Modern Emperor
8 Teach Me!
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Modern Emperor
Author :Justawayy
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8 Teach Me!

Anna was shocked to hear that Sophia knew that she was going to use magic, trying to avoid the conflict, she ran in the direction of the ramen shop owner.

"Trying to run away now?" the shop owner said angrily.

Sophia saw that she was trying to run, and went after her.

Sophia reached Anna in the blink of an eye, considering her advance in cultivation, she was way faster than a kid.

Taking Anna by her arms, Sophia said:


"I'm not a fuc#ing pokemon! Let go!"

Xander came right after. Looking at the 'criminal', he said.

"What's wrong with you? I don't know much, but magic shouldn't be used like this, right?"

Not speaking, Anna lifted her left arm and started a spell.

"Don't even try it, I can kill a little kid like you with a slap."

He waved his hand.


His hand had so much force in it that wind was created.

Glancing at her with a cold look, Anna's face went white and her hands dropped from fear.

Alternating her look between Xander and the little thief, Sophia didn't know what to do.

"What's your name?"

Looking at the fast lady, she said nothing.

"You're homeless at this age? Poor girl." Sophia commented.

"How much time have you spent on the street?" Xander asked.

"I... it's been a few day...s" she spoke like a oppressed child.

"And what is your name?"


The ramen shop owner came, too.

"Haa, haa, you guys can run pretty fast, huh? Now, pay me, thief!"

Anna looked at him and said:

"Why should I pay? It was not even good!"

Xander looked at the man and said:

"I will pay it."

Receiving some bills, the owner became puzzled.

"This is too much, here the price is not that high."

"Just keep it."

"Ohoho, thank you, young man."

Giving a hostile look at Anna, the man left.

Xander was pondering about something, then he said:

"You know magic, right?"

Anna hesitated a little, but gathering her courage, she answered.

"Yes, why?"

"You know the foundations, how to start with magic, right?"


After he came to this world, Xander thought he would have a tranquil life, but things didn't go his way and now he needed to fight people who could use magic.

His only source about magic was Sophia, but she didn't know much about it too.

And now he found someone who could help him in that, and that person was Anna.

"I was thinking with myself. You're homeless, I have a place, you know magic, I don't. How about we make a deal?"

With his charm that could make a lot of girls fall for him, he smiled gently at Anna.

"I...I don't know."

As if he knew she would answer like that, he crouched until their eyes met.

"Think about it, you won't have any other obligations, just teach me magic and you can live freely."

"But... They said that I can't say anything about magic to ordinary people."

"Do you really think I am a common person?"

Looking up and down at Xander, she tried to inspect him.

"What is this strange energy in you?"

"Know you see, right? I'm not a normal person."

Sophia was just standing there in silence.

"Darling, I think it's not a good idea. If she knows magic, she has to be from a magic family, they wouldn't let us go."

"Don't worry, Sophia. Remember what we've become yesterday?"

It didn't take much time to her realize what he was talking about.

"Oh! We are now cultivators!"

"Yes. We may even beat those magicians."

Hearing Sophia saying the word 'cultivator', Anna was stunned.

"Hmm, you...two are cultivators?"

Realizing that she might have said too much, Sophia made a face saying 'I'm sorry'.

Shaking his head left and right, he said.

"Don't worry. Now, Anna, you know about cultivators?"

Anna hesitated a little before grabbing a book in her backpack.

"This book, I found it in my house."

"Your house? Why are you here, then?"


Saying nothing, he took the book from Anna's hands.

He opened the book. Looking through it's content, he was muttering something.

"Hmm, I see...Oh, okay...That's..."

Wanting to see what's in the book that made Xander interested, Sophia came closer.

Before she could see something, he suddenly looked at her and asked.

"Sophia, look at these words, I can't understand it."

The women looked at him with a puzzled look.

Anna said:

"I thought you understood it."

"Not at all."

Sophia said:

"Why you looked like you had an enlightenment?"

"Well, the details in this book are amazing, it's pretty cool."

Anna felt as if looking at an idiot. Sophia thought that it was kind of funny.

As for Xander, he made that on purpose. When he saw the content, even if he didn't know what was written in the book, there were some hand drawn images showing the steps to cultivation. But, these steps were just the basics of cultivation, the book could guide people until the ninth Period, which means, until the first Human Realm.

'This book is useless, why would a book with this type of content have so much decoration?'

Closing the book, Xander was wondering how a book about cultivation was here.

"Let's go home."

"She will come with us?"

Xander looked at Anna, waiting for her answer.

"I will go with you."

She looked in his eyes with courage.

Seeing her determination, Xander asked.

"I think it's not late for you to start cultivation, but you need to train your body first. Do you want to learn how to cultivate?"

Hearing Xander's proposal, Anna felt inexplicably excited.

"Can I really learn that?"

Of course, she was willing, since she was a kid, her grandfather would force magic in her until she started to like it. Learning more things are always a good thing, and this enlightenment came early for her.


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