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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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26 The Hunt II

Should she catch a bear or a tiger?

Somehow she was in a dilemma while finding for a prey and it's been an hour since she was walking and looking but no response. She's beginning to feel disappointed at herself. She was boasting awhile ago but now she's slump unto the grassy ground. She tried to collect any memories in her past life if there are something related to hunting. Since she was a wide reader when she was a student she came across different books with different topics.

For a moment she tried to lie down on the vast ground and stare into the clear blue sky...."so do you have any idea on how to hunt?" Lou Ren. He found her already. After a bloody battle of trying to loose him in the end he finds her. Now that he's here she felt a little embarrass. " Of course! I was just resting for a while while devising plan" she replied. Trying to act cool. However he seems doubtful of her. "What about the plan???" He shot her with a questioning look.

She remembered when she was in high school, they have a assignment to create an essay about historical life of people and their living. After class she went straight to the library to read all books related to historical era and came up with a good paperwork. She never imagine that the time where she will thank her history teacher for giving that kind of assignment would come.

" Since I am short of the tools needed in hunting, I prefer to use the calling and snaring method" although since it's her first time conducting this experiment of her there would be a 99 percent possibility of going to fail. If worse comes to worse, and if she can't bring down a bear in one go, she'll be the one who'll be hunted by that bear.

All this will be decided by this plan of hers.

" Calling method is like imitating an injured prey, bears can hear call from distances up to miles and when they hear they will eventually respond, that's when we'll use the snaring method. In snaring method, there's a need of a lasso-like loop rope which will be hung across a path that the bear will thread. Its end will be tied to a rope.The bear will pass through the rope as it walks by and the lasso will be tightened around it's body as it continues to move, eventually the bear will be entangled with the rope that it can no longer move. That's the time when we will strike him in one blow."

Trying to reenact her plan she find a tree where she can tied up the end of the rope. After she finish her trap she smiles proudly at him.


So what can you say Lou Ren? Did you fall in love with me? Will you marry me now?

However that silly taught remain in her mind.

Calling a bear.Then how to sound like a weak pderey? That's her concern for now?

Well whatever? She'll try any sound she knows.

"Kwiiiik... kwiiiiik...kwiiiiiiiiik kwiiiiiiiiik kwiiiiiiiiik kwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--- (cough cough cough)Kwiiiik kwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik" now that was unintentional. Her throat begun to dry as she continued her disgraceful calling.

On the other party.

Xiao heard the unappealing sound and begun to wonder. He turn his head to the person close to him. " What's that sound?" Xiang Xia who's intently listening to the sound answered "I think it's the sound of frustrated crows"

They have almost at the top of the mountain that the path are beginning to be difficult to thread. They can't see the silhouette of a petite young girl anymore so maybe she has already given up and went back home. Well that's good. He just wished that she'd be disappeared on her way home.

*Back to Bai Shin Lin

The only one now in the area is her and Lou Ren. It seems that they've deviated from the group. At least for now Lou Ren was with her even though she tried to lost his way. She's pretty feeling bad for doing it to him now that she think of it. It will be scary losing your own way into the mountain not knowing what lies ahead. Plus when it becomes dark she sure knows that wild and devilish beast will start to make their appearance. Just imagining that night makes her shiver.

Still, no response from a prey.

But still she never gives up. She tried calling in all directions.




Something moves among the bamboo plants. She tried to call again. Clenching her fist she ready her body for the incoming encounter.

Then it all become visible to her. A giant black bear was crawling his way into her. And it's coming in a pretty fast motion. As fast as she can, she went near where the lasso-like rope is trying to lure the animal. It's almost there,...

A little push and it will be entangled...

Just a little....

One more Step...




The animal stop before it reach the rope.

The bear was sidetrack by a beehive near it. Tch! Why didn't she see it a while ago! She should have taken it down a while ago. One thing that she mislook while planning.

Lou Ren is on standby, watching her every move.

You old rotten bear!

Is the sweet honey filled beehive is much more intriguing than her!

She walks where the bear is sipping the honey and throw a stone to it. Upon realizing that he was hit he look to where the direction it came from, but lethargically back his attention to what's it's eating. Without any shed of minding her.


You not gonna budge huh? She pick her bow and hit the beehive. The thing went on the ground with a loud crash!


She was feeling high when suddenly the animal become more aggressive and his mouths shows an incredible pointed fangs while intensely staring at her.

Beastly appearance : check

Deathly glare : check

Hunger mode: check

Running towards her!!! :check.

She panicked upon the last realization. Shit. Gonna run!!!!!! Run fast !!!!!!





The wild boar was caught.

While she was running for her dear breath now. At last the animal was caught. Violently trying to fight with the rope but to no avail, it even become tightens when it moves. The loud animal came roaring as it gnash and tried to cut the ropes.

Mission accomplished!

Lou Ren was nowhere to be found now. She didn't know where he went. Maybe call of nature? It won't take long enough though. She'll wait for him and ask the best point to target that it will be instantly killed.

She squatted in front of the violent animal while leisurely playing the leaves into her mouth. Lou Ren taking his time for a while now. The taught didn't last long when she felt someone on her back.

" What took you so long....if looks of this animal can be killed I'll be way dead by now....by the way ---"

She turn to look at the person behind her but it wasn't Lou Ren. The other party hit her at the back of her neck which she fall to the ground. She was thrown off-guard. She wasn't able to defend herself. Her body made a loud crash from the sudden fall however she has still her consciousness although she can't move. Shit!

"It's a nice catch but the credits won't be yours..." All she saw was a devilish glare being thrown to her. Then he dragged her near a cliff which who knows where they are.

Xiang Xia!!!

Even though she tried but can't .Her body is paralyzed.

When they reach the edge, he look down trying to analyze something then his gaze fall on her. "why don't you try to spend your night here for a while....It will be a thrilling ever experience you'll ever had" Without mercy he threw her down the cliff while laughing.


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