Naughty Princess and the Band
50 Birth of the Band
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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50 Birth of the Band

The start of the morning inside the academy was hectic with the upcoming event. Only a few hours left until the official start of the celebration and yet Bai Shin Lin can't be seen on the hall.

Mingxi felt blissful knowing she wasn't still at the school.

"She wouldn't come" she boasfully declare unto the whole room where everyone was in the battle of preparation. Everyone, turn their heads to her.

" No way. Even if her performance won't that be good should she at least tried?" One of them voice out their frustrations.

"Well you know when I observe her, she's not the type to standout on the public. She's always busy idling on the sidewalls"

"Yah yah I saw that also. She's so unaprochable" as one of them voice their negative taughts about her, it was Mingxi's pride who has liven.

Bai Shin Lin's classmate was not that really fond to put down people's lives. However, their conversation has led to that conclusion that each one voice their inner taughts.

"That's unreasonable..." Only one of her classmates really watch Bai Shin Lin on the sideline. She was the shadow on that moment that believe in her capabilities. She saw her potential amidst the criticism the others are throwing.

"Ms Lin was far the most hard-working people I've met. I mean although she's just average between classes but I knew she was just restraining herself. She was afraid to let anyone know her beyond skill that she never dare to aim at top once. But I saw it all, her tests answers provide the accurate information and the only thing she messes up is the instruction. She was doing it so that, each one of us won't get intimidate by her"

Mingxi snicker at her innate commentary. Her efforts would be wasted by just one girl.

"Heh, said the one who always fail at their exam. Before you give praise to others be sure to know you are worthy of praising others when you can't even tell yourself"

The meek girl who was just as brave to cite her side earlier begun to felt inferior over the people inside. She's was true to herself now that she stood up but has no way to clear the criticism she's facing. For as long her idol won't be insulted, she's willing to shift their attention. Then it's okay to feel that way.

" You shouldn't talk big if your just worthless.Having you in this academy is parasite to our batch. Knowing how glorious and fantastic our class are, with you being the gloomy push, our reputation pushes to the bottom. Your such an eyesore. You should change classes with different section." Mingxi

Any moment her tears would fall down.

She couldn't held it back anymore that she walk out of the room.

However, before she even get near the room, the door burst open showing the entrant of elegant man in unique clothing. He was dashing with overwhelming charisma and his silver hair flashes among each other's eyes that every one's mouth gap wide open.

Who is he?

He's so charming...

Is he a Prince???

Prince of other world....

" Ladies, if I have insulted you base on my action please find it in your heart to pardon myself..." He talks gallantly infront of them.

"As you can see, I can't find it I my heart to bear such vulgar words being thrown to a such cute little squirrel. Everyone has his own weakness and all of you has it. What would you feel if those weakness were use against you and become a way for other people to trumple oneself? Let's just find postive acts on our hearts and always lead the righteous path. After all ,you are all ladies aiming to be on top and I'm sure you'll bear in mind the lesson you gain from a mere stranger" Lou Ren took a turn and walk closer to the bullied girl. " You've done well." Leaning towards her face and kissing her forehead.

What he just heard when he was exiting the room was the loud squeel of the ladies inside.

Now then, where on Earth is her ladyship again?


One day before the event.

Lou Ren was out of the palace for some matters to attend. It should be his highness responsibility but since he has been burried lately to his room, that he can't attend this matter. As a stand in, he needs to have a full report of his duties when he got back after 3 days.

And as much that he didn't expect, she showed up.

"Oi!!!!!" The voice he heard was familiar and it sound nearer and nearer to him. But when he look around he can't see anyone.

" Above you!!!" the voice spoke again and when he look up a dark silhoutte was falling right for him. His intuition told him to catch it. Together, he lay out his two hands to catch someone in his embrace and....


You already know had fallen.

It was his ladyship.

But where did she came from.

"Teehee. Nice catch Lou Ren!" the lady didn't seem to mind his inappropriate fall but instead even wink at him.

This girl.

Maru transported Bai Shin Lin just above where Lou Ren stood. He summon his warp space and it transported them there.

"Milady, just how did you...." He was pretty baffle. How the heck did she knew where he is?

"I transported using some kind of magic. But that doesn't the issue now. Lou Ren. I need you" he became stiff with her statement. He knew his ladyship is known for his eccentricity and unpredi table actions but it was never in his taught that she would really voice out something like this.

Bai Shin Lin explain to him her idea. About her performance and intermission on school. Lou Ren grasp the situation neatly. Now he has the whole picture in his mind. His uneasiness earlier got vanish already.

Of course, if it would be for the sake of the Prince, since Bai Shin Lin told him that they would perform for him, there's no reason that he'll reject her. The only thing he finds her fault, it is her recklessness.


Now that Lou Ren was here, with her ladyship's instruction he went to find her. However just as he was passing a room, he heard a commotion that slandering his ladyship values. Theres no way that he'll just sit and remain calm. They are slandering no one, but the future queen of the empire.

He observe first the situation, planning where to enter the exact moment but then someone defended her against them. The girl vividly stated her admiration infront of her haters. Moreover, they become even more aggressive and bullied her in the end.

He couldn't take it now that he enter the whole room.

He didn't stay long, after he finish he's lecture he went his way.

If this school was home for this type of personalities, surely her ladyship won't flourish in no time. Guess he need to take about it to the headmaster.

"Lou Ren!!!" Now he saw the culprit of his husstle day. She came waving her hands when she saw him.

"Milady, I have come and abide with your command.Now, when will the event commence?"

",Geez, your ernest like always. Take it slow okay. Our performance will start in an hour. Although the event is already commencing, our part is on the last. So we have ample of time to prepared"

"As you wish milady"




The performance was commence now that the crown prince has arrive. Everyone on their side are stealing glances of the Prince. Some even went on their way just to introduce themselves.

Mingxi was one of them.

" Greeting your highness...Hope you have a glorious visit in our school. I am Mingxi from the kingdom--" Xiao wave his hand signaling her to stop. " I appreciate you, I do hope your academy will excite me today. I'm looking forward to the performances "

Mingxi wasn't able to restate her intro since the Director pull the prince on his reserve vip seat to fully appreciate the event.

The first who perform where the 4th years.

Then followed by the 3rd years up to the 1st years. The pageant will be held last since it will be mark at the highlight of the event.

After an hour of the showcase of talents, Bai Shin Lin group exited their room. Face in battle mode. This is it! Her very moment.

As she step in on the stage, everyone's eyes are on her. She was wearing a traditional yukata clothing with hair design in a bun with matching bangs. On her right hand she was holding a floral design umbrella. Of course, umbrella wasn't invented at that time. So when she open it, along with her side- LengLeng and Xia open theirs as well. The stage was lit with vibrant floral colors soothing to the eye.

The music sets the start of their dance as they perform "sweet 16 by Sarah Geronimo."

Now the crowd was dumbfounded. Their first time seeing that kind of performance.She was the first to introduce that kind of thing. This era's dancing style is so slow and traditional. No sense and boring. They needed to be diverted to a lively and sweet song.

It lasted for almost three minutes until the misuc faded.

After that, Bai Shin Lin, Lengleng and Xia exited the stage and step the next set of performers...Lou Ren at the front line. Maru on his left side and Han Wu on the right. There are background person's at the back but they're all extras.

The crowd even gape in excitement. They seems to appreciate modern kpop outfit. Well at least somehow they manage to put an incredible amount of make up upon themselves that one couldn't tell who they are.

Who cares!

Right now the boys are overflowing with intoxicating aura enough for every girls to be impregnated.

The beautiful boys stated their dance craze as the jolly music stated to hit off the ground.

(So if anyone is wondering, what they will be it's kinda like the famous DNA of bts .Something like that😁😁😁)




At that time, the girls virtue as well as their reserve etiquette as the princesses of different kingdoms become all wild in front of these shining lads.

Well Bai Shin Lin knew this would happen. She kinda feel guilty for them . It seems she's the reason of their wildness.

No one knows who they are, or where did they came from. All the girls are all expectant to know these lads originality after the event. As they squeeze their hearbeats and control the wild emotions of their hearts every girls eyes lit in excitement.

This is the start of the fandom that will shake the whole kingdom!!!

All hail to the new born band in this era!!!

When the performance was finish, swarm of girls went wild going up on the stage. Bai Shin Lin pulled her members immedietely and send them off to the portal which directs them to their respective post.

"Thanks guys.... I'll handsomely reward you for this. Bai Shin Lin spoke in a hurry then shove Lou Ren and Han Wu on the space warp to transport them to their respective responsibilities.

When they are gone, still a lot of ladies vigorously interrogated her about them. But all she could only say to them is that...

"YNB -YOUR NEXT BOYFRIEND band. You'll know them soon..."

"Ladies, please settle down. We still have the pageant to show. Our valued guest was in here and we should not forget the blood we have in us. We are princess aiming for the top, please bear that in your mind" Wei Lan annouces but when he take a look at their important guess, he was purely smirking.

The Prince was pissed off on the event.

He knew it! That girl is pure trouble!!! Now, how would she compensate with the ruined event?!!


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