12 What happened?
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Author :CelestialKobold
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12 What happened?

When the kids were taken upstairs to their previous room by the servant, Grace asked someone to look into their previous home. She sat silently waiting for the servant.

After a while, she heard the opening of a door. In came the head maid, she had her red hair braided back and wore a maids outfit. She looked extremely fit with a petite figure walking in with a serious expression. She put a few pieces of paper on the table and began speaking.

"It seems that he was known as a very uptight and cautious man. He would frequently beat his wife and kid, even out in public. No one would do anything because he was wealthy and were quite scared. There was a story before where someone had stepped in to help them, but he was never heard from after that."

"I see and how did such a despicable man become wealthy in the first place."

"When he was younger, his brother had actually started a business, It took off very well and was generally well-liked. He unknowingly fell in love with an unknown woman and for her, he was willing to lose everything. Their parents weren't happy that he was focusing on them so they poisoned her. The brother used this chance to convince him to give him the company by saying that he will manage it while they get better."

"What happened to the family of his after they heard of his death."

"The son was found out to have died a few weeks prior to this. He was not buried but burned. The mother, on the other hand, went crazy. She had stopped eating or drinking anything and would just laugh hysterically sometimes. This had been going on after her son had died."

"Apart from the family, was anyone else hurt?"

"There were many traces of other people in cages in a secret room below the basement. He kept kids as young as two and adults as old as eighty. They were many torn up bodies that had dry blood seen on their bodies. There were other animals as well, ranging from small creatures to a single tiger at the houtian level. He had a bronze soul level and he was found feasting on kids. There is no way to get a tiger at that level without the help of cultivators. We searched for who he has connections to and found only two possibilities. The White Mist sect or the Flying Tiger Stronghold."

"Send someone to both sects to give them a warning. From now on no one is able to leave the sects for the next 1000 years or they'll all be killed." She looked calm and steady giving off such an order. "Also from now on sects that support these type of people will become an enemy to us."

"Yes, ma'am." With a sharp reply, she walked out with small steps. As Grace looked at the back of her body she was becoming more worried about what the kids have experienced. She also got up and went to the where the children were sleeping.

She saw the kids with tired expressions and walked over to the kids. She softly placed her hand over the kids' heads and said a muttered a silent incantation. She was looking at what the kids had been through. By doing this she was also evoking the memories of the kids which means they have to essentially relive the past.

Inside the dream, she saw how she had been spying over them for 5 months. She saw their happy family and how they died. When they got to the moment when they saw their father she made the world darker. Only she could see it herself and she shook her head sighing internally.

When they got to when they were forced to live in the cult she was surprised for a bit. She couldn't see through their memories when they were placed in the cauldron. She also didn't see the lights that the kids saw.

After that ordeal, she nodded when they were fighting with the beasts happy that they had grown strong. She was also disappointed at herself for not torturing the man and giving him a simple death. She saw the kids trying to escape and finally escaping when the man in black saved them.

"I promise never to let you two suffer as long as I am alive." Whispering in a small voice only she and the kids could hear it.

Relieved at the sight she stood up and was about to leave when the kids opened their eyes. She blushed with embarrassment but quickly returned to her usual look. The kids' eyes sparkled with contentment with finally returning to their home. They quietly pulled on the sleeve of Grace. Their eyes asking to be hugged. Grace couldn't say no and could only hug them.

"Alright sleep you two, its been a long time since you last met the others. It's already late and you shouldn't stay up too late. From now on you will be safe here." The kids nodded their heads and went back to sleep. Grace left and returned to a further inside the castle. She quietly unlocked the door and entered. Inside was a temple that held a painting of a young man in the center. He was merely standing but the pressure was radiating from the painting.


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