Naughty Princess and the Band
24 Beyond the Boundary
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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24 Beyond the Boundary

The green grasslands in the mountains.

Vast amounts of food supplies from wild animals and fruits.

The calm yet tranquil nature that soothes the depressed minds.

However, none of that matters. For I, Xiang Ye Xia was born from the impoverish outskirts of town.

The place where I live is a living embodiment of true poverty.

My mother was a low rank prostitute in a neighboring town. My father left the two of us even when I wasn't still born. My mother live her whole life as a prostitute, serving old and senile men and when she become deemed to be tasteless they all casted her out of the society. Without nothing to eat, the two of us strives everyday just to get by living. Sometimes we eat the leftovers thrown by rich travelers when they passed by to our town. But it's always that we can't even eat for the whole day.

When I could almost find a job my mother passed away.

As a child without someone to rely to, I decided to take my mother's job.

I don't have the male attribute that could be useful in finding a physical job.

I was petite and thin to the bones. I was so weak by that time that I could be mistakenly seen as a girl.

I took my mother job. Work in a brothel and started earning. However, my customers are brutal and psychotic that I almost ended half dead. Even for a boy in a girls clothes, people are to hypocrites to critic and judge me based on my looks.

They look me with those pitiful eyes.

Looking down on my job and my status.

They say I should have died together with my mother.

I am deemed to be a parasite in the society after all.

Sometimes when I was so weak in mind and body that I decided to slit my wrists. I taught that when I die I could be peaceful and live in harmony on the other world. But when I taught that It would be unfair living without getting revenge.I decided to prolonged this quite unfortunate life of mine.

That's when I met someone.

He said that my life is deemed to suffer for I am part of the cursed family. If it isn't for this so called curses my life won't turn to be like this. It's all their fault. Why does I need to be part of them.

My life almost turn for the worst meeting that man.

I taught that being bought from the brothel would start my new life. But it turns for the worse, for the man who brought me tried to kill me several times. He said that I will be a threat to the country. Having someone with that ability is feared by other people.

But I don't want to die....

Even if I'm the most undeemed to have a life, even if I'm not suitable to live I will try my best to live. I will forsake the heaven by trying to be alive.

If the heavens would put down any challenges I will face it head on. Just try and kill me.

And that's when I discovers my true ability.

I subdue the current bandit leader and throw him out of his position. I gained the leadership and the people around.

Brother Mu enters into the scenario.

From at first, I could tell that he a capable man. With good looks and over bearing aura I decided to hooked up with him. He didn't discriminate my gender and he treats me without regard. If I would ever become a woman, I will definitely marry this man. I was satisfied with this platonic relationship where having but when an impudent girl appear that's when I lost it all. Like a child being taken away her favorite candy, my emotions soared up and even I couldn't stop myself from bitching this girl.

Although, I know that brother mu has wife, I still didn't give up. Much more the girl seems to be interested in him also. She sleeps in his tent and is competing with me in his attention.

I tried to annoy this girl but every time I tried it always backfired at me. No matter how I tried it's always useless.

This unknown woman who came from nowhere is getting on my nerves every single day...

So annoying...

....But on that day, somehow I had a strange dream. And that woman is included.

Everything is unknown to me. I was in a place with foreign people. There were tall buildings and an alien type of carriage that transport people. There's seems also a store that has a black box that hold people inside. (BTW, he's talking about cars and tv on the present era)

I also saw women who had limited piece on clothing on their body. Is this the new kind of prostitutes? I taught to myself. - (Now, he's talking about highschool girls in their uniforms)

Out of the foreign scenarios, someone caught my attention. A familiar face wearing a unfamiliar weird clothing. Her hair is untied creating a dirtied look. For some reason she look so tired and haggard.. I followed the familiar face and it stop in front of an old looking apartment.

Still following her in front of her door. I stood there for quite some time and my inside is arguing whether to knock or not. I decided to knock afterall. But before I could lay my hand on the door, it flung open. It showed a messy girl from whom I was chasing.

"Stalker?" She said in a timid voice.

"... No I m not! There's some--"

I wasn't able to finish my sentence because the girl banged her door closed.

"Please wait a moment" I called into her

The door flung open again.

" If your my stalker then I'll open my door for you if your not better leave" she tried to close it again but I stopped it. " Yes, I'm your stalker. I have something to tell you"

With a flash of seconds the girl let me in.

What I am doing? There's really nothing that I could talk to her?

I walk inside. She gestures to me to sit anywhere available.

Then she took some foods on the fridge then offer some snacks and put on the table. These are unknown foods to me. She pick the wrapper food and eat it. I followed her.

I was so mesmerized with the taste. I wasn't able to eat something like this in my whole life.

Then next she opened a bottle of cola. I followed her. This refreshing feeling!!!!!

" Now then let's talk about your feelings."

Huh? What's she taking about.

I decided to listen to her.

" I know I'm beautiful in your eyes. But you don't need to express it vividly through your letters. As for you feelings. I can't accept it. As you said, you are not qualified to be my partner so you need to find your deserving self first. I say, that please stop liking me. It really is a burden on my part and to you who feels unrequited love. They will not be reciprocated. And as you can see I live a hermit life. I cannot give up my solitary life"


From her conversation seems that I like her. But I only met her today! And whats with the stalker thing. I don't even find her attractive but rather a weird lady. I sure do have standards on my own that she's not on that level.

Now pieces are gathering. I think I remember who this lady is? The cause of my demise and the one who gets on my nerve!!!

His my rival enemy! Whats her name again? It something that start with Bai.....


What is it ? ....

Bai Shin Lin!!!!

* Crash* Thump*

The sound of vase clattering made me to wake up.

It's dawn.

Yet I feel that I have this interesting dream that I forgot.

Oh, well another day has started.

I should be getting ready.


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