14 First tes
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Author :CelestialKobold
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14 First tes

When the children finished lining up, the man went closer to the rock. "You guys will punch the rock as hard as you can, what this test will show is your current strength. High numbers would range in the hundreds of millions. They would be people that have cultivated their body to the maximum. All of them are old men who have lived for hundreds of years. The average adult without any training is about a score of 80. I don't expect much from you guys as you are still young. So ignore what your score from this one."

He then went to the other small orb on the pedestal. This one will show what your potential is and will grade you on it. Lower grades are F in which you don't have any affinity for cultivating. To become an imperial knight in training you must score at least a D-grade or higher. What these grades show are your limits in cultivating. D-grades can become a houtian expert. C-gades can become a xiantian expert. The pattern continues until A-grade and above, the measuring of higher grades is tricky. Before there were some that were A-grades but couldn't go further than houtian." Well after this ill take you guys to another room. Cultivating is one thing people often confuse and think there is only one way to cultivate. I'll explain more afterward." He quickly changed to get things over with.

"Will the first person come up to the rock." A kid that was quite small was first, he looked weak and the kids don't think he will get a high number. He quickly punched at the rock and the rock didn't respond in any way. The boy was quite disappointed but the ma beckoned him back. When he went back the man saw that it showed a 20 on the top of the rock. The kid became even more disappointed and the other kids playfully laughed. "I told you guys to ignore the score, when I first hit it I only got a 40.

The next kid was up and he only managed to get a 35, and that was the typical trend. Dhruva was up next and she got the highest so far. She had managed to get a 60. The man was quite stunned and allowed her to go back.

The next person to come up was Salman, he would often get hit by Dhruva for being too brash so they wondered what his score would be. When he hit the rock it only showed a score of 50, Salman stood there jubilant and happy flaunting off his score to the rest of the kids for being second. The man looked at him and wondered why he wasn't noticing his presence. He ignored it and called forward the next person. They continued and reached the gossipy kid Asha. He hit it only for a measly score of 10, looking in disbelief he began worrying about himself.

It was finally the twins turn to come forward, they were quite worried about what their scores would be. Valerie went up first and hit the rock as hard as she could. She kept her eyes closed, not wanting to look at the score and ran back to her brother. The kids around all had their mouths gaping open in shock, the man as well. Her score was 1000. It was brightly lit for everyone to see. Grace looked at it with calm eyes. She already knew they would be high as they had taken down a T-rex previously.

Elliot approached the rock afterward and didn't want to be separated from his sister so he punched it as hard as he can too. A tiny crack could be seen on the rock. Along with a score above 1000 at 1001. Shocking the rest of the people they quickly went back in line.

Dhruva went up to the kids with a shocked expression."What have you guys been up to that you could punch so hard? I never would have thought you to secretly be monsters. Tell me did you eat some strange pellets to achieve tons of strength. I've heard before that there are some that can increase your body strength a ton." The children simply shook their heads.

The last person to go up was Titus. He wasn't feeling the pressure of coming after two monstrous kids and ignored the 15 kids. He weakly punched out and went back quickly. The crowd of kids had their jaws hanging lower almost touching the ground. It was a score of 900.

After some time of being stunned the man regained his calm and went to the small orb. Alright so this time you guys will simply place your hand on it and what will appear is your grade for cultivating.


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