15 Second Tes
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Author :CelestialKobold
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15 Second Tes

After finally gathering the first kid went up to the pedestal. "Ill explain something as goes up, it's almost impossible to be able to move your grade up. Usually, to do that you need impossible to find materials, by then it's not worth it to do that since unless you're very young."

As soon as he stopped talking he motioned for the kid to continue. With a bright flash, the score inside the orb was a D-grade. "This piece is a single part, there are two more tests. to be able to correctly see what path you guys shall go down. Some people got F-grades but they didn't give up and went down soul cultivation of body cultivation."

Since you don't have an affinity for normal cultivation we'll test the rest of you guys. He motioned for the next person to go up. Soon enough almost all had gone up but the 6 kids. Most of the others got F-grades and two got D-grades.

Dhruva came up to the pedestal with a serious look wanting to at least get into a D-grade. She placed her hand firmly on the pedestal, looking bewildered at the tiny score in the orb. It showed an F-grade. She had hoped to be able to become someone in the future but this had discouraged her, crushing her hopes. With a false smile, she returned back to the line.

Salman saw her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Don't worry if I get a D-grade you can marry me and I'll help you move up in the world". Dhruva looked at him and hit the back of his head."Don't talk like it's gonna happen, he said that there are two more tests.

Salman quickly went up as well, with a bright light it showed a C-grade. Showing a jubilant smile he went before Dhruva and began gloating saying things along the line of you'll marry me.

Asha quickly went up to the pedestal not wanting to look at his terrible score so he closed his eyes. Not seeing the bright blue light along with the score of a B-grade. He quickly went back in line with his eyes closed. The man only marked it down unconsciously and stood there absentmindedly for a bit.

"Hey, kid get back here and put your hand on longer. I don't think I saw your score correctly." Asha did just so and went up this time not closing his eyes. He put his soft hand on top of the orb and it showed a bright blue light. He was overjoyed and ran back to the line. The man only looked at him with a green hue and called the next person.

It was Valerie's turn and she was expecting at least a C-grade since she always thought of the lowest possibility. Her brother, on the other hand, was expecting at least an A-grade. She hesitantly placed her hand on the orb. The children were stunned as she didn't get a score, Valerie suddenly went back to the line waiting for the next person to come up wanting to forget her score.

Elliot went up as well thinking what if he gets the same. He put his hands on the orb delicately as if wanting to please it. He also received no score from the orb. With his head down he went back to the line. The man stood there with a confused expression, he had never encountered such a situation. Just then he had received a message from above, wondering who it was from he realized it was from Gabriel as it was his handwriting.

"Make both of them come up and place their hands simultaneously, there has never been anyone that hasn't had their grade checked that turned out like this. Do it or I'll kill you." The man scared for his life pulled them both up and placed their hands together on the orb. As they both put their hands on they saw a brilliantly lit black light, a letter putting them at L-grade.

"I don't get this, I've never heard of a grade like this, My master will be visiting you guys to check on why you're score is this. The last one please come forward."

Titus was up next, he showed a careless expression as if not caring and put his tough hand on the orb. What came up was a golden light along with the letter S. He just showed no care and went back to the line. The rest of the kids were showing scared expressions, wondering if he really can take over the world.

Well we will move on to the next test. This one will test ability for body cultivation. This will ave you sit in the circle and ill see what the color is.


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