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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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25 The Hunt I

It's already been three 3 days since the incident and his wounds are almost been heeled. Xiao is currently reviewing the documents with regard to the imperial palace. Although he's a running fugitive now, the internal affairs are still governed by him. The current monarchy is only for appearance that didn't even care of the state affairs of the provinces. Lou Ren's reputation was held in high in dealing with that paper work. However, decisions that involve the intelligence of a royalty he seeks him. He brought documents which he's not sure of.

That is why Lou Ren is staying on the mountain with him for a while.

The current monarchy would be described as lax in governing and extravagant to the core. The one sitting on the throne would only care for public image. Plus, their pretty obsess on finding him, the crown prince.

Their only trump card is the ability user who can manipulate memories.

"Milord, would it be alright leaving her recklessness in this camp?" he was referring to the carefree Bai Shin Lin.

He ponder for a moment upon hearing him speak of her. "Leave her be, a life's learning isn't taught in the books or any form of paper. Someone ought to spread her wings and fly across the boundaries." His tutor taught him this once. And it's something that he couldn't forget up to this point.

Since Bai Shin Lin's accident, her personality twisted and become even more reckless as the days passing by. The Bai Shin Lin in the past as he remembered is a meek and sweet child. The one whom he fell in love. However, with the current her....he didn't know what the right word to say.

Being caved in the castle is not going to teach her any learning and the world is meant to discover and explore. As if! Maybe if she remain dignified... however that praise isn't going with the current her now.

One of the reason why he decided to caved in and surrender his position for a while. He wants to know about his people and their living.

"Milord are you really sure...." Lou Ren seems to hesitate. Because he was facing the window that he caught up the person there were talking about "..... Right now, Milord your fiancé is climbing the tree! She's climbing a tree without reserve!" Even Lou Ren was so surprised. How can a noble lady do such act!

He stop for a moment.

Then pinch the muscle between his eyes.

He made an abrupt stand and halt outside where the tree climbing action is taking place.

"Clear the path" he walk with big strides as he made his way. There he saw the humiliating thing ever in a nobles code. Without any mark of being a noble lady, Bai Shin Lin is confidently climbing on her way up. She seems to be retrieving something that she was idiotically smiling at them waving her hands.

Didn't she think it's dangerous!

This six year old idiot!

That moment, Bai Shin Lin was on the top of the tree already. The little kid that elder Murong brought with him has a kite that stuck on the top of the tree. Seeing that it's her responsibility to look after the old man and this kid on their stay on the mountain she help him. Since Xiao's injury has not been fully healed and this old man offer to do his utmost job in assisting his highness injury. Furthermore, he knows Xiao's identity in one way or another.

" Hey kid I've got your kite!!!" Hehehe. She waves her hand with the thing the kid wants. From below, other kids keep on praising her, clapping their hands and shouting one their newly fond hero. As she was about to go down, chills run down to her spine. The atmosphere turns cold and everyone's cheering awhile ago was replace by a cold and eerie ambiance. As she step her left foot on the ground she turn to see the surrounding, she saw the dark aura Xiao is exuding. The children from before had run away already with tail between their legs without warning her of the impending situation "Your highnesss hehehe" she grin at him awkwardly without minding his death glare. Now this is awkward. " Follow me" his only spoken words. Xiao turn his back towards her and motioning for her to follow. Now what is her fault again this time.? he only help the little kid, what wrong with that?Right now, she's feeling suffocated by the coldness his exhibiting. She's uncomfortable with it. She's sure that he''ll scold her again by whatever reason it is. Upon realizing of her unfortunate demise, she turn her body at 180 degrees and run in a speed of light without daring to look back and the moment that Xiao realizes that she has run, she was so far away with him.

Xiao having been ditch again, makes him red in anger and steam in smoke. No one has ever dare to oppose him in his entire life. His command is absolute that a person would caved in and tremble by his countenance. Yet this lady dare to run from him. He'll gonna scold her a little for being inappropriate but with the situation escalated now he wants to spank her even more so.

He touch the temple of his forehead, trying to subdue the anger that keeps spilling over.

He's so mad that when Xiang Xia made a greeting to him he didn't budge. But he went straight on his room.







After a week Xiao's s injury is fully healed. Bai Shin Lin send home elder Murong and the kid to the capital.

The camp was getting busy because it was suppose to be the infamous forest hunting where the men of the family would go hunting on the mountains and the amount they will get will be cooked & shared to everyone. It just like having some kind festival around.

All the men are mandatory to participate while women sends then off. However, Bai Shin Lin as being herself finds the hunting quit amusing. She decided to tag along with the group guided by his highness Xiao on front. Lou Ren takes part also and he was one beside her. She's on standby on Xiao starting that day that he ditch him. She wouldn't let herself get caught by that so she's distancing herself. Xiang Xia seems to attached himself to Xiao more than ever. Well, it's not really of her concern. Lou Ren was beside him. that's all she care. She's so comfortable with the calm aura he's emiting and sometimes when she's bored she lets him sing a song for her. They were like having a date, the two of them.

They were still at the foot of the mountain when a loud yell came. It's from Xiao's fans. Ladies who tag along just to see him. And when he shot a deer they cheer on him .Actually the yell was so loud that her eardrums almost went numb. Men felt jealous of his accomplishment that they started to feel inferior and frantically look for a prey. With the commotion and competition she felt like to join them. Grabbing her bow and arrows she walks past by Lou Ren. "And where are you off to milady...?" While saying that a hint of doubt flash across his beautiful face. " I'm gonna catch a bear" she said proudly sticking her nose high up.

"Coming to the hunting alone is pretty dangerous much more catching a prey... Milady please think of your actions before doing them...Leave the hunt to the men." he dissuade her but her resolve is still and she will gonna catch a bear more than him. "I will follow you milady..." She stopped him even before speaking. "Uuh uhhn. You stay here. I'll be back with something"

"Please stop being reckless. His highness was so worried of your actions that he let me watch over you"

Xiao again? What did he take her for. She has no privacy or whatsoever..All his time, Lou Ren was so watchful of her because Xiao ordered him? If he didn't command him, he won't be on her side by that time? Was that the logic behind that? She really taught that it was his genuine feelings that he sticks on her side. All this time she considered him as her first close male friend.

Of course, would this beautiful advisor stick his butt over her!

She turn her back against him with her arrow and bow. She walks faster than before. " Milady please wait!.."

"Don't worry, bears are pretty hard to catch especially when they are big and sturdy..."Lou Ren felt a sign of relief. Knowing that her ladyship is listening to him even though a little. "I decided to catch a tiger" she declared with a full confidence. Just that she didn't know where she get the self confidence she was spouting this time. Guess she's just that unstable for the moment.

" Milady please listen ...." she walks him off and find her prey.


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