Naughty Princess and the Band
4 Bai“s Residence II
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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4 Bai“s Residence II

Although Bai Shin Lin has summoned all her energy today in order to find member's of her own band, yet she still feel a little reluctant to move. For now, she even tied her hair in bun-style and she was wearing a maid's outfit. Perfect for a her little escapade.

She sigh a few more times.

Right now, together with Maomao they are treading the long hall of the Imperial Palace. Her body was so heavy that she sluggishly walk behind her. There were times where she step on the dress of her because they were walking too close.

Then Maomao look on her."My lady if you're too tired we can end it here"

"no no no" she made an affirmative tone.

Even though she's feeling dejected, she would not give up her dream. There is a saying, if there's a will there's a way. She's not giving up her hope.

"Maomao let us rest there for a bit"

She pointed under a cherryblossom tree that seems so ordinary under the fine summer season.

Upon reaching there she immediately signal Maomao to sit beside her and slowly lay with her head over the servant's lap and there she goes again, staring into the vast bluish sky without traces of heavy clouds.

"it seems it will not rain today..."

"hmmm" Maomao only nod her head.

She was peacefully admiring the beauty of nature when she heard loud yell. It wasn't coming from a single person but seems to be a group of people somewhere. "what's that" she ask her. "Soldiers in training"

Her eyes started to twinkle. She head straight where the loud yells of people are coming but stopped when she couldn't find the place. {She's so sure that the yells are louder here} she thought to herself.

Maomao came running towards her. She turn around just to see her running out of her breath. "didn't know that my lady's a fast runner." *pant *pant*pant*She looked over the servant whose out of breath.

"Maomao, where are they? they're too close here yet I couldn't see anyone? are they training underground?" after finishing her statement she bent down and put her left ear just few inches on the ground to test weather if it was really there.

"my lady! Maomao immediately tugged her lady up. "So they are training underground huh?"

"My lady it's on the other side of the wall. The Southern Palace is a training ground for the Soldiers."

She went straight next to huge wall and put her ears unto it.

Then when she realize that it's this side, she shouted to Maomao "It's here!" She wave and pointed to the wall. Maomao who was observing her lady can't really imagine how did she become to this.

Like a small dog wailing it's tail over it's master, she even ask to enter the training grounds. But Maomao only shrugged her shoulder saying that they can't enter freely the ground without any reason.

It was of her dismay.

If only she could enter. Maybe she could recruit other member there. Her intuition is saying that there's someone there that will definitely caught her attention. Not to mention that the place is swarming with boys!

"where going to enter there!" her words swung it's finality.

"but how?"

the servant couldn't help herself but feel uncomfortable for the idiocy of her lady.

"where servants right, aren't we?"

It was because of their outfit earlier that no one would dare to notice them. And now it's time to use it's full potential.

They went to the southern palace and successfully snuck into a few servant's going in there. They follow a procession of maids until they were inside. When she enters she saw men with their half-naked dress only exposing their overly sweaty body while swinging swords from left to right. Woah! She started to stare intently.

It was her servant who try to distract her view with its hand. "it's not proper for my lady to see this!" she said while trying to protect her so called lady's virtue and innocence.

"an adult gotta be an adult" she talk back to her servant. She was trying her almight to release the hand that was blocking her way but it seems that Maomao was too forceful than her. They were in a heated argument when someone spotted them.

"you there!" she saw a huge man with heavy sweats rolling down from his half-naked body but when she look over to see his face she was shock to see his ugly mustache. What a let down!

They back up. She could feel her servant trembling.

She needs a plan.

After recovering from the shock of being seen. She immediately put her hands together then bow deeply to the man in front of her. "we're deeply sorry sir. It seems that our lost lady Bai is not here. We are currently trying to locate her. Someone told us that she was on this place. However it seems that the informant is wrong. How could a virtuous lady of the palace enters this place. "

"i see" the man seems to believe her.

kekeke...She was already considering her victory. However, when they turn around to leave. They saw someone who they should have never meet.

"what's the commotion?" Lou Ren ask the man but her gazed was fix with on a familiar girl wearing a maid's outfit.

"My lord, it seems Lady Bai is missing again. Her servant rush here to check weather she's here or not. "

After hearing this his forehead wrinkled.

The a sudden grasp of understanding can be seen from his face. He caught up the situation really fast huh? She was on the verge of admiring the Advisor's quick intellectual disposition when a wicked smile form in his lip.

{oh no! do not expose!} she almost scream inside her head. ([pls, pls pls}

"Well then maybe you're lady is back to her chamber now and please tell her not to roam around the palace anymore. A rabbit shouldn't explore a lion's den" she knows it was a warning directed to her. Who knows what will happen if Lou Ren didn't pass by. However, even if he didn't appear she would still be able to get away with this mess. Atleast it save her time and effort to get away for this moment. For now she will retreat. But she'll return sometime.

"well then, I will tell my lady about this young sir. " she was ready to retreat when Lou Ren called her.

"servant, it seems that your lady forgot her duties on the inner court. please do tell her this.

She turn to Maomao with a "what's a meaning of this" look, and she was able to get what she want. " my lady your duty to visit the Prince every lunar moon. It's a responsibility of a fiancee to close the gap between her and his future husband. It was suppose the prince to visit you however he was busy with the innercourt affairs that he always neglects you. That's when you decided you would do the visiting. However, you never missed a single day to visit him when its supposed to be only during the lunar moon.

*lunar moon happens only once a month. So, She's given a 1day in a month to visit him but she overly abuse the tradition and went almost everyday! Woah. What a devoted lady you are Bai Shin Lin!

On the other point of view, Lou Ren has started to form an outlook of Bai Shin Lin. Whether it's on the positive or negative side it's still early to categorized . But one thing he's sure of. That the Bai Shin Lin from the rumor is different from this lady that he met a few hours ago.


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