Naughty Princess and the Band
30 Skip To The Presen
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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30 Skip To The Presen

The moment they exited the cave, the morning sun wasn't up yet. Bai Shin Lin was still a little sleepy. She spent the whole night browsing her phone. She ask the kid if he knows his way back but she can't find any decent answers for he kept talking about the celestial thing. In the end he tagged along with them.

The way back to the camp was a bit more of a difficulty that lots of tall grasses are in the way and the human trails which serves as path is nowhere to be found. The result they lost their way. Her feet is starting to feel soar from the excessive walking.

She look back to the kid walking behind them.

"Hey Maru!"she called unto him. "are you still alright?" Maru nodded. They go on on their walk. And at last they reach the camp. But no one is there. The place was abandoned for quite some time. Not a single trace of a person living in there. They went through every tent to look for a life yet to no avail. Out of these, Xiang Xia was the more frantic.

The camp was his home.

The people are his family.

They were his precious brothers and sisters.

So, where the heck are they?

Maru went unto the ground and started to sniff it. "it seems that it was abandoned for a whole year" he declared. "you could tell?" Bai Shin Lin went to sniff the ground and started to mimick the child also. Trying to know it she could tell it or not. However, only the damp smell of soil is the only thing she can smell. "I have sentisitive nose"


"So you have the dog smell, can you sniff where they went?It''ll not be a problem considering that dogs have this sharp smell of them"

"Don't be ridiculous. I am a Lion. Not a dog"

Here he goes again. His being deluded in his fantastical overview.

She was teasing him and Maru sense that she doesn't believe him. With one leapt, the tiny child in fur clothes transform into anto an enormous Lion. Bearing his sharp long fangs.

They were both speechless.

"do you believe me now?" his voice is loud and dominant. The one she hears when she was trap into the black pit.

Holy Cow!

Is this kid telling the truth?

Her face went blank and she slump unto the ground upon seeing him transform.

This really is in a world of fantasies.

But wait?!

Maru mention that this place was abandoned for over a year... What is happening. They only stayed inside the cave for a night. The time difference between the outside place and the inside cave was quiet big. Another yet fantastical phenomena is happening.

It makes her mind dizzy…

"A single step on the celestial realm is equivalent to days in the human world." Maru added. Xia who has been pretty dumbstruck by the situation followed up. "That does mean that the cave was part of that celestial world? Have we step to the suppose to be mythical and strange domain without any idea? Damn should I know I would have found my contract beast in there." Maru glared at him. Xia has no bad intention with what he say, he really meant it when he said he needs another contracted beast. Who knows when it becomes handy in face with dire situation. At the same time, feeling lucky meeting the king of that realm. Even though it was a kid he held him high in regard. He's not someone that can be meddle with.

And with that, he lowered his head and bowed in front of him. Showing his respect to the leader of his contract beasts. "although it's late, I am truly honored to have gained the presence of the mighty celestial king."

Maru in Lion form closes his gap and lick his face."I have considered you as my brethren"

Bai Shin Lin bare witness with this in awe.

"someone's coming" they both looked at each other.

Maru reverted back now to his human form.

*Current State of the Imperial Palace*

The Imperial Palace now has become peaceful and secure. The offender that lies inside has been removed. The main culprit for the said unfortunate event is no other than the current empress. It's been known that she's part of those secret families taking her own sweet revenge on the palace walls. Her motif is still unknown and she's not even spilling a single idea why she did it. She was detained inside the cold palace under strict observation.

Crown Prince Li Xiaopeng's name has been cleared from the damaging rumors. He still serving as the Crown Prince now.

The emperor hasn't died. It was a clear misunderstanding brought by the culprit.

As so, the smooth sailing governance of the palace has prevail however, the only thing that's giving him disturbance is Bai Shin Lin's disappearance and now it'll gonna mark as her first year. He tried to find her through thick and thin, he ventured other mountains yet no signs of her. Yet still, he didn't give up.

He was in his study reviewing some documents with regard to the palace affairs when Lou Ren knocks. He let him in, bringing some documents for him. "Milord, the envoy of the Kingdom Gwendell has arrive and seeks to have a chat with you." Xiao didn't budge and continue flipping documents. " Let the ministers handle it."

Upon hearing, Lou Ren flips another page of the document he was holding." The peace treaty between the Kingdom of Xeng is coming to be expired and sent a letter for the venue of negotiating.

"Just the palace will suffice" -Xiao.

" The Duke of Lowell invited you to their party. Would you like to go?" Another trivial matters.


He turn down all matters concerning his presence. For him, it's not something that his presence would even need so he put it aside.

Lou Ren's eyes fixated unto the last report his declaring to Xiao. But before he read it aloud he peek to his face. What kind of expression would his highness make when he hears it? He'd like to know.

" There's been claim that someone caught a glimpse of the person."

Xiao freeze for a moment then stood up. He shove all his belongings back to it's original place. As expected, with regard to that person his highness shows his different side. It's only that person who can make him like that.

In those year, he was all over the country finding her and he was even stricter to his subordinates than ever before. Even Lou Ren sometimes feel his highness excessive tyranny to his underling especially when they are on the journey finding her.

Out of his overbearing selfless adoration to find her, he made a special unit who's specialization is to find her whereabouts. And it's always this unit that bears the wrath of demon that resides inside him.

" Where is that palace.?" he said with cold tone and eyes that shots daggers

"In the forest where she vanished"

Xiao headed right straight into that place where he pointed out.

*Inside the Carriage where a certain Princess is sight seeing*

"Is he the Crown Prince???" The newly arrive envoy of kingdom Gwendell 1st princess Mingxi. She's a princess that was born with lavish and spoiled through her life. She lives in a motto, she gets what she wants.

Right now, she caught a glimpse of a Prince in his white horse. It has been her innate fantasy to marry the most handsome man in the country. Surely, he lives with his reputation. He's charismatic aura and excellent status surpasses her own standard in finding a husband.

Mingxi, from then on swear that she will get him no matter what. She's a beauty that no one can par and that's her greatest asset above all. In no time he will eventually fall for her.

Though there are already rumors of him being engage, she can't let that simple matters hinders her entire goal.

"Princess, it seems that the Prince has no intention of meeting us. Instead he sends his ministers to conduct the negotiation." the servant bow down her head without attempting to make an eye contact with her.

"Well, tell them that this princess won't talk to anyone unless the prince. Who they think they are, not so worthy to even grace with my own presence."

The servant just nodded and went off.

This beautiful face of hers is not something for a lowly status to freely view. Her beauty is meant to be adored by his prince and not some lowly servants.


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