Naughty Princess and the Band
44 The Feisty Roaring Dragon
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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44 The Feisty Roaring Dragon

Bai Shin Lin and Mingxi were led to an enormous room which comprises of large varieties books. The room seems to be a library yet not a single soul can be trace. Bai Shin Lin was mesmerize and awe with the worldly knowledge one could comprehend in this room.

However, her attention immediately gets back to their present situation when their instruction slam the table with his stick!

Surely, he don't have any intention to hit them with a stick right? Their already at that age were punishment rod is a little awkward for them.

"I am disappointed with the two of you today" he started his ranting.

She look at Mingxi. It seems that she really is afraid in this man. Well, who will not? The man is exuding so much strictness. He's like a dangerous roaring fire dragon at this moment. Even she could feel a little uneasiness on her part.

"You two came from a very prestigious family. I know very well that you have that little decency imputed into your core. But the way you are today, you two are showing the deficiency each of your families have? If you don't have that little noble air with you? What will be your difference to a commoner? Or maybe you two never really like to become a noble at the first place? If that's it then you could tell me, we could arrange on that? I could contact each of your family to deprive you of your own status and let you live just like a commoner? Do you like that to happen?" Mingxi shakes her head hundred times.

So long speech. Their teacher continued his never ending speech to them for who knows how many hours that she felt her ears are gonna explode any moment.

At last he stop when he heard the lunch bell. Leaving them both a book for each to rewrite page by page. Mingxi protested at first for it's hard to copy each word in a book. But then the instructor only glare at her. She slump like a helpless puppy at the corner.

While she was mumbling on the corner, Bai Shin Lin started to rewrite the first page of the book. No sense in complaining. She knows it will be futile. Their punishment is decided so the best way to deal with it is to start early.

"You seems so calm about this?" Mingxi murmur then started to do her work.

"Better start this then finish early"

"hmp! Don't you forget that this is your fault!!!"

"yah, yah I know" she answered apathetically

"I will never make friends with you"

"I already know that"

After that Mingxi seems to focus on her work. She's like a living saint whenever her mouth is close. If only she will continue to be like that at the end, then they could finish their work ahead of time.

At that moment, Wie Lan, the instructor who put a punishment on the two is casually having a meeting with their director. The notice is abrupt that classes was put on hold. It seems that they will be having a big event that their director was frantic at the moment.

Every co-teacher is present at the moment and each is having their own opinions of what might the occasion be.

The instructor of tea ceremonies and culture was lively and loud in their chats. The arts and crafts instructor seems to be whispering on their ends. Along with the English and history instructors. He was a mathematics major. He was sitting idly between those noisy groups and was listening to their stupid chatters.

Director Zhang enters the hall.

Everyone became silent in front of her.

"We have a very crucial moment at this time" Her first declaration.

"The crown prince will be visiting this academy three days from now!" everyone gasp in excitement. However there are some who are little worried. Wei Lan was one of those. Given the limited time and resources, it seems that they will run out of time. Because this is the crown prince they are speaking to failure is not an option.

"If I may speak director?" Wei Lan raises his hand for further interrogation.

"With the allotted time we had and the resources we will be having don't you think it seems to be a little short notice?"

"That will measure the capacity of this school to handle critical matters. It hasn't been occur on history tough, it's always a month of preparation before a crown prince would visit the academy to look for his suitable bride. That is always the case here, however this time it will be different."

"If not for finding a bride…?"

Director Zhang, interrupted him. "Both way, the Crown Prince must enjoy his visit no matter what and I will hand that responsibilities to each of you"

Director Zhang knows something. Wei Lan is sure of that.

"By the way, Wei are you the one who handle the first year's right?"

"Yes, they are under my care"

"I want you to assign each of them a intermission number. But I want you to make them shine each one of them"

To be put on the spotlight on their first year, this batch seems to be more special?

The director puts a lot of faith to them huh?

He remembers the two naughty zygotes that he deal with. Those two? They should be doing their punishment by now.

After their meeting, he rush to the academy's library. The two is obediently doing their task. He smile at their angelic behavior and was about to approach them when he step on a slippery floor and he slump hard on the ground!

The two turn their heads upon hearing the sound.

These two!

So dirty and disorderly. Someone, spilled a water on the floor which cause him to slip and now that he saw it, there are lots of crumpled paper on the floor!


Mingxi stood up righted and pointed fingers at her. "Miss Lin spilled the water" Wei lan look at the face of the culprit.

This girl!

"Sorry, I'd really like to mop it afterwards after I finish writing but then you came, and then—"

Wei Lan felt smokes coming from his own nose. "Bai Shin Lin!"

"I'm sorry…"

"It's decided, you will not attend this week's occasion of the academy! Continue your punishment till you finish it all"

Bai Shin Lin look at Mingxi's face. "Hehe, serve you right!"

Stupid girl.


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