Naughty Princess and the Band
21 A sudden attack!
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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21 A sudden attack!

With ragged panting and disarray hair cast by the strong wind when she tried following the ongoing parade, Bai Shin Lin never had taught on the incoming predicaments that will happen base on her current actions. Right now, the only thing in her mind was to chase Lou Ren in his elegant horse-back riding. With the information she received there's no way that she'll gonna sit back. She needs to be lighten up in the situation.

-That Lou Ren was betrothed to Mengmeng.

What has she been doing all this time! She's suppose to be recruiting her boygroups, yet she was in the middle of a chaotic situation.

On the other hand, from afar, an unknown figure suddenly get a glimpse of the person included in the wanted list. It seems that the cat has been lured out of her hiding face. He dipped the arrow head to a seemingly havel colored liquid while being careful not to touch any of it. Then grabbing his bow that lies beside him he gestures to hit his target.

Not good, the target is moving rapidly that he can't get the proper timing.

Too fast.

Upon realizing that his current position is on the disadvantage, he seeks a better place.

Reaching the farthest yet the highest building among the capital, he get to his newest lookout.

When he tried to look again to the figure that he's following, the sight of it is nowhere to be found. Shit! She get away!

Where did she go!....

Bai Shin Lin was running rampant on the streets that someone abruptly pulled her out of the bustling people. When she look who was it, she couldn't contain the excitement she felt.

"Lou Ren!" with eyes gleaming with excitement she pulled to hug him leaving her pride and dignity as a princess.

"Milady, that was dangerous act you did back then? What if someone caught up with you and knows your identity? It would be troublesome if something happens to you"

That was the first thing he said to her.

Realizing the act that she had done, she pouted her lips.

''but nothing bad happens right? I was just too eager to talk to you that's why I did it."

He sigh. Looking at the lady in front of him pouting and sulking.

When he sees her awhile ago , he felt horror. She was exposing her identity in broad daylight. Someone might recognized her and aim for her life. As if immediately he finds a leeway in order to get a hold of her.

"Alright then, you're just lucky that nothing happened today. But please stay on alert." giving her a piece of his mind, he patted her head.

The girl puffed her cheeks. Like a small squirrel that given her favorite food.

So cute!

Like a big brother doting of her cute little sister, Lou Ren hasn't realized it up until now what sort of emotions he was having. So, it was like this.

Right now, he was full of urge to protect and spoil this little creature in front of him. Without knowing, his hand traveled to her face and pinch those tiny cheeks that was pouting a while ago. "asifjdvkfksffiancheee"she speak though in spite that her cheeks are being pinch.

When he realized what he had done, it was too late. He committed a shameless act in from of this lady. He withdraw his sinful hands from her and apologetically bow his head.

However, the lady doesn't seem to find his behavior rude, as a matter of fact she didn't care about it.

"what about the fiancee?" Bai Shin Lin has the guts now to ask his personal life.

"milady, ...." he wasn't able to finish what was he about to say.

A tall man with a strong aura stood behind her. She saw Lou Ren kneel before her but the attention was behind him.

"greetings, mylord" he was wearing a black cape that almost hide his entire face.

When he look back. Xiao was standing behind him.

"let's get a safer place than this. I've got something to discussed" upon declaring that he lead them the way.

His aura is oozing with pure darkness right now. She felt that she shouldn't take him lightly right now. One small move and he will explode. That's what she felt.

When they are about to be in the limelight of the bustling people....a sudden arrow landed just before them. Xiao was quick to turn 180 degrees and shoved her backwards. Lou Ren was behind her back that he almost squish him from the fall.

Her fan girling mode has skyrocketed!

If only she could stay like this for a while. {Lou Ren...}

But then huge hands caught her and carried her like a sack of rice with no trace of gentleness.

"Lou Ren, we'll be running from here. Can you get to that place by yourself?"

Lou Ren pick up his posture while wiping away the dirt that has cling to his clothes. "Rest assured milord."

And without further ado, Xiao, run like a mad cheetah. With his speed she couldn't even mutter a single word to speak. He can see Lou Ren from afar following their trail.

They went back to their camp and had enter his tent. He put her violently on his bed.

What the heck! With no sense of gentleness.

Lou Ren is beyond a minute late when they arrive and it is enough time for him to mess with her

Xiao, had pushed her hard into the bed. Then he lead forward near her ear and whispers in a husky voice " I don't usually get my temper but if I get angry, I'm scary" his warning was directed to her. and it was transmitted to herself.

He lean a few inches to her then bit her upper left ear. She flinch from the sudden pain she felt and when she look up, his face was now down to her neck.

Is he planning to bit it?

"Move away!" she tried to find her strength to shove him. With his body structure, she really taught that he was a big hurdle for her but its not, Xiao immediately got shove from her side without her exerting her full energy.

To her surprise, he came limping from her side.

{well that was easy} she fully declared her victory.

She was about to jump out of bed but then realizing the lack of movement from the other party. She turn her head over to his direction.

Panic came into her face.


The man didn't budge and still rendered defenseless. Now that she had taken into observation, his hands had the faint trace of blood. All the way to his shoulders dried up red liquid had formed {Did he endure it all this time when he carried her?!"

"What happened, Prince Xiao!"

Trying to find if there's a bit of consciousness on him she desperately call his name.


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