Naughty Princess and the Band
39 When the bud started to bloom
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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39 When the bud started to bloom

Bai Shin Lin is not clueless with regard to love. Well that is what she taught. When Xiao said the meaning of the flower she couldn't fathom her feelings. She's his fiancee so there shouldn't be wrong with it. But somehow it feels to be wrong for her.

"In the language of flowers, it means lover" she froze from the moment he stare at her. As if all her nerves went numb and her breaths are ragged.

Man! This is a the sickness of never been dated old lady.

"eh, but my prince don't you have someone to give that"

Xiao's eyebrow twitch.

Bai Shin Lin reach his left ear trying to bend him to her height and whispers to him in a soft voice " doesn't you have a me I know it" after winking her right eye, she gets back to her proper position.

He really doesn't know where does she get her ideas.

"well I'd like to hear your taught where'd you get your idea???

"wasn't Xia told you that he'll take care of your wife and children? Remember when we are still in the bandit camp?"

Xiao knock his forehead when a realization hits him

"that's it? that's why you are so focus on the idea that i do have a wife?"

From Xiao's expression Bai Shin Lin could tell that it was all a misunderstanding. And Xiao's rejection of the notion is quite strong.

heh! doesn't that mean that he's a single man without any strings attached to him?

Somehow somewhere deep inside Bai Shin felt an unknown feeling that stirred inside her. But she doesn't want to dig deeper. Whatever it is inside, it not gonna help her anyway.

"Your highness, if it's okay i want to return quickly."

after suggesting her inner taught, Xiao pulled her in a bridal style then walk her towards the horse.

You don't have to over do it. Bai Shin Lin taught.

A man like him would be a waste on her. When she study in that academy, she'll make sure to find a better mate that her. Someone who will stand equally beside him. Someone who has strong ideal and would lead her people. Someone who's extroverted and not passive like her.









After arriving at the palace, Bai Shin Lin went straight down to her bed.

"hmmmm, I really love you my bed!"

She twirl and twist with the soft fluffy bed she was lying.

"So? How was your trip?" Xia

"it's okay"

That was her short reply, however Xia was still fully focus on her. As if he was expecting more words to come from her mouth.

"The prince is in good mood today, what have you done to him this time?"

"Don't try to question an old lady. An old lady will be an old lady no matter how it turns." Maru popped up, sitting beside her. This Kid! What is his deal.

She seated up straight and turn to him.

"what's with you little brat huh? Now that I think about it, your always getting on my nerves. From now on I'll never let you borrow my phone"

"please forgive my rude behavior, o benevolent Bai Shin Lin" Maru takes back what he said to her. This kid is simple.

Tossing her phone to the kid, he immediately disappeared in front of her.

"you're not answering my question" Xia

"We met the hero today"

Xia's curiosity skyrocketed that his attention was focused on her.

" Is that true! wow, your quite lucky!" Bai Shin Lin stared at his overly excited statement

"heh, is that the influence this hero has, wow she was quite popular"

"the hero was quite a legend, rumor is that she came from the family that withstand the enemy during the great war. And until today, she was living off with the legends fighting the evil force that

is threatening our kingdom."

"so that's why people love her. A beauty with great reputation."

"but that's not it, rumor is that her grand mother is being wooed by the previous emperor but the lady stand firm and didn't accept it. That is why, the emperor is trying all means that he could win her heart but in the end didn't succeed. That must be the reason why she really hates royalty."

" you looks like a die hard fan you know?!"

"die-hard what?"

"nothing just me speaking"

"by the way,..." Xia was brewing a tea. "how did you met her?"

"Actually it was Xiao who met her. I'm only a standby there"

Xia's eyes grew large, the tea he was brewing spilled on the table.

"So, what was his reaction?"

What was that? Why does it feels to her that he was interrogating her.

Xia, being able to know that he was a little frantic compose himself. " There are factions who want's our prince to be wed to that hero, that is why you need to be cautious or your position might be snatch any minute. Although I have a feeling that you always have an advantage towards our prince but you will not know what comes after it"

Bai Shin Lin was awed by how popular this girl is to the point earning a high regard from the common folks. Thinking that they are of the same age and this girl accomplished a lot of stuffs.

She pulled a blanket and curled herself up.

What was she doing all this time?


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