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Author :CelestialKobold
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When the kids got out of the cauldron they couldn't see any more lights. They looked towards their previous captors and started towards them. When they reached them they saw that there weren't any lights in them. When they looked at their bodies they didn't have any wounds or markings. The kids looked around this room but there wasn't anything important.

They went toward the other room and looked out. No one was near them and they couldn't hear any noises from the room. The kids hesitantly walked inside it. They took a much better look at the room. There were 3 doors in total in this cell room. They went towards the one that they had seen many of those robed people walk in and out of.

They slowly went inside and looked around. There was only a pedestal holding a book in the center with rows of seats lining up before it. They looked toward its cover had been burned but they could slightly make out an unknown bird.

When they tried to open the book they found out they couldn't. They then went back to trying to find anything around this room but failed to find anything. Relieved they left the empty room and tried going through the other door.

When they opened it they Closed their eyes at the blinding light piercing their eyes. They were beyond happy as they stared at each other. They realized that their skin was badly damaged but seemed to be shining in the sun. They ran toward their previous home to reminisce about their previous family.

When they arrived there they saw random people that looked arrogant and hideous. Exuding a wretched stench, wearing barely any clothes. They were taking the items that had once belonged to the family. There were many people by the sidelines shaking their heads disappointingly. When they went up to someone they had remembered as their neighbor, he looked startled at them.

"You guys are still alive. Hmmm, then you better try to get away. It looks like your uncle will be taking possession of you. He is someone who had previously beaten his kids to death in a fit of rage. He has anger problems and won't care about you. He will most likely take you in to get the benefits of having you. The house was going to fall to you two since he had adopted you but you guys were nowhere to be found." He looked at the shivering kids and thought they had been wanting to cry. He wrapped his gentle hands and looked at their eyes. He again was shaken seeing them angry feeling a bit of overwhelming. He didn't know what they had been through but felt scared looking at their burning eyes.

"Your uncle is the one commanding the people to take the items." He pointed towards the one in the center berating the workers telling them to move faster. He looked identical to their father.

When the kids looked at him they were overwhelmed and went to hug him in an instant. The man looked confused for a moment and looked at the kids. The world slowly losing color. The man widened his mouth with a crooked smile. He hugged them in return not knowing who they were.

The kids cried happily looking up at the man who left them once. A slowly growing greed of never wanting to let him go. The man didn't think much of it but only responded kindly.

"How have you been, it's been so long." Where have you been? He didn't know who they were but he had been used to this. Previously there had been many people grateful to him only to find out that he wasn't his brother."Let's go home after finishing up here."

The man pulled them toward a place where they didn't know. The houses here were big and towering over them. The man stopped at the gate of a colossal mansion. Not recognizing this place they moved towards him hugging him. When they arrived at the door, they could see inside a woman and one kid before them.

The woman opened the door and welcomed them inside. She had many bruises covering here with a black eye. The kid also didn't look better. The man came inside and left them standing there. They looked relieved and looked towards the kids.

"Who are you." Not wanting to bother with them she rudely asked them. The kids just stared dumbly at her wondering who she was as well. "Don't you stupid kids know how to properly answer. To think just pathetic trash is here." She left them alone at the front door. The other kids looked toward them. "Hello, my name is Judas. I am happy to welcome you guys to our family." He politely walked toward them and shook hands. He was a bit taller and appeared pleasant.

"Would you like to be shown around" He showed them around the house to every room. However, when he got to a certain room he was quite scared and could hear screams from inside. His mother was again crying. He showed a quietly angry look in his eyes. Ignoring it he proceeded to tell them that they should never enter that room and to try to avoid his father and mother.


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