Naughty Princess and the Band
53 Father and Daughter Bonding
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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53 Father and Daughter Bonding

The Empire is home of abundant forestry as well as clear river water. These rare resources are what the empire is greatly taking care of.

The province of Sen is one of the places under the rule of empire located near the northern boundary. That province is govern by a duly appointed ruler of the empire. However, that province is known for ferocious bandits camping site. The thick forestry on the place serves as their hideout. It is quite known for everyone of the bandits living there and the Lord is not giving assistance to the cries of residents. It was only made to attention on the palace when Xiao, secretly investigate the area.

The Lord of the land doesn't do anything to drove the bandits either.

" Your highness, it is true that the bandits are living on the mountain of Sen. And the people living on the flat land are anxious of the probability what these bandits might do" the messenger reporting to Xiao

Xiao was pulled to deep thinking.

Lou Ren came into the room with piles of rolled papers on his hands.

" Is that for my approval again?"

" Yes milord. These came in the morning."

" I see, come back tomorrow. I haven't finish others yet" shoving him outside even if he just only arrives.

"I apologize milord but that can't be done. Remember you've been fooling around lately. After returning from the academy, I am expecting you to proceed to your duty but I didn't expect that you leisurely went over again to her lady's residence..." Lou can't help himself but sigh.

" It's not fooling around you know. I was just visiting her, nothing more and besides what's important is I am doing now my job"

"Yes yes milord." Lou Ren secretly smile seeing Xiao work up over this situation.

"By the way, do you know about the Lord of the Province Sen.I got a few unpleasant reports about him regarding his territory"

" Province of Sen? Well aside from his a good ruler of their land, the prosperity of the field their is nothing compared to others. People lives in abundance and glory of the successful harvest on the field . It is said that no poor people live there."

" If you said is true then more reason the bandits are camping there. They have a lot of treasures to steal since wealthy people live on that area. Added to the fact that, that Sen Province major road is used by the travelling merchants from the north going to the capital. They aren't simple at all just to settle on that piece of land." Xiao turn his head over the messenger who has been on the side from the beginning. " Investigate thoroughly the Lord of that land and report to me his doings. Whether he really is a good Lord or just some pretentious berdy man"

" As you wish milord" in an instant, the shadow messenger disappeared on the room leaving nothing of his presence.

Lou Ren went over him and put the papers on his table.

"Now then, Lou Ren what about the northern boundary?"
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" As you predicted milord. A lot of enemy's military are camping over the site. Some of the souldier on duty aren't even aware of their existence. From the front gate of the empire to the northern boundary is long way to thread and with their number our people can't overlook something suspicious however, they have successfully snuck over the strict code of identity from the palace front gate. They are not currently on the move however, it's a matter of time when they will attack."

" This northern soldiers are a pain on the neck. Who's responsible for the northern boundary watch?" Xiao said while pinching his temple. If this platoon leader is incompetent, he should be dismissed immeditly since he is putting every citizens half foot on the grave. On a small miscalculated move from the enemy can be a fatal loss for the empire.

" It is your brother highness, Prince Tierre."

That idiot! Tierre is his half brother from his father and a low ranking concubine. From the very beginning that child is always an idiot that causes trouble for the royal family. In the end, due to his incompetence, father decided to put him in charge on watch of the northern boundery to gain his trust on the emperor. But if this situation become a huge hit, surely the emperor won't be Linient to him anymore and would send him on the Frontline of the war.

" Ready the horses, tomorrow where going to the northern province"

" How many soldier would you like to bring your highness?"

" Pick up the most talented among the group. I prefer those whos specialty in archery."

" As you wish your highness"


Training grounds of the soldired

Bai Shin Lin decided to take his father since he just return from guarding the west bourdery of empire. It's been almost a month since she wasn't able to see him and she's excited to welcome him on his journey.

She brought with her some of her newly made snack and a hundred years old red wine which she ferociously battle Xia to summon her. She made herself presentable and put decorations on her head. She wants her to look presentable infront of his father.

"Greeting and congratulations on your safe and fruitful journey father" she courteosly bow her head to him. He offer him a seat outside under the shade of a acacia tree.

" I haven't seen you for a long time Lin'er and you've grown a lot now.I really can see your resemblance from your mother back when she was young"

Bai Shin Lin blush. Being compare to the youthful beauty of her mother, surely his father has a way to women on his prime days.

" Your flattering me father, but I thank you for your compliment. I hope that I really could grow into like mother's beauty someday"

"Hold on, your always so clingy with your mother, as I can see you inherited my eyes and nose. Don't always blurt your mother, your hurting your father's feelings dear and to point out that I am always the one nearer to you" as he said that he crack into a laughter.


She didn't expect that these man can these be cheesy sometimes.

" I'm sorry father if I hurt your feelings from now on I will make sure that I will have the thoughts of you as I do with mother."



It's awkward.

What should she say next.?

It's her first time having a talk with him because of his busy schedule and she don't want to waste an opportunity like this.

" Are your taking care of yourself Lin'er?"


" I've Never been energetic as before father. I'm a healthy strong child!!!"

She don't know the reason of it, but she saw his father's eyes twinkle in sadness. His thoughts flown somewhere.

"Ummmm, father???"

"Lin'er, don't hold yourself inside the palace, when you know your not feeling well ask immeditly for the doctor. Also, is his highness taking care of you? I know he's busy but that doesn't give a reason of not visiting his future empress. Knowing that your an important persona of this kigdom in the future. He shouldn't neglect you"

Hearing that she felt a little depressed. Well if he's talking about the prince, there's nothing to worry.He got a feeling that he's making her as an escape on his duties.

" You don't need to worry about that father...and by the way, enough of me how about you father how are you? I want to hear father's journey and battle experience on the field? How my father' fights as well ?"

" Hahaha, you really like to hear about it? It would be pretty boring for a girl though"

" It s okay father...and while we're at it, can I massage your shoulder, I may not good thought but I got taught by some palace maids by accident."

" Sure Lin'er"

On her father's approval she started to massage her fathers shoulder up to his neck while the man is busy foretelling tales of his victory on the battlefield. Their time was only consume by the little gesture and before she knows it's already late in the afternoon. If she will be ask. She doesn't want to go back yet. Her father's stories hasn't concluded then. She likes to listen to his stories. Her feelings right now is pure Bliss that she taught she was the most blessed girl in the world. She didn't have this kind of chance when she was on earth. She was loner in the past. His father is also a man that can be easily to be with. Apart from her mother, these two people is an enormous gift of all. She will treasure this little moment and carve straight into her heart. His dearest sweet father. Her love father. Her first man on his life.

Geez, this body of her is sure lucky.

It was night when she got to her residence. Upon reaching she hurriedly fell on the softness of her bed while cuddling a pillow. These day is awesome. She's feeling esctasy.

" Hey, if you got back then change your clothes already." Xia commanded her as soon as she lie down

Since she is on the good mood now, she'll pass bickering with him. She walk straight to him and energetically hugged him.

Xia was dumbfounded by his action.

"Xia!!! Thank you!!"

"Hey where does that came from"

" Nothing, I just wanna say"

She hugged him so tighly and since he is tall her feet came hanging on the ground.

"Hey! You know that I'm a man right?" Xia tried to hide his little red ear that came blushing upon this girl's sudden cuddling. Seriously, sometimes this girl forgot her decency due to her utmost trust and loyalty. And he really fear this character of hers when she went out on the world.

"But Xia has a woman's heart. Your like a menopausal mommy to me"

"What do you mean menoupausal? Even though I have a feeling that is not a compliment?"

Just for today. He'll allow her to act like that since he felt she's in super good mood.

It takes a minute until the girl withdrawn from him and immedietly went to the wash room.

What's wrong with him. Earlier his heart beat loud that he's afraid she might hear. He's suppose to like men right?

Then what about earlier?


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