Naughty Princess and the Band
51 Dance with the Devil
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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51 Dance with the Devil

Bai Shin Lin was experiencing the sense of satisfaction upon the launch of her band. Together with it, there are various things to be considered as part of her strategic pre-planning review. First of all, she needs to incorporate who will be the regular members of her band, although on that point she has only Lou Ren who sign her contract and she got a feeling that he was never serious about it. Well, at least somehow she needs 5 members of it. Five finest quality of men. The major attribute to become one is appearance and skill. Having a skill but no looks is a no go, but having an above level appearance but no skill – it's negotiable. Aside from member, consider also the cost of expenses they will incur. She does not have her own money so their budget will be limited. If worst comes to worse, she'll scrap some valuable decorations on her room.

Would the treasures the Prince gifted to her will suffice?

If not, she can tilt some gold pieces on the palace wall. She taught about it once when she was pacing the hallway towards Prince Xiao's chamber. The hall was illuminating magnificent that she was tempted to dig a little bit and got chase by palace guards.

Aside from the cost of expenses, there lies the audiences and how would she market them. Well, her first batch of customers are from her academy and she doubt that she could negotiate on their stage about it. She needs an open market place where there are a large number of people (preferable girls) are present.

She was so busy calculating and rummaging her minds of thoughts that she wasn't able to notice Mingxi's glares. Her eyes were in a fury and envious about the success performance that the crowd loss interest in the pageant where she was entering. Even his Highness was somewhat in a bad mood. No matter how many times she twirl and twist and wink at him, it seems that his highness never was focusing on her.

Director Zhang, also felt the sudden drop of temperature around her environment. She was sitting next to the Prince that she could felt his decisive aura. Zhang pinch the temple of her forehead. Now what could she do?

A brilliant idea came into her mind at that time. How naïve. If only she hinted it from the very beginning.

Zhang called some attendant and whisper something unto his ear. Then the attendant walk off bringing her command. It doesn't take time that this servant went back to her bringing a small box with cutlets of paper inside with the name of every students.

She then called Wei Lan to disseminate her plan.

Wei Lan went up on the stage bringing the box with him. He was feeling unclear of what is his Director is planning.

"For a brief intermission number, we will pause the pageant for a while. The Director has prepare a raffle draw in which the lucky lady has the opportunity to dance with our highness. This box contains all the girls name in this academy and whoever, I picked will come up to the stage and dance with our Prince" Wei Lan announces the situation and heard a positive response from his audience, the quiet crowd earlier, in just a click become live and energetic.

Wei Lan slid his hand on the mouth of the box and begun to mix the inside and thoroughly pick a lucky name. "We'll let see… who the lucky girl is this time…"

Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun

The crowd become silent as Wei Lan was trying to read the name written on the paper. Director Zhang was playfully smiling on her seat knowing who will be pick this time.

Wei Lan's forehead wrinkled upon reading the name of lucky girl and glance at her seat. She was very far away from the stage that he couldn't fathom if she's listening with him or not. That girl is sure lucky huh? But he doesn't want her to be the winner of such opportunity. After all, she was the reason of the trouble earlier. Who knows what she would bring again if he dance with the prince.

"It seems that the first I pick is a bonus, no name was written, let's proceed with the next one." He said as he slip again his hand over the box. He pick the paper and tried to silently read it again. It the same! He pick her name again! Just what though luck this girl had! Her name has already been drawn too times. He crumpled the paper again and pick another one. Yet, this girl name appear again. What the heck, has this crumpled paper all her names written on it? He look suspiciously at his Director and with the way she was looking at him, it was like a piercing dagger and her sharp eyes saying "READ IT ALREADY"

It's his director that pulled this off.

He can't do anything about it or hell be scolded later.


"The lucky lady of this once in a lifetime privileged was given to none other than Princess Bai Shin Lin!"

All attention was focused on the girl who was seating at the very far end from the stage.

[So lucky]



The other girls kept all their envious bitterment against her and silently stare at the lucky girl.

Bai Shin Lin who doesn't listen from the very moment of the performance because she was busy thinking her band was stunned to see people looking at her. Not the friendly look but the one that is piercing and hateful.

She could see someone approaching towards her in his majestic walk.


"Are you Princess Bai Shin Lin?" Xiao, walking over her side.

She stood up abruptly and bow down her head towards him as a courtesy.

"Replying to his highness, indeed I am Bai Shin Lin."

"I see, would you allow me the honor of dancing you over the stage, my lucky Princess?" Xiao carefully lifted her right hand offering a light kiss then look back to her in a glowing white light. His eyes are seductive and chivalrous voice.


"Your highness, was this good…? Won't they suspect—" Bai Shin Lin wasn't able to finish herself when Xiao took over her body and carry her in his two arms. Without minding the surrounding, he walks past the gasping crowd. "So, I'm correct to assume you're not paying attention from earlier? I went here all the way just to see my Princess but then, my princess attention seems to be out somewhere" Xiao, whisper softly through her ears. Bai Shin Lin wasn't accustomed to honey trap words and when she heard him talk like that she couldn't stop herself from blushing.

"Your highness…" This time, they reach the stage and the music started. "I don't know this dance…" she refuses. Xiao pulled her over holding tightly on her waist and whisper sweet incantations on her ears that she felt her feet would collapse. However, Xiao's grip was that strong that she didn't end on the ground. Xiao was the one leading the dance, Bai Shin Lin was just following his footsteps. "You did find beautiful young men, even if you're this busy on your schedule huh? Wonder when did you have the leisure finding such rare variety?" Bai Shin Lin flinch upon sensing a heavy pressure being put on her shoulder. "Your highness that was Lou Ren. You haven't recognized him? Well, I made a lot of effort putting make up on him" With that reasoning Bai Shin Lin thought that the misunderstanding will subdue. But when she look up, Xiao's face was still sour. What was it again now? "Oh, so you put make up on him…then how did you do it? You seems to have hidden talents on your sleeve" Bai Shin Lin could see he was smiling but the presence of sharp aura was still lingering above his head. " oh why, I thank you your highness for seeing my rare talent…I just put a little touch of powder of Lou Ren's face and put some coloring pigment on his lips. All in all, I didn't do anything at all, he's face was so handsome to begin with" Bai Shin Lin weigh every words that might come to her mouth. She doesn't even include the fact that she accidentally touch Lou Ren's chest when she was doing her measurement. Xiao's face even became grim when heard her. Did this girl, casually touch any man's face behind his back?

Somehow, he felt that this girl has no idea of what she had done.

"You think Lou Ren is handsome?" Xiao's tone was nowhere that soft but Bai Shin Lin felt that he was interrogating her. Why does she hint a jealousy over his question? She taught that Xiao wasn't that petty over little matter. So, she concluded that he's human after all. All these time, he's somewhat exuding a godly aura that was flawless. Guess there's no perfect person after all.

"uuhmm, your highness Lou Ren face can't compare to yours that is comparable to a living Adonis. People respect and worship such rare beauty. You can do even without makeup" Bai Shin Lin cheer on him.

"You know your honey trap will lead you to nowhere" this time, the black clouds that was lurking above Xiao's head has been cleared.

This Prince was sure easy.


"Your highness you're in a good mood now. That's great! You know when you are mad, people become a frighten of you. So please, lift the edges of your mouth and perk up a smile always. A kindred soul will attract positive people"

What was she talking? She has no right to lecture him like that where in fact she's not that perfect herself.

Xiao look at her as if he was shock. He seems to immerse in deep thoughts. "I'll consider that suggestion…and by the way it seems you're the only one who don't feel intimidated by my presence anymore huh? Tiny kitten?" Xiao wasn't aware that these time he was pinching her cheeks. Even he himself was pretty shock how these two cheeks of hers could be so soft.


"aishhhyyourhighnesshh???…" this time Xiao stop pinching her cheeks. The music has ended and it's time for him to bring her back to her seat or else someone might get suspicious of them.

Director Zhang was satisfied with the development of the event. Now she could breathe at ease and could on the performance without minding their guest. He was satisfied with the special gift she prepare for him.

The day was finish with so much success and appreciation. The crown Prince went back to the castle immediately after the performance was finish. Leaving a few words of backing the Academy. By the name of the Empire and their Emperor, the crown Prince will extend his support and full attention on the school, given that they will do their job for his future Empress.


Inside the cold palace.

A woman cloth in pure white with a malicious beauty and voluptuous body shape was meticulously monitoring the happenings inside the palace through a crystal ball which imbedded with evil energy. The crystal shines pure darkness and only the user has the ability to see through things.

"Taste the ephemeral bliss for the moment, beloved Empire. The saga of darkness will come at hand in no time. My pawns are there to be your greatest doubt. And when everything falls into place, I will claim what is mine!"

The whole room filled with vile laughter and the voice of darkness has once again echoed through the concrete walls.

A young woman clad in raven cloth step in distracting the woman's merriment kneeling down in front of her.

"Is the preparation complete? Have you found something interesting to report then?"

"I have found something that will surely caught your attention, concerning the royal families…" the informant lean closer to the woman and begun to elaborate the details"

A cunning smile form the woman's lips. "Then, I should prepare a special gift at that time that will surely fire the whole event"


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