11 Morality
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Author :CelestialKobold
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11 Morality

When they saw him, disfigured and nearly dead they tried to avoid looking at him and went to him. They didn't know what to do in these situations. They could only try to cover the eye to stop the blood.

"It doesn't matter what you do to try to save him, he's already destined to die for going against me. I have already prolonged his life. You guys must kill him to go back up. If you don't then you will always be locked down here. To me, it doesn't matter if you die down here." The man continued to spy on the kids. He was quite shaken when they could kill the t-rex. He was thinking of using them.

"Please stop it... it hurts... stop... the... pain..." Judas muttered incoherently towards the twins. They didn't wish to kill anyone however they also didn't want to stay inside locked forever. Judas then looked toward them.

"Its... alright... from the moment I was born... I was always mistreated... they always... forced me to do things I abhorred. Watching my... mother be hit in front of me... it gets tiring... I hate it... I HATE IT... Please leave this place... promise me to give him what he deserves...

Valerie and Elliot didn't wish to do it but they had no other choice. The grabbed his soft neck and quietly tightened their grip. The beast above smiled jubilantly at their decision. Judas himself also smiled but peacefully.

"I'm glad I can finally help people in need... Goodbye." Finally, his chest stopped moving up and down. Gently letting go of his neck the kids hurried to the side of the room and threw up.

"Excellent, a very good job from you guys. I'm quite pleased with how you turned out. Like I promised you will be let go. From now on you will work under me."


The door opened and the kids finally saw what was on the other side. A large elevator able to fill many things inside was there. They got up and went inside after throwing. Their backs looking more bigger than before.

Once they got inside, the door closed loudly and it started towards the top. When it stopped there was a man in a butler's outfit outside pulling on a rope. The kids got out and around them were tubes containing countless animals and humans alike in jail cells. All the humans were losing limbs and the animals kept on getting shocked.

Leaving this room with dull eyes the kids reached the door towards the exit. The man welcoming them with open arms. They silently stared at him with hate, leaving him alone they walked past him. The man just shrugged his shoulders and entered the door. The kids found themselves in the basement and chose to leave this place.

While they were going out the door many servants looked towards them and held them back.

"You are to remain here, our master has told us to not let you guys leave under any circumstances. The man that spoke was wearing a butlers uniform. "Please do not make it hard for us, we will bring you in with force if you do not follow us back inside."

The kids chose to agree and go back inside. They had already been tired out and wanted to sleep. Once they got to their room they quickly collapsed on their bed. Once they opened their eyes they had realized that they have been trying to escape countless times. When they finally manage to leave the adults outside hold them for their uncle to pick them up. They would then get beaten for causing their uncle stress.

Finally, they had managed to escape and bumped into a guy in black armor. When they closed their eyes and opened them they saw their uncle run away and hide around. After a while, he was crushed to death and they could see a black light remain there. It smelled horrendous and they wished to move away from him.


When they looked up they saw the world tearing up resulting in a huge hole above them. They couldn't peer into it even when they moved closer. The world became darker


Something quickly showed up and appeared before the black light. They saw a small bird that was trying to fit the entire light into its beak. After a while, he succeeded and looked towards the kids. They were curious and tried to touch the bird but failed to. Their hands just passed through.

The crow looking at the kids just playfully looked at them, after a while of looking at them he finally went away from them. When he was going to enter the hole he stopped for a bit. Mysteriously looking at the kids before him he shook his small head and left closing the hole before him

The kids were forced back to their house. Looking through the window they could see themselves in the room sleeping. Grace was slowly moving her hands on their faces. The kids then woke up and looked above, staring at the light.


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