Naughty Princess and the Band
45 Doubts and Apology
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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45 Doubts and Apology

Few Hours before the instructor came.

Bai Shin Lin is concentrated with her task. She almost copied half pages of the book. Funny to think that it's her punishment. She has work more than this during her thesis in college. When her prof. said to hand down a written thesis, she was the one who all did the writings while her groupmates paid her for her work.

She look at the girl beside her. She hasn't finish a single page at all. Crumpled papers all over the floor.

Geez, if she continue doing that she'll never finish her task.

Bai Shin Lin decided to take a rest for a little while. She walk towards where the water located. Writing makes her thirsty. So pouring the water over the glass, she started to drink the water. But then all of a sudden she was bump by other than Mingxi causing it to spill on the floor. It was intentional yet she claims it wasn't.

She glare at Mingxi but the girl just shrugged off.

Bai Shin Lin look at the mess on the floor. Since her hands are quiet tide down to writing, there's no time for her to clean the mess. Eventually it will dried down after all, so she let the evaporation takes its process.

At the moment…

Bai Shin Lin felt so unlucky. She work hard to finish her task while Mingxi haven't even finishes her single page yet, she was the one whose punishment has been lifted. Bai Shin Lin was left to the room finishing her task.

To point it out, she can't even participate in the upcoming event this school is going to held.

Today is the second day of their preparation for the welcoming of the crown prince. Director Zhang personally witness their rehearsal on the stage. Everything is already set. She seated at the front row as the event commences.

Wei Lan seated next to her with his head held up high. He knows his students prepared so much for this event.

At this point the stage lit bright as the host of the event started their foreword of commencement. Special talents of selected student will be showcase. The first batch of the students perform a romantic play. The actors and actresses were both beautiful and elegant. The next was a solo performance by a third year student. Her voice was so angelic and pure. Even Director Zhang couldn't help herself to tear. The event was followed by a comedy skit, then a solo and group performances from the first years. Wei Lan felt satisfied when she saw the Directors eyes flash in excitement when his students called to perform. At last, they were at the main dish of these occasion. The Miss beauty queen of the academy. There are four year level in this academy and each should have their representative to compete with. It was the time when the four candidates was being introduce. And when the first year candidate was being called, everyone shout in admiration.

Director Zhang frown when she couldn't trace the participation of that child in this school.

She turn to Wei and whisper to his ear "I thought I told you let all the first year participate in this event?"

Wei courteously replied to her "Yes, I let them all participate"

"Then why I can't see that child!" Director Zhang voice become loud that the performance on stage was stop and all eyes on her.

"Yes, I let them participate all….." Wei Lan tried his best to stay calm and answer the director's query.

" Ohhh…" Wei Lan think for a moment. "… but there's a problem student that I won't allow to participate, I mean she's a problem child that she could cause a trouble on the event—"

"But I clearly told you to include all students' right? Despite their disposition, Wei Lan I am disappointed in you. Tell me where this child is"

Wei Lan lowered his head and answer "Yes. I will"

Wei Lan stood to guide the Director inside the library but then when he enters the room, she wasn't there. What he just found was the fully accomplish recopy of the book he assign to her.

"So where is she?"

Wei Lan went out and halt towards their homeroom.



It's been two days and at last Bai Shin Lin finishes the entire book to recopy. She went back to her classroom and everyone was not there. They are gathering in front of stage for the rehearsal. Being not part of the event, she just stayed at the classroom and lazily stare at the window.

It was then two figures enters the room. It was their homeroom instructor and the one called a Director. She completely forgot her name because she only met her during her enrollment.

The Director bow her head to in front of her. Wei was completely shock by her behavior. "It's already too late and we beg your pardon but we are inviting you to attend the occasion together with other students. Our school is well behave to the fundamentals of every student's right that we do not cater any form of discrimination. "

Wei Lan was stunned at how polite his Director to this student. To have this special treatment right in front of his eyes, Wei Lan become more suspicious of the Director. "Please be at ease, I was only receiving the result of my deficiencies, I believe you are not wrong" was what Bai Shin Lin answer to her. This Director is directly reporting to Lou Ren on her status inside and she can't afford to lose her bearing in front of her.

Oh my! Director Zhang become silent and awed with the words of this lady in front of her.

"A true nobility accepts and embraces her faults as a symbol of her humility. You already have the marks of a genuine noble. And as being part of this social standing, I would like you to participate in our event which will be held a day after tomorrow"

Bai Shin Lin put her heads over her mouth as if she was shock hearing this. " My! I guess I wouldn't have that time to practice on my part. Please forgive my humble refusal over the event"

Wei Lan felt the Director panic "I see, so how about these, this school will give you a special instruction to have an outside help. That is the only thing we could offer in compromise that you will attend this occasion"

That's the time when Wei Lan objects. No outsiders are allowed to enter in this school. "Director that's a bit…" He wasn't able to finish his sentence because he felt a killing aura targeted on him.

Bia Shin Lin bow gracefully towards the kind Director "I will gladly accept"


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