Naughty Princess and the Band
52 Its bad to waste food
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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52 Its bad to waste food

As everyone was being pick up by their respective household, Bai Shin Lin was waiting for Xia to pick her up. She was so deadly tired socializing today.

After the dance, swarm of wild girls come to her to ask about her experience together with the Prince. Geez, these ladies. Although she can't blame them. Even she was swoon by that flirtitous Prince.

Setting the matter aside and trying to forget her embarrassing moment, she went to the banquet hall to fill her mouth. The foods and snacks are prepared in a big dining table where self service is practice.

Looking over the leftover after the day, theres still a bunch of desserts that haven't been touch!

These girls are wasting food!

Didn't they knew that there is a large poverty running over the kingdom and their all wasting foods here!

Picking a large cotton cloth, she slid some of the leftovers from the party bringing home. When the whole foods where wrap and cramp over a tiny cloth, she rummage on the carriage for a basket to fill.

"What are you doing!" Xia jab her head seeing her suspicious actions.

"What do you think, bringing it home!"

" Are you stupid! those are leftovers. Haven't you taught the proper etiquette in your school? Or haven't you listening at all. Besides, your not bringing it anywhere but to the palace!"

Xia was worked up over this petty matters.

"There are people who wants to eat good foods but can't because there is none, and here there are lots of leftovers since no one eats it. Each princess here is on diet. So instead that it'll go to waste why not give to those people who will appreciate it. Besides it's not that its leftovers. It's as good as never been touch food because no one wants it"

" Don't be stupid, I will not let you bring that to the palace"

" And I say I will not gonna leave it here!"


"Fine suit yourself" Xia finally give in to her.


Current location: Training grounds of the soldiers.

"Thank you for bringing us such delightful delicacies!" The soldiers were in bewilderment of the foods she brought to them.

She was wearing her servants clothing when she went there. Ofcourse she don't want much hassle and if she will be disguise like a servant, they won't act formal to her. Like right now, the men were just nonchalantly interacting with her. If there's one who's become pale watching their bondness it was Han Wu. Bullets of sweats running down his neck.

"Han Wu come over here! There's still a lot left"Bai Shin Lin called him from the top of her voice but still he was fixated in his location far from her.

" That guy is shy. He won't get woman with that kind of personality. So passive" one of the soldiers blurted out.

" haha well that is the difference if your unexperiance...The level of intimacy on woman would break the barrier after a night with them. When I go to the capital I'll bring that kid to the red light district to become a fully fledge man "

There mistaking Han Wu for being shy infront of her. They didn't know the truth after all.

Well, it's him who's making things difficult.

"Oh right little miss. Do you have an unmarried older sister ?Pass that boy to her, so that he will not be that aloof to girls. Just to have that guy an experience over.Hahaha" the man burst into laughter with his dirty talk.

She didn't know whether to laugh on that one. She felt awkward that her smile went creepy.

" What are you doing? Talking to the princess like that!!!" Han Wu snatches her from the crowd of gathering men.

" Princess?" They all look into each other in confusion.

Bai Shin Lin smile at him menacingly.

" N-no not real princess thing!! I princess!!! Right so don't touch her casually you smelly old dudes!"

" What Han Wu's Princess? That's rare to find!!!Hahaha...We should prepare a strong liquor tonight!!!"

Han Wu didn't listen to this old dudes banter.

Han Wu look at her pleadingly.

" I'm sorry princess, those fools are just bunch of idiots with their dirty jokes, please don't take it to the heart"

"No, it didn't bother me either way." Bai Shin Lin pulled something unto her skirt and handed it to him.

It is a crystal bottle liquid.

" Milady?"

" It's an oil based perfume. It's use like this..." Pinching the tip of the bottle and spraying unto him leaving a soothing smell on the air. " Wear this if you want to win a woman's heart. I'm sure she'll be delighted on your smell. This will be my thank you gift from yesterday."

Han Wu's eyes glitters upon receiving the gift. He wasn't expecting to receive a first from a royalty. Much more from a crown princess and soon to be an empress.

"Milady...." Han Wu eyes teared as he openly receive the rare gift.


Bai Shin Lin having her afternoon snacks

"Just how many days do you intend to eat the leftovers. It's not that the palace is having scarcity of foods that your going overboard eating those" Xia started to nag her again. Seriously, he doesn't feel tired arguinging with her every single day.

There are still a lot of left even though she fairly distributed it to her acquintances.


Today's weather is beautiful

The atmosphere is quite favorable and,

The plants are even healthier that even before.

Sometimes she really can't understand him. Or was it the opposite?

Maybe Xia hasn't adopted yet to her way of living?


Bai Shin Lin didn't know how many heavy sighs did she let out while staring at the dumplings on her hand.

"Just where am I talking to!!! This is unforgivable, you never listen to whatever things I say!" Xia grew impatient and flip the table over. The snack and food left where fallen to the ground.

Tick tock tick tock

3 second rule!

As fast as the lightning speed, Bai Shin Lin immedietly pick up the fallen goods and put it back under the table.

The snack are safe. She secured it in a flashing speed. It's still edible since it didn't stay on the floor for more than 3 seconds. The germs wasn't able to crawl on it.

When Xia saw that, his fury become even more big as the mountain high. Smokes are beginning go out of his nose. His eyes were even not that of human anymore.


Oh wow. So a person can that be ugly when angry. Bai Shin Lin was right.

Her decision not to bicker with him is right. Arguing with him will deplete her already at the low level energy.

"Presenting the crown Prince..." She heard an attendant outside proclaim.


What's his business with her again?

Xia immedietly went off to the door and welcome the prince.

Wow. His expression do really change in an unexplainable speed.

She means Xia.

Bai Shin Lin stood upfront and made a customary bow. The Prince did his part also.

Bai Shin Lin gesture him to be seated on the chair in front of them.

"Your highness, please have some of these delicacies. I will have the servants prepare for the tea." She made her opening statement.

"Yes, please do so" Xiao casually replied on her while snatching a stick of dumplings that was fallen earlier on the ground. Bai Shin Lin casually turn on the side. As if she didn't saw him, putting the dumplings on his mouth and slowly chewing the snack. That's still safe right? She had already eaten some and she was still fine. So Xiao will be okay even if he will all consume the foods on the table.

Xia's face even grew paler when he heard her.

(Aside from offering leftovers, you even offered the one that have fallen to the have really the gut girl...) Xia never failed to whisper on her ear. He was controlling his voice and his urge not to shout at the girl in front of her.

(Who's the one who made the snacks fall on the first place???)

Bai Shin Lin just look at her in a blank and exhausted manner.

" Your highness, I am blessed that you have been able to visit me despite your full schedule. Your highness must have something important to discuss that you made your way here" that was such a lie. Bai Shin Lin's inside was screaming of shoeing him outside already. Her heart wasn't still able to recovered and now he''s here again. Who knows what flirtitious act would he try on her again. She has a weak heart and no energy at that time to face him!

" Your dance skill is quite a show. I never saw that kind of performance before. The same as the room you have and your performamce, they are quite intriguing" Xiao said an amusing stare at her.

Wait a minute! He wouldn't interrogate her where did she learn her skill right?! Not to mention the strange formation of her room! If he will..., She doesn't still devise a lie to get away with that question!!!

Please don't ask about my room ... Please don't ask about my talent..please don't ask about my room ...Please don't ask about my talent...please don't ask about my roo--

" By the way, your room is quite spacey and strange..." Xiao observe his surrounding while trying to sense every corner of it.


" , I'm saying this reward would suit your strange room." Pulling out a beautifully crafted flower vase, Xiao offered this in front of her as a reward for her performance.

"Oh so that's what you mean" teehee, Bai Shin Lin felt a sign of relieve.

Her eyes was glued to the glittering vase infront of her.

"What do you mean by that???Are you thinking something unrelated again " Xiao was expecting her low reaction. Since this girl is far more cut from the level of normal people, he would expect this apathetic answer. In her weak reaction, a spurge of desire came into him as he reach her face and pinch her two cheeks. " Your not listening again when I'm talking huh?" What should I do to you then..." He said that while having the ecstacy of touching her soft cheeks.

Bai Shin Lin tried to take the large hands thats on her face however, Xiao was just too strong.

"I will leave the vase here, please feel free to use it on your convinience...however, I will not allow you to sell this. Since this is a rare vase that crafted hundred years, the value will be surprisingly high in the market. The moment I see it outside these four wall of castle , will be the time of your doom"

" Yes your hignesshhh" this time Xiao let go of her face.

"By the way...I will be out for 3 days. I'm going to the capital. Is there anything you want when I got back.?"
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(I want money for my band!!!)

That's what Bai Shin Lin's core is screaming.However, there's no way that shell gonna voice that out. It'll be improper and unladylike.

Besides she doesn't want him on her residence.

" Your highness, just your mere existence and safety on your return is far more important than any treasures in the world" what is she talking about!!! She's becoming more and more of a poet everyday. She knows how to use words really well.

Xiao patted her head and casted his flirtious gentle smile. My goodness!!! Is this prince aware of what is he doing!

"I see, either way look forward for my souvenir"

(And I say, I don't really want one, please....)


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