13 Reunion
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Author :CelestialKobold
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13 Reunion

After the kids woke up from resting after a long time they left their rooms to go take a bath and get cleaned up. Inside they scrubbed all the marks that used to be on their bodies. Upstairs is a room strictly for the children there to use. It's the room to hang around where they can unload all their stress. The children hadn't gone in them as they would often choose to keep to themselves and do chores for the adults around.

When they entered they saw the rest of the children along with a new child. They wouldn't meet with them as they couldn't speak. The kids were pulled toward the children and brought to the corner.

"We missed you guys a lot when you left. We were happy that you guys got chosen to leave and finally get adopted. " The one speaking is a small girl with light brown hair. She had a very high voice and would always try to involve everyone to join in and have fun. She was currently the oldest at 14 years old, she was named Dhruva

"How come you guys came bac-" With a loud slap Dhruva hit the boy asking the question on the head. "Salman you shouldn't be asking rude questions. Ignore him guys, you can write to us when you want to tell us."

Salman was a young boy with light blue hair, he had eyes that always felt like they were looking too into someone's soul. He was often ignored by the adults that came to choose kids. He was currently 11 years old.

The other kids seeing that they were fine went back to other things. There was a single kid standing out looking around, vigilant. He was known as the crazy kid who would frequently stop go out to make trouble. His name was Titus and wouldn't speak with the others like the kids. He often mutters to himself about taking over the world. Most adults also ignore him because he wouldn't go out when they point at him. The kids have gotten used to his rambling, they considered him mysterious since he came when there was a huge accident over in a different town close by. They didn't know his age.

When they turned around they met the sight of a kid that always wants to find out about everyone's secrets. Asha looked into their eyes and he felt a bit different. He got up closer to look at them and quickly turned around and went back to whining about the kids for any gossip. He was 12 years old


The door opened and Grace had come inside along with the head maid. Normally a servant would come in to tell them to get ready to study so they were surprised to see Grace come in herself.

"Is there something wrong happening," Dhruva asked in a worried look.

"No there isn't anything wrong. In a little while, everyone older than 7 years old will be taking a test. This test if you succeed will allow you to enter the martial hall in this city. If you do really well then you will be personally trained by an imperial soldier. This test will help see your constitution and affinity towards cultivation. It won't hurt but it will try to put you guys through the utmost limits of your power. It'll also search for if you have and special constitutions. This test isn't required and if you don't wish to take it then you don't have too" The head maid next to Grace responded to her question in a static voice.

"All those who wish to participate have to follow me. Those that aren't of age or don't want to can stay here."All the children that were older than 7 were half of the kids there. All of them were screaming with joy as this would be a chance for them to finally move up in the world. As they followed her they went down to the indoor garden area.

There they saw a rock that was pure black as well as a pedestal with an orb. On one side there was a man who looked calm and bored here. However, he wouldn't leave as this was a direct order from Gabriel. He wore bronze armor with the imperial sign on the back.

"All of you kids can line up and ill ask you to come forth when I call for you, otherwise don't come forward as you'll affect the kids in front.

The kids got into a single file line and hoped that they would have a good score on this test. They wanted to be able to enter the martial hall and be able to live by themselves. They didn't wish to leave but wanted to be able to have a future.


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