Naughty Princess and the Band
23 Nursing Battle
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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23 Nursing Battle

"Ow ow ow" Bai Shin Lin keeps on whimpering as she received the hits of the old man. It's quite some time now that she could feel her butt swelling.

For a moment the old man seems to calm down and stopped hitting her. Seriously, she can't fathom what her mistakes are that he hits her.

" Did my idiotic child proclaim again that I'm dead! Tch.I swear I don't really know if that's my blood relative but with the attitude am sure thats not something that is mine"

" Maybe he takes after her mom" Elder Murong shot a deathly glare on her. She readily prepare her bottom for another round of hitting just in case. And she's right about it.

" You insolent! My wife is the most gentle girl you could ever met in town!"

(Ow ow ow. Stop hitting me old man.)Seriously this mouth of hers. She just blurted what's on her mind again.


Back on the mountains

Bai Shin Lin gave a piggy back ride on Elder Murong. The man is weak enough that going in the mountain is pretty dangerous. When she got back, the camp seems to be more chaotic than ever. Her heart begun to beats so fast as she hurriedly went to Xiao's tent.

There she saw him still lying on his bed. From the faces of people around her, somethings not right. Plus she could see lot of tributes being offered to him. But the most of it are flowers.

Is she too late?

She went to his bed and hold his cold hands. Tears are starting to fall from her eyes.

"Xiao, are you dead?" She voiced out that the people around her turn their attention to her.

"Stupid, he's just sleeping" Now it was Xiang Xia who hit her with her fan.


However, she felt relieve. She taught that she was too late. This old man is quite difficult to handle that she accidentally drop him sometimes.

Someone tap her from her shoulders. It was Lou Ren. A gentle and caring aura is emitting from his body. " He' s okay now milady. Brother Mu is strong against poison. This is something so little so please try not to worry.

LOU Ren can't bring the real name of Xiao, he's well aware of the current situation right now.

Actually there's no need for her to get Elder Murong. Xiao has a strong resistant when it comes to poison. His body had taken varieties of poisons from when he was a little kid. Its one of the education being taught to a royal family member. There's also a physician nearby which treated Xiao's injury when she left. So her efforts are useless when she went back. Thinking about the hardships she had gone, it keeps her blood boiling. The one who order her to find this old man was is Xiang Xia.

In her taught she already pictured banging Xiang Xia's head over the wall, not only that, she visualize lots of torture that she could think on getting back at him. That's when an evil smile occur on her thin lips.

"Are you happy now that I'm lying on this bed?"

She flinch. Right now, Xiao had gained his consciousness and was talking to her.


She waves her hand gesturing a no sign.

Xiao lift up his body and seated straight from his bed. Bai Shin Lin acted upon his current action and went near his bed to support him but then she was shoved away by Xiang Xia who upon knowing Xiao' s movement walk straight to him in a speed of light. He doesn't even bothered looking to her side or even regretful of what she did. It's the second time that she made her angry.

Just you wait!

"Brother Mu please refrain from any movement your injury is still not fully healed." Xiang Xia said in his gentlest tone.

Huh! Seriously.

Then a brilliant idea popped into her head!

Without wasting any effort, she headed to the kitchen and made a rice porridge. It's not that difficult that she was able to finished it in few minutes. After that she storm back to Xiao's room in her hands a bowl of hot rice porridge.

Upon her sight, Xiang Xia furrowed his eyebrow and look at her in a demeaning manner.

She sit besides the crown prince then offer her caring smile to him. Although feeling a little awkward having face to face with Xiao, she just swallow all her pride and blow the spoonful of porridge.

"Brother Mu please try a little of this. I made it a while ago and I know surely that you're hungry. You haven't eaten anything from the capital after all." She said that while grinning ear to ear. She felt that any moment her cheek would tear apart from too much smiling for him.

"Brother Mu, this is a tasteless porridge. Why don't you wait still and I'll bring you something delicious" Xiang Xia.

"I'll appreciate the offer but don't worry yourself. For now I will be eating porridge. It will be wasteful to deny the food being offered in front of me" while saying that Xiao voluntarily open his mouth while waiting to feed him.

Hehehe. She look at the enemy with a victorious look.

"Brother Mu, why don't you try this freshly picked fruits. It's really healthy for your recovery" Xiang Xia hasn't even given up competing with her and he handed him a peeled tangerines.

Immediately she shove some more porridge towards Xiao's mouth making sure that will have no space left for the tangerines. She just put it into his mouth without considering whether the porridge is still hot or he had chew properly. She's so busy competing with Xiang Xia that she didn't notice Xiao's amusing stare on her. She was preoccupied with her battle with her arch enemy. She will not yield. She will shatter this woman's(man) pride in front of her.

Luckily Xiao's on her side.

"Brother Mu please have some more porridge." Right now the tangerines has been cast aside. When Xiang Xia noticed that he is not even needed inside, he stomp his feet leaving angrily the two of them lone.



For the first time on this day, she felt victory on her side.

Seeing his defeat she felt happy for a while. She putt the bowl of porridge on the side then extended her two hands upwards motioning that she would gonna yawn any moment. This day was a lot of work and super duper tiring. Guess she'll just gonna rest for a while.

"Well aren't you gonna feed me" the porridge was still not fully consumed. Her plan was to shatters Xiang Xia arrogance in front of Xiao knowing that he holds him dearly. That when she storms outside the room she felt her mission was complete that she didn't care of the other party.

Now the real crises starts.

"If you stop now, I could always call him" he dare! Now this is the true image of arrogance and tyranny.

"I'm am sorry your highness please eat the remaining porridge by yourself"

" How should I eat when I have this injury"

"You only injured your left shoulder, your right hand should be fine"

" I am left handed"


"Did I hear you click your tongue!"

"That was your imagination your highness"

"BAI SHIN LINNNNNN, is this how you gonna treat your patient !!!"

"I am sorry your highness but my tummy hurts. Oh my, I think I gonna poop. Ow ow ow. And I think it's gonna come out now. It's an emergency!!!! I'm sorry I need to go to the toilet. Gotta leave you first." Teehee

With that she went out and never bothered to came back with the injured Prince.


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