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My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered
Author :TokyoAnime_Seven
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75 Yami Qi Dark Energy

Sam saw the disc on his back then looked towards Howk standing at a distance "You fcki** son of a bit**, you ass ho** all this time.... All this time you have been hiding your power, tch, tch. So you have been playing with me till now. Shit, shit and here I was thinking I was winning the match."

Hearing to his curses a smile appeared on Howk's face (Howk was not a masochist by the way) The smile on his face was that of satisfaction, four years after a whole of years he could go berserk now. One of the reasons he was chosen to fake his identity was because of his berserk nature on the battlefield.

Every mission completed by Howk always ends up with one-sided casualty. He was a one-man army, whenever he landed on battlefields. All this time, he was getting frustrated with his fight with Sam. A double-digit ranker was giving him (A Single-digit ranker) trouble in an arena. And to add on the pain, his boss (Sir Jean) was the special guest of that match.

Now that he was set free, his excitement was reaching the skies. He looked towards Sam who had been cursing him for the past one minute and clasped his both hand...….

Spectators "....."

Aryan "....."

Yoshino "....."

Sir Jean "Wahahahahah, ahahahahahah hahahahahh, that boy using it now waahahahah aahaahhahah."

Aryan "..."

"Lil boy just wait and see what happens next," added Sir Jean.

Aryan hid his advice and looked towards the Arena, but to his disdain, no visible changes were observed.

Sam too, was getting confused by Hawk's action clasping hands.

His small disc was stuck on his back, and the bigger one was in his hand, 'then what is he trying to do.' while he was pondering about all this another sharp pain came from his behind. He abruptly turned around and found Howzer tearing his back.

At that time he wanted to scream out, the pain of that disc continuously tearing his back was not something a mere double-digit ranker can endure.

But he kept his mouth shut and endured the pain.

After giving him a deep wound on his back, both the discs returned back to Howk's hand. Now he had two Howzer discs on him. Sam looked at him with bloodshot eyes and swore in his heart to kill that disc bastard.

He laid down on the ground and started laughing, "Ahahahahah ahahahahahh ahahahahah. You bit** I will show you... I will show you what power is, I will show you despair, you will beg me to kill you. Ahahahahahh ahahahahahh."

Seeing Sam's madness on Arena, many spectators were getting a bad vibe, they could feel an ominous aura gushing out from Sam. But none of them was worried about it. The same was applicable for spectators of the VIP zone, they could sense the ominous aura around the Arena, but none of them were worried. Instead, all of them were looking forward to the winner of that match.

And the reason for their carefree behaviour was none other than Sir Jean, he and his mysterious powers. Sam took out a fist-sized bottle from his pocket and showed it to the spectators sitting there. "You all bitc*** sitting there and laughing at me aren't you?!! Haha, I will show you what true power is..." said Sam and opened that bottle.

Inside of it was the drug that he had been taking earlier in small doses. Sam took a deep breath in and emptied down the entire bottle in one go. All the spectators, instead of panicking, were getting excited to see the result of that drug.

Sam took the drugs and was waiting for its effect to take place, *Thump…..Thump…..Thump...* His heart rate became slower, everything around him became dark, the remaining chakra energy in his body got ejected out. He was getting befuddled by all these reactions.

He was expecting a sharp enhancement in his physical and mental strength, but nothing of that sort happened, instead the remaining energy in his body started leaving out. 'The heck is happening to my body, I can't even see clearly now.'

Meanwhile, the pills in his body started taking effect. His body was getting devoided from every ounce of energy he had, his mental energy was getting depleted at a faster rate, he couldn't feel his hands and legs anymore. All these energies in his body were getting sucked by the drug pills and got converted into Yami Qi (Dark Energy).

Taking a single pill at a time didn't have any side effect, but taking more than one had serious backlashes, and the funniest thing here was he hadn't taken one or two or two pills but gulped down an entire bottle of it. Containing fifteen plus pills.

So the backlash was all the energy in his body getting converted into Yami Qi, and he was becoming a hollow shell, a body that can't move nor think.

Slowly the Yami Qi engulfed his body, his fair skin became dark black, his hairs grew out up to his waist. His canine became sharp. Dark patterns appeared on his face. He abruptly stood up and looked towards the spectators watching the fight. "Gahhhhhhhh" he roared like a savage beast. All the peoples sitting there were looking at him with astonishment.

'So consumption of the drug will make you a wild beast,' was the thought in everyone's mind.

Sir Jean laughed at Sam's foolishness and ordered Howk through his headphone to deal with it.

Howk was more than happy enough to deal with that demonic beast, he took out his two discs, jumped high up in the sky and sent them flying towards Sam, this time Sam didn't use his bow instead materialized an arrow with his hand and threw it towards the two incoming discs.

Everyone the seeing this fight gasped in shock, not because of the materialization of an arrow with his bare hands instead, they were more surprised by the energy used to materialize it.

Sam was using his spirit force to materialize them. Spirit force/Soul force is the life energy a living being. There is no alternative of restoring it if you depleted it once, and Sam was depleting it to make arrows for Howk.

The two discs of Howk's and Sam's arrow collided, creating an explosion in the air, even though Sam had lost it completely and had no control over his body, his instinct was telling him that he had owned the match. The victor goes to him.

Krchhhhhhh!!! Krchhhhhhh!!!

One of the two blades cut through his right leg while the other cut through his left hand. Fluid came out gushing from his hand and leg, but this time the fluid wasn't blood but rather thick black fluid. Howk summoned back his two discs and touched the fluids splattered on it.

And as expected, it was devoided of chakra energy and instead Yami Qi was diluted in it. Sam was furious from the results, even though he took all the pills he couldn't defeat this monster named Howk before him. And what's more frustrating thing he was using less than twenty percent of his power just some minutes ago. Now that his seal is undone god knows what he will do.

Howk took out a stick and injected some samples of that black fluid in it after some time the result came, and it showed DGN: X22. Seeing the number on the screen Howk's hand trembled in fear X22 was a forbidden drug. Used in small amounts for some special research purpose only, but to use them on humans.... The result was worse than death. Even death is an easy option before it.

Sam was getting on his feet again when Howk threw on of his disc and cut down on of his leg, making him unable to walk. In the meantime, when Sam was struggling to get up again, Howk called Sir Jean and informed him about DGN: X22.

Hearing the number 22, even Sir Jean's face became dark. "The fck, from where in the world, did they get their hands on it," he mumbled.

Aryan heard the number 22 and asked Yoshino about it, upon hearing the number 22 even Yishino's face became ashen pale. Aryan observed weird everyone behaviours and didn't peruse the matter anymore, he knew that very well if they weren't telling him then there must be a reason behind it.

Sir Jean put aside Aryan from his lap and made a phone call with his virtual pad "Yo, Ani, they have gotten their hands on DGN: X22!! What should I do now?!!"

"Ehhh….. Don't you know what to do?!! Just kill or arrest them all," came a familiar voice, and the owner of this voice was none other than Anisa, Aryan's mother.

He couldn't keep his curiosity and blurted out, "Mom!!! Is that you?!!!"

"Hehehehe, My Lil dear, you recognized your sweet mother voice?!! Very smart, you are."

Aryan 'Smart my foot.'


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