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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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After all his bitching to her. They finally reunited and it was his jealousy without bounds that started it all. Right now, outside the cave there's no tiny trace of twinkling stars nor the full bloom of moon. The atmosphere was quite humid made by the after rain.

The noble lady whom he was fighting earlier was peacefully lying on the hard ground without making any noises. Is she already sleep? Well it would be good if she was. She's quite a handful when she's awake.

A little earlier, she was petty for pulling some mischievous act on to him and in the end she wasn't up for it. After her bold prank her face turn red of from embarrassment.

He can't sleep that night. He was fully awake. From his boredom he spotted an old harp from the sideline. He picked it up and dust it off. He manipulate the strings with his long thin fingers. A strange sound came out of it first. For the second time he tried again. He has a background in playing harp that the moment his finger tap on it a beautiful sound appear. Bai Shin Lin woke up upon hearing it.

"You know how to play?" She must have woken up from a deep slumber that her eyes are still in red "Not much, though I have a little idea on how to play" She listen to the beautiful music that seems to synchronized with the dead night. "Hey, please sing a song for me!!!" With twinkling eyes she pleaded. She even huff and puff her cheeks eagerly waiting for his mouth to open.

Since how long it was.... when he's still an employee in a brothel his customers would always wanted to hear him. In the end they just dozed off halfway without finishing his last song.

The starry night...

Moon shines right above

The gust of northern wind

Sends ease to those who are burdened

Lift to me your sadness, o gracious lily

In return give me your heart that will bound us through eternity

Come to me

O gracious lily

That this life thy offer to you for all eternity

The song has a slow and sentimental feels. The way Xia sing it as if he was yearning for his lover. A lover that is far away from him. Or did he lost his love? Unrequited love?With the melody of the song she was about to fall asleep again. However, she tried not to. Xiang Xia's voice wasn't that bad. He was the type to be the second voice in a boygroup. Plus his face is almost top of the quality.

But wait! Did she say boygroup! Now that she think of it, why don't she recruit him as her second member!!! His face would add to the fan base of the group!

"Alright ! I decided!" She squeal in excitement. Now she have two members.

Xiang Xia look at her dubiously.

Right now she doesn't have her contract with her. But she will eventually make him to sign it.

"Xiang Xia, I decided you will be my second member!!! " She declared unto him however the other party is still conspicuous of the situation. From her sitting position she stood up energetically while pointing unto him " From then on Xiang Xia, upon the grants of the heavens I shall bide you to become part of my boygroup and become reknown through the whole nation!!!!". Hahahahhahahhahaha

Putting her hand below her chin while laughing tremendously. Who would gonna taught that her enemy before would be her second member.

"Hold it" Xiang Xia raise his hand. Gesturing that he wants to clarify something.

" I don't really follow you"

"Allow this talented manager of yours to explain it" and there conversation went with regard to her idea.

But in the end, after all her explanation he rejected.

The notion was pointless and it's not something that would benefit the country. So he ignore her proposal. He saw the disappointment in her eyes. She was silent for a moment but after she regain her composure and bounce back to her original self.

There's no way that she'll let him slip of her fingers. She really thinks that his perfect for the group.!!!

The night is still long yet she wasn't that all sleepy. Getting fire from the bonfire she began to explore the inside of the cave . She persisted Xiang Xia to come with her yet he said he's going to sleep.

She went alone.

But after a minute of walking. She went back in panicked.

Kyahhhhhh! her breath was inbetween and sweating like bullets. Because the one following her was a pretty huge tarantula. Even more larger than the average human.

"X-iang Xia!!!!" She called him in a desperate manner. Waking him up

"The--theres a large s-spider...."

"Let it be...it will not let you..."

"really?" With a hint of doubt she remain still beside him waiting for the creature to appear.

Little by little the creature's head show from the darkness and enters their space which has light. Its enormous fang became visible then followed by it's hairy little hands.

She stir him up forcefully.

Then upon feeling her strong touch he begone to open his eye and look to the girl beside him. " "Hey, watcha doin???" He's a little lethargic.

She pinpoint something from her pinky finger. Xia followed the direction of her hands and was shock...

Wah. " What da...?!"

"Hey you said it'll not gonna eat us right?"

"Eat your but!!! Of course it is!!!! It so big" from his position he immediately stood up and all his sleepyness has gone now. They begun to fear for their dear lives.

" What! But you said it'll not eat us...."

"Look that creature will have no difficulty in gnawing the two of us. I thought you said just a large spider. But what the heck. That's not a big spider! That's a tarantula...!!! for heavens sake"

"Should we run!?"

They were cornered. The mouth of the cave which should serve as their exit was block by it's itchy web.

Is that even for real? She only saw that thing in fantasy movies. She didn't even have the slightest idea that it'll surely occur in this world.Though she has doubts that the probability but not totally.

She's pretty panicked. Xia was not a jittery as she is. Maybe this thing was pretty common in here that he's not gonna be surprise anymore.

" Hey have you seen this thing before?" Bai Shin Lin

"Ofcourse not! That thing is not petty common you know!


Oh my God! This is their doom. Will they gonna die?! Will they become a food of this wild beast?

When she look at him he was occupied drawing something on the floor.

Is that his last wish. Is he trying to convey his words before he die?

Then that moment, he prick his finger and begun to chant something...

"With the common eternal glory of the full moon, I beseech the power that will shake the entire nation. Come! Dweller of the celestial realm." A streak a light was followed by that. He then grabbed her hand and dragged them to run. From behind, a large lizard like animal came of the magical circle and it came on par with the beast.

" What's that?!"

"Oh, haven't you forget. I'm part of the cursed family right.?"

" What's your power!!!!!" She was even become agitated with his answer.


The ability to call forth beings from the celestial realm. Magical beasts that has been contracted by the previous summoner then pass the legacy unto him. However, the level of the beast that he can summon is dependent from his own stamina. He can't summon beings that are far stronger than him. If he could, he will die.



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