Naughty Princess and the Band
2 Advisor Lou Ren
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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2 Advisor Lou Ren

A dazzling young man with silver long hair wearing a dark-blue robe with an exceeding calm aura enters the room. Bai Shin Lin who was mesmerized from the moment this creature enters was so stunned to speak her words. If it hadn't for Maomao who pinch her arm she would be still staring at him.

Shin Lin compose herself.


She tugged the sleeves of her servant and tried to stand, however she fall. Ofcourse it was all fake. She just devised this plan seconds ago and shes trying it on the spot. Although she could feel her heart could explode any moment now.

After she finds her support to stand beside Maomao she advance over reaching the young man who was now a few meters from her. She move closer to him leaning her head towards its broad chest while trying to put her hands over her heads as if she was having a headache.

"Prince, I was so afraid.." she fake her tears "my head is still dizzy from the drowning, however now that your here it's as if I'm back to my self now. Funny how mysterious love can ever be "

No response.

She try to peek upon the man towering over her but still she could sense no reply.

{aw, come on! why don't you speak! a sweet lady is here!}

When after a moment there's still no response. She again fake her massive fall but this time the man grab her and carried her bridal style down to her bed. A trickery smile form in her lips. However, she didn't know that Maomao, pale as a white ghost, was sweating bullets because of the stupidity of her lady is doing. The servant rushed over to her lady's side with face like a lifeless form.

"I am very sorry Advisor Lou, my lady's not feeling well and it seems she has forgotten a lot of things from the drowning. Please treat this matter as if nothing happens. This will never again happen in the future" the apologetic Maomao beg as she couped on the floor.

"advisor Lou?" Shin Lin was so shock that she immediately got up on bed.{ How stupid you are Shin Lin! }She forgot how she was displaying a weak state for a moment and it caught the advisor's attention.

When she saw him she made a loud "ahhh" then touch her back. "my back it hurts. aw aw aw" she slowly get back to her lying position again. As if the young advisor hadn't see her.

Tsk. Bai Shin Lin curse herself. How foolish, she was not able to consider the possibility that it was not the prince. If it wasn't for her servant saying that the Prince is a handsome gentleman, she wouldn't jump to conclusions! Who know's there are lots of pretty faces here.

She put her hands to her forehead facing the ceiling without eyeing the man beside her.

"Advisor Lou, as you can see i have forgotten a lot of things. I hope in the future you wont make any false accusations in me over this simple incident"

Advisor Lou politely bow to her then said, " rest assured my lady. I heard you really made a huge gamble this time. The Prince has some urgent matters to attend that he send me over to check on you"

{what urgent matters more important than her future wife} she curse this prince in her mind.

When she looked over to him she saw his pure smile vibrating through the whole room. It's pure heaven! It just really melts her heart! She really want to pinch its cute angelic face!

If it was her original world she would already pulled out her phone and take his picture but this world has no phone. Next time she will meet this guy she will definitely bring her pad and pen. Atleast she could get his autograph...

"it seems that my lady is still not feeling well now, i should take my leave here.."

"no wait!" as he was about to leave she stopped him grabbing his right arm.

eh?his hands so soft like a lady? Bai Shin Lin has still the dare to fantasized the hands of this man not realizing her awkward position.

Lou Ren was shock on how daring this lady was. It was his first time meeting her and she seems different from the rumors. He looked upon his hand seized by this lady.

However, Shin Lin was oblivious of her actions. She put all her guts to put up the cuttest face she had facing him.

"hmmm" she hesitate for a moment....She looked over to Maomao then to him.

"This lady's heart has gone a lot of hardships in this world. I heard that the cure to one's heart is the cure of the whole soul. May i suggest Advisor Lou if he could spare me a moment and sing a song for me?"

She could already sense that the other party was stunned by her boldness. Who cares.

Shin Lin didn't mind it. Lou Ren gently pushed her hand to the side. He sit over her side and didn't hesitate to open his mouth.

He started to sing an old song.


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