Naughty Princess and the Band
8 Midnight Escapade
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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8 Midnight Escapade

"Call Maomao here, quick!" as soon as she arrived at the Southwest Palace, she immediately call for her servant. The poor girl came rushing to her as soon as she heard that her lady's back.

"Maomao, do you know the story of 12 families?" when she hears her, Maomao rush over covering her mouth. "Hush! Mylady. Someone might hear you!" she look over to the door securing that there's no one in there at that time. Then upon confirming that no one aside from them are left in the room she release her hands from her mouth. "What is it?" Bai Shin Lin was a little shock by her sudden reaction.

"Mentioning that families, is taboo in the palace Mylady. You will be curse"

Bai Shin Lin was taken aback. It seems that this topic is extremely sensitive over the edge.

Maomao, sit right next to her. Her next words were soft spoken. Making sure that she's the only one who can hear it.

"Mylady, the twelve families that you're curious about, they were nobilities and high ranking officials that exists hundred years ago. Though that's what rumors said. The heavens adore them but the people fear their abilities. That's why the land was blessed and peaceful for a long time. But some events happens-jealousy among themselves. Some are not satisfied and want more. Although there is no record of how they ended hating each other, in the end a lone person stands up and win the battle. But no one knows what happened to him."

"…and those twelve families who are they and their abilities?" Maomao shake her head. "Even I don't know that part mylady, However, I know where the people in the Palace store's antiques and ancients books. The room is heavy guarded and is restricted to enter."

Bai Shin Lin's eyes started to twinkle. A brilliant idea come to her mind. "Then it's settle, tonight were gonna have a visit to this place!!!" She already declared.

"Mylady…" Maomao tugged her skirt and lean over near her ears. Then whispered "I heard in the Palace maids that the palace has a special force that eradicates any signs of their appearance. But that's what some rumors I heard"

That night, in order to camouflage in the darkness and lessen the risk of getting caught she put black clothes with a mask. She instructed Maomao to get her the key of the room which she brought a little while ago. Even she didn't know how this servant acquire it. She admired it.

Like a ninja in action, she went ahead in full battle.

As expected there are guards in the entrance. She diverted their attention by serving Maomao as a decoy. When the guard saw her servant, he immediately leave his post just to chase her. Then she was able to enter. Thus, unlocking the door she went inside.

The room is filled with heavy dusts and cobwebs plus there are lots of books piling on the shelves. One by one, she scan those books. Those that were not related to her, she toss it on the side. She already spent almost an hour finding that thing however her luck is gone down.

On the middle of the room was a table. She went there to rest a little bit and what she saw- piles of books in there! Alas she saw what she was looking for. She pick up the most ruined book there. She flip to start reading it…

There is the account of 12 nobilities and high ranking officials there. However, the book didn't mention if they were the same families with unique gifts. Those names includes:

Xiang-they were the family which holds the position of Dukes of the First Rank, Jiang –"Marquees of the First Rank", Wang- "Count of the First Rank", Guangxi- "Count of the Second Rank", Lou-"Royale Advisor…"

Her eyes stop upon seeing those last words. Can't be. {Is this true?} She murmurs to herself.

Bai Shin Lin was still midway when she hears the sound of door unlocking.

As fast as she could, she finds the safest place to hide leaving the book aside. She crawled down under the table that she was using. The red tablecloth that wrap the circular table is enough to hide her from the incoming visitor

{Who on earth would visit this place at this night?} She wonders herself.

"Xiao, are you still suspicious of them? Should we send men to tail them?" It was a man's voice and she clearly know whom this voice belong. But what intrigues her was the name he mention. It was the name of the man she detest in the whole world.

{What are they talking about?} Bai Shin Lin thought that the rumors about a special force task to erase the existence of this family. If he is part of that said 12 great families, would that make him in danger? And his talking with the Crown Prince, the future Emperor.

Luo Ren and Xiaopeng. The two men started to chat with each other without realizing her presence under the table. It made her relieve. However, just when did those two will leave!? They have been for almost 3 hours there and her bladder is almost at its limits. If after a few minutes they are still in there her bladder would explode.

Good grace heavens. She needs a miracle! {Just make these two leave already!}She almost want to shout with these two. She's almost at her crisis. She can't make it in time… oh no! She could feel that it's coming already. With great sheer willpower she was able to suppress it.

Right now she tried to peek outside. The door is just straight ahead. Who cares what will happen. She'll just pretend not to know anything when she will be ask in the morning.

{One, two three… here I go!}As fast as she could, she dashed out of the table, leaving the two men. She only glace towards the face of Lou Ren then runs out of the door. She was so sure that he wouldn't recognized her because her face is covered with a mask.

Meanwhile the two men was in awe as they saw a suspicious someone behind then rushing out of the door.

"Shouldn't you burn him Xiao, with your thunder he would gone into a crisp." Prince Xiao look at Lou Ren with some amusement in his eyes.

"If I do that, I would be a widower even before marriage"


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