Naughty Princess and the Band
13 First Time in the Outside World
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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13 First Time in the Outside World

It''s been three days, yet there is no sign of a lady running away from the Palace. Xiao was patiently waiting for Bai Shin Lin since he receive a letter from Lou Ren. Things has miscalculated and the other party has been eyeing her as a treat. So he decided to bring her along.

Amidst the blazing summer sun, he was wearing a simple commoners outfit with a scarf on his face that hides his identity.

He was headed to the kingdom of Qin which is the place of his birth mother.

At some point he was making himself less revealing but unfortunately a group of thugs approach him. Their unsightly smile makes him disgust. They threw themselves over him and they exchanges a few punches. It would be easy for him to get away from this hoodlums, he just only needs to click his hand and make them burn to crisps. However, he's not into weak opponent. If he'd use his ability, it would be to the strong opponent not these weaklings.

Seven against one but in the end he was triumphant.

A carriage stop in front of him. The smell of sweet incense comes from the inside and a silhouette of a young woman can be seen through outside.

"Young man, are you looking for someone?" though he was wrong. It was a man's voice.

The man who acts like a woman peeks outside of his carriage.

"I could help you find her...'"

He stop, suddenly then turn 360 degrees facing his carriage.

A sly smile form from the woman's(man) lips.

Meanwhile Bai Shin Lin was feeling ecstatic with the outside world. It was her first time since her rebirth and she will make this day worthwhile. She was feeling excited and bliss despite her fateful demised. She was even more paying attention of her surroundings that she forgot the letter that was pinned inside her dress.

The capital was booming with lot's of people bustling with their respective businesses. As well as customers from different kingdoms gathered for their personal necessities.

Bai Shin Lin walks with long strides like she owns the world with hands swinging side by side. She passed-by a group of men. She poked her head over something that they were discussing and what she saw was a poster of her face hanging on the wall. It has something labeled "wanted" on top portion of the paper.

"don't you think this lady was far more beautiful to be a criminal" she heard a man talk about her while observing the whole picture, inspecting her every angle.

"now that I see it it's true" the man beside him nodded. She was feeling proud of herself hearing their compliment that it made her ears sharper for the next words their going to say.

" wanna make a bet who'll make this girl home?"

"hahahah!!! bet your wife will kill you the instant she saw the girl"

"you bet, hahahah it's a hustle having an ugly wife being jealous, but why not keep her for yourself only"

"then bed her"

After hearing this her ears get a little red and smoke comes out from her nostril. This outrageous perverted old geezers! How dare they fantasize with when their old and senile.

{why don't you go all bald!}


She shouted over to them not realizing the predicament she's into. The men turn their gazes to her. Confused at first.

"hey and do you think your not different from us, eavesdropping and shouting... by the way.."

he examine the poster from before then compare it to her face. "now that I see the resemblance..."

She step aback. "hohoho, how could that be, that picture is much more of a goddess than no one can amount, how can this lowlife compare to that" she was a little awkward saying that, however she needs to find a way to withdraw from the crowd.

"No your not, it's really you. Look at what you're wearing"

Holy shit!

She needs to run,

"I SAID I'M NOT!" she turn over 180 degrees at full speed leaving her dust with the men who keeps chasing her.

She was running away from her chaser for almost an hour. Those men, despite their rigid appearance they are quick to catch up to her. She hid behind a fruit stand just to lost them.

A young girl accompanied by her elder sister was the only customer. The kid has great observational skill and saw her hid,

hush! She put her pointy finger over her mouth. She signals her not to reveal her.

"pshhh, don't shout. No one is here okay. Auntie will reward you a candy after this okay??" she whispers in a soft voice. She bribe the young kid convincing herself that she can fool her but to her demise.

"THERE'S SOMEONE HIDING HERE!!!" the girl shouted despite her pleading.

"why you little..." she has no choice but to run again.

Little brat these days can't be fooled.

She change into a man's outfit which she saw from a hanging wire. Put a little mustache drawings under her nose then tightly bun her loosened hair. With these her chaser would not find her.

Now she's off to go!

She confidently stride and peek-over the little stalls lining on the streets. Going over a restaurant that serves hot soup then sit on the table crossing her legs.

"one serve is 50 silver coins" the waitress informs her of her bills. She rummage through her pockets. Holy Cow. She don't even have money! How could she pay. She was penniless when she left the palace. If only she knows these will happen, she brought her treasured from there.

"I knew you'll have no money in you..."

she smiled at her awkwardly.

"but you could always pay with the one in your hair"

She was talking about a violet pin hanging on her bun-style hair.

"does it have value here?"

"not pretty much but could get you one serving"

This is great! So sometimes Xiao can be a little help to her.

As she was about to get the hairpin from her hair someone stop her.

"please, don't take it. I'll pay for her bill"

A lady in her teenage abruptly stop her from what she is about to do. And pays for her. Oh sweet. "thanks"

The lady sits in front of her with a young girl which she hasn't spotted a while ago.

This little girl!

The one who blew her hiding spot a little while ago. Who knew they would met this early. A wicked smile appears in her face.

The young girl seems to pout when she saw her.

"can I look to your pin?" the elder sister pointed to her violet pin.

"this is the only design that I have seen in this capital and to mention the small glittering diamonds are not fake. I was so lucky that I was in time. If not you'd be scam"

Although she knows that the pin has value she never taught that her pin would amount to this.

" uhmmm, I don't really know...."

"your not from here miss? It seems that someones chasing you" so she saw her running from those scums. "ehhh, I came from far away and those men try to harass me knowing I'm some wealthy hotshot but tell you I'm not.. I don't even have money and the only things that has value is this pin. it's a memento from my great great ancestor" She lied.

" I'm Leng and this is my little sister Mei. We'd like to apologize for my sisters behavior a while ago"

She look over the little girl's side but she was not a bit remorseful. If it wouldn't for her sister she won't even do it. Atleast she's following her.

"eh no it's okay. I'm Lin"

The girl return her pin to her after a detail observation. "If you'd like you can stay for a little while with us."


"sister!" the girl beside her protest. This child! She's not even close with her sister's kindness "you'll be scolded by big madam again if you did that" she protested with her sister "Mei, what did I say to about good conduct"

Mei just pouted. "help those in need and never expect in return"

Mei didn't protest with Leng's final decision.


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