Naughty Princess and the Band
34 What you give, You reap
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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34 What you give, You reap

Although the night is late Xiao didn't waste any moment and march towards where his soldiers are fighting.

But deep inside he still can't believe he had found her, although there's a matter that needed for attention that he let his emotions inside for a while. The general came for him seeking for help. Seriously, how can a general being overthrown by his mere subordinate? He seems to be an amateur in his position.

Meanwhile, Bai Shin Lin was the only one riding the Lion. Because earlier when Han Wu was about join her in her ride she felt an icy stare from her behind. Maybe she taught it was just her imagination and Han Wu was the one who saw the intense eyes of his general signaling a red code alert, he immediately move as far away from her. Now that he knew her, he shouldn't play buddy buddy with her. She was suppose to be the future empress of their country.

"Pardon milady but please from now on refrain from casually addressing me. I would appreciate it if you consider me as your servant."

Huh? Han Wu's being strange? Bai Shin Lin taught that it has something to do with her status that he began playing his superior. Like how he treated Prince Xiao.

"Nah, that would be boring" she corrected his ideology. " We met as an ordinary people and we'll always be. Please, I'm still not the empress consider re-tracking your decision besides I will still call you by your name so please don't restrain yourself" she added. Han Wu was hesitant even tough she said that. "His highness might kill me if I do that..." Bai Shin Lin think for a moment. Trying to figure her best core of action. " Then how about talking casually with me when he's not looking" she raise her right hand and thumps up to him.

"If that's what you want... only when his highness is not looking but we need to act accordingly in front of him right?"

"Of course! We are!"

They both came to a mutual agreement.


They both extend their arms to each other's shoulders and laugh crazily.

"So you really are scared to your Commander huh?"

Basi Shin Lin broke their idiotic stunt and look at him seriously.

"Of -course it's not what you think..." Han Wu stutter. He don't know what would his choice.

"Hahaha, of course I am just joking!!! No need to take it seriously!" Bai Shin Lin tap his back. No hard feelings. She was having fun teasing him. Han Wu's reaction whenever she pulled a joke became deadly serious and after a while would make a complicated face. He's easy to be with and they seems to get together we'll. They were all buddy buddy for a while when she catch a glimpse of Xiao's head turning 90 degrees towards them. She immediately put back her ladylike posture and turn her back as if she wasn't talking to the general. And when he turn his head upfront again they started giggling on the side.

When they got there a lot of their troop on the ground, severely wounded. They were on the advantage by the beasts that attack them.

The soldiers who are fighting those creatures little by little loose their hope. They would definitely be annihilated by this creatures... and when someone saw a horde of marching soldier on their camp everyone rejoice. They were saved at last!

Immediately their platoon leader runs fast and saluted to greet the Commander along the way and discussed his situation.

"Sir, the situation is unstable and we a currently at disadvantage." he reported.

Xiao did only look at the platoon leader.

"Platoon leader, Fu Min under the direct command of General Han Wu. We're is he now, why can't I see him?" Fu Min tremble upon remembering his general's name "S-Sir we haven't seen him for a while. When the battle started it seems that he run away" he lied.

Xiao even tighten his grip. "I see... But Fu Min why do I have recieve some reports saying you are engaging in illegal business?Do you have that spare time that you still be able to do something aside from your current job? No wonder I didn't receive any favorable reports coming from your troop?"

Fumin scratch his back if his head and awkwardly smile "Sir, that was not true. Some rumors"

"There's no smoke if there's no fire" Xiao added.

"Sir, we only do what we are told to do and nothing more"

Xiao couldn't contain his anger anymore. The more this person lied the more his head hurts. He only want to return to the palace tonight together with Lin but he still have some matters to attent. Out of his anger of this conniving person, he wasn't able to suppress his thunder. A loud rumble from the sky was heard accross the entire forest. "Fu Min, will you not gonna admit???"

"Sir please believe me. Those rumors came trying to frame me. I have nothing to do with it!!!"

He pleaded. Of course he's confident that there would be no evidence of his crime. Lucky for him those child whom he captured already went missing and could no longer be found. Even if they search the whole camp now they will not find any clue of his flaw.

Han Wu from the back can't contain himself from listening to those nonsense lies and was about to step up but then all of a sudden.....

"You must have pretty confident of your own doings that you still not gonna admit eh?" Bai Shin Lin enters the scenario. She was riding her lion. On her back rides the child whom he maltreated.

Fu Min's eyes grow wide when he saw her. His fare completion become frail. This baldy stout man begun to tremble from where he's standing.

"I -I ...please allow me to explain this sir!!! This is not what you think. That lier conniving bitch was the one who attack the camp and siege our force. Please take a look... She was even sitting on her beast!"


Bai Shin Lin glare at him. She was angrier now that he pointed her to be the culprit.

Hah! You're anomaly has already been blown. Just admit on your crime and maybe our Commander be lenient in his punishment.

Xiao take a few steps leaving a few gaps between him and Fu Min. The latter bow down in front of him. He can't meet the fury eyes of him. " You are the platoon leader and suppose to be their model but yet due to your greed and lousy performance, from now on I will demote of your position. As well as defamation of the future empress you are here by expel from this kingdom. Never set foot anymore or you'll loose your life"

Fu Min's jaw drop. His Commander has already declared his final say. He knows he was guilty of the first two crime but he doesn't have any idea how the heck did he incur his last crime. "Sir! Please withdraw your last sentence. This servant doesn't know when did he commit such a crime"

Xiao snicker. "Oh. Haven't you realized it yet!!!"

Fu Min is on the dark side. He can't fathom when did he do it.

"Wait a minute!" Bai Shin Lin interrupted their serious conversation. She can't let it pass the actions she had done to this kid. " Apologize to this kid whom you damage. Look at how injured he is." she insisted. Hoping that this disorder might end peacefully.

"Who do you think you are!!! You are just some unknown passerby who we happen to catch. Your just some wild mountain girl!!!" Fu Min was showing his aggressive side now that his desperate. He was getting irritated whenever this girl shows up her face. Why don't she shut up and watch. Why does she need to act up! "You're not apologizing to him!!!" Her voice was squeky. Her emotions are being unstable."shut up! shut up! shut up!!!" This time Fu Min shouted from the top of his lungs.He already reach his limit It's this woman's fault that everything gone down. If only she didn't show up showing her evidence things will not turn to this. If it's this, he will destroy the evidence. Right! Destroying it will leave everything back to normal. His eyes were now not that of the human anymore. His soul has pass through the darkest side of the world. Even his state of thinking is disrupted.He bare his enrage eyes to the girl.

It was her fault. It was her fault. It was her fault.

He will destroy the evidence.

Like a hungry loapard he jump off towards Lin's Direction.

Xiao was a little late to caught up with him.

He leapt towards her but his target was never her. It was the kid just behind her.

He immedietly caught the child's neck then pulled a knife from his clothes. He will slit this child's throat.

Must destroy the evidence! He's muttering that while grabbing his knife.

With one swift movement Bai Shin Lin pulled a leather rope from her trousers. She always had it with her just in case she might needed it into the future along with her hidden daggers and chili powder.

Throwing the loophole of the rope to his head and drag him off away from the kid as fast as she can. Fu Min choke from the tightness of the rope.

She walks as fast as she can while pulling the end of the rope, choking the man from behind.

Her hunting skill was quite improving. However, this time it was a different kind of animal she caught.

"How's that? Do you know now the feeling of being choke" She motion to stop. Then with one swift movement she went near to him. He was on his knees, hands on his neck. Feeling the scratch and wound it inflicted. Breaths panting.

With an evil face and devilish smile she said "That was not enough. Remember when you slap me on my face? Wow it was an awesome feeling that I can't forget. And I want to share it with you..."

A loud slap sound echoed through the place.

Everyone was stunned, never to expect that such a small girl has that kind of guts.

On other hand Xiao was amusingly observing the recent flow of events.


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