced into the boiling liquid.

The men covered the top with a lid and covered the kid's silent screams and all had a hard expression hoping for a different outcome than all the failures.

As the kids were inside they, looked over their past and began wondering why things had turned out this way. They felt envy towards the kids that have never suffered. They wished they could have had been warier and hated themselves for it. they then passed out from the pain and resolved toward their fate. They were in separate cauldrons but both floated towards the edge of it unknowingly.

They closed their eyes, They saw many lights come forth and hug them creating a layer of protection from the heat. The kept coming in waves of white forcefully clinging to them. The men stood outside and began chanting. When they began, the lights came forward and hugged the kids tighter. Inside the room, the air trembled and a majestic pressure had forced the men to bow.

They stalled for a moment before continuing to chant. As the men grew slower in chanting, some of them started to fall. The kids inside felt the pressure they had never felt before. The faced up and felt a hole in the air. From inside the hole they looked at the black light, before having their minds collapsed. It came closer and the lights surrounding them were holding the darkness in place. They felt fear towards this but it started pulling toward it. The many lights were fighting for them to be here. A shred of darkness instantly stuck out and connected a line with the kids. They both felt intense pain and couldn't move away. The felt something go indie of their own lights. and they started to darken.

They saw memories from another go by rapidly and were being pulled at a much faster rate. They saw endless war and poverty. They saw an unknown species. They had the bodies of humans but were much bigger. Curved horns above their heads coming down their spine and coming out like a tail that extended past their height. Red strawlike hair dangling from the heads draping towards the floor. They came and pillaged the humans, killing, pillaging, and torturing all other races.

The closer they got to the darkness they started seeing memories of a man, he had lost everything but never gave in. He would tear the unknown creatures and tear apart their lights out from them and crush them. He single-handedly brought them down from their pedestal and killed everything that was a product of them.

Right when they were about to be captured, the kids saw a paper fly from their own lights. When this paper came out the whole world crumbled and the men. The kids felt a warm feeling spread out and felt warmth they hadn't experienced in a long time. When they opened their rejuvenated eyes they were in a white room. Above was a black sun hanging overhead, flowers below with nothing able to be seen. They didn't know why they were there and thought they had died. They felt a sharp pain and their lights got bigger. They felt something coming in repairing. The previous small light emitted a pure blue light and became more concentrated until it took the appearance of them.

They got into a lotus position unconsciously and were moving the little particles about until it finally they could see each other completely. After a while, they opened their eyes again and felt pushed out of the world.

They found themselves in the cauldron completely fine but starved. They felt more powerful than they had been previously and they both removed the lids. The fire had long been put out and around they saw the bodies of the men on the floor, lifeless.


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