10 Escaping
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Author :CelestialKobold
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10 Escaping

When the kids got to their room they opened the door and looked at the huge bed. They were quite surprised that they were getting a huge room all to themselves. Although they don't dislike large rooms, they prefer small rooms as in the orphanage they had to share with others. The room was also adorned with jewelry to the brim.

They felt it with suffocating but they didn't wish to talk with Judas. They quickly got went got ready for bed and went to sleep. When they opened their eyes they felt something different. They were in a place with no windows along with others lining up the wall. Only bones were around. They stood up and looked around. There were no doors but a single colossal door. It looked heavy and impossible to open.

It smelled like the previous place they had been. They quickly heard a noise from above and saw that a tiny hole had opened up. Opening its mouth, they saw their uncle. He was smiling disgustingly at them.

"If you can survive down here for twenty days ill let you leave. I send in countless beasts and watch them try to kill you. If you don't you'll die. Your father had always been the most favored even when I amassed riches. SO, blame him that you are suffering."

The kids were fuming with anger but couldn't do anything. There were no signs of escape found and the putrid air made them weak. They could only rest for now.


When they opened their tiny eyes they realized that countless days had passed. Countless beasts were set aside, rotting. The kids were forced to eat this food from the beasts that had died.

They were waiting for their next beast. They looked at the door with alert and calmly reserved their power. The huge door suddenly opened. When they saw the beasts, they were stupified in what their next move will be.

The towering beast opened its mouth and roared once. It shook the kids to be thrown back into the flesh of the other beasts. The giant T-rex slowly walked around showing contempt towards all things below it. The children tried to analyze for a flaw in the predator. The only flaw they could see was its small arms, but that wouldn't be of any help.

They were scared that they might get killed when facing this monstrosity. When looking around desperately they couldn't see anything that would help and just took their weapons made out of the bones from previous beasts.

They waited for it to move when it finally did they were relieved with joy that it can barely run.

Taking advantage of this they began running to opposite sides of the room. They could see the monster in the center, his attention drawn in towards Valerie. Elliot quickly used this opportunity to stab its leg with the sharp part of the bone.


It was toppled over quickly and they both lunged at it stabbing its eyes. It quickly got up not being able to see anything. The kids then tried walking slowly so as to make sure not to let the t-rex hear them.

Elliot tried stabbing towards the back side of the Trex, succeeding but being thrown back towards the wall by the tail. The Trex looked towards where he was thrown and began walking towards there. On the other side, Valerie quickly moved towards there and stabbed in the opening making a huge gash on the side.

RAWR. Becoming furious he quickly turned around and bit it giant mouth towards it. Valerie became scared and ran away from fear causing the monster to bite into the stone at the bottom.

Elliot stabbed towards the opening and pierced towards the heart. Causing it to be toppled and killed finally. He lay on the ground exhausted from this.

It had been 19 days so far and they were looking forward to the end. At first, he had sent out small animals like dogs and rats but slowly became impossible animals to fight continuously.

The began stripping the skin from the Trex and ate the meat inside. They slowly became full and waited for the next day. They had been going into the lotus position together and connecting their hands. Circulating their energy together. They hadn't known how they learned this but it helped them become less tired over time.

When they heard the door open they Judas come in. He was battered with bruises along with a missing eye. From the hole above they heard a noise.

"You guys must fight and kill him if you wish to leave. In this world, I will not stand for traitors. He had tried to poison me by bribing the chef to insert it into my food. I HAD FED YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? Mere dogs should always be put down when they show aggression towards their owners.

The kids then looked towards the dying Judas and quickly went to him.


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