Naughty Princess and the Band
54 The one who came from the beast realm
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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54 The one who came from the beast realm

Inside the inner palace. The Emperor's Residence






There are lots of snakes!!!

The whole throne room was filled with chaos when pack of poisonous snakes came crawling out of nowhere inside the room. Few soldiers who are on the area as well a the Emperor's guard tried to exterminate the wild animals but they kept on coming over and over again. Until one of them is bitten and fell hard on the ground lifeless. Instant kill! The moment you are bitten by the poisonous animal, venom immedietly flow directly to the heart causing the one bitten a cardiac arrest.

The snakes came crawling everywhere.

"WHERE did this creatures came from!!! Immedietly exterminate them.!!!" As the Emperor tried to escape the room he couldn't. It was lock from the outside. Meaning no one wants to enter the room and everyone inside is meant to die from the poisonous venom.

"Just when the Prince is not here..."

"These came because they know our Prince is not here"

" We should let him know what is happening here"

All the ministers of the emperor were also afraid and is secretly hoping some miracle that the prince might go back since he just left this morning. Above all no one can call for help outside. They were trapped inside the perilous predicament.

They knew someone plotted this from the beginning.

Just bunch of cowards doing it without the presence of the Prince.

What is more bizarre in this incident is that the snakes came crawling near the Emperor's throne. But they are not biting him. Much more like they are keeping him. Observing his every move. Threating him but not killing him.

"Someone is plotting a revolt! Someone wants the throne!" One of the ministers blurted out but when he said that, the animal jump on him and bit his neck. Instant kill! He collapses on the ground lifeless.

The whole room vibrated in terror.


Yui is off unto the prisoners den.

He's been taking care of the boy for quiet some time now. Even though she could sense that he really has no intention of warming up to her.

When she walk there earlier she felt a malignant aura in the air. As if it is signifying that something unpleasant will happen. But when she think about the prince, there's no way that those malicious aura will enter the palace.

But then the boy that she is currently taking care of begun to run amok. Circling and rampaging the area. He also became successful destroying the metal bars of the prison den then head fast to a certain direction.

"Where are you going?!" Yui came running after him.

Then the boy stop in front of the Emperor's Residence where his throne is. The door was locked so he forcely bang himself to destroy the door.

The whole scenario shows up and an unpleasant event welcome before her very eyes. The Emperor seems to be taken as hostage by a lot of snakes while lots of people who she knew was bitten piled on the ground.
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"Here you are oh great hero, please save us by this predicament and freed us in such situation." In spite of those snakes that someone guarding him, the emperor pleaded before her.

Yui came unsheating her holy sword and begun to assemble her stance. She runs off headed to the emperor trying to freed him from the clutch of dirty snakes.

"Father!!!!" a man wearing a metal armor came into the view.

" Father, I have come. I knew something like this would happen so I brought a special herb that will eventually make the snakes paralized by just sniffing through its strong mint aroma."

He is Prince Tierre, son from a low ranking concubine of the emperor. He came to save the day.

Guess, Yui is not needed anymore here.

Yui return her sword to her sheath and collected the boy who run wild earlier. If the Crown Prince would know that he escape on his prison, he might not allow her to visit him at all.

"YOU FOOL!!! Do you think I won't know these is your doing!" She was surprise by this Emperor's rebuttal. He is angry than ever before. He's eyes were like the fierce wild boar on the wild. Deadly and fearsome.

Now she knows where the Crown Prince inherited his demeanor

It is clearly from his own father.

"Father???but I came to save you this medicinal herbs will help drove this little felines out of the palace"

" Tierre I have been secretely spying on you and my informant told me that you are secretely having meet ups with a strange person. You've been busy on your schemes that you left the northern border open and now your older brother is out there to take care of your stupidity. Release these once! The snakes that you've put, I will be Linient as only taking your status as a royalty."

PrinceTierre went silent for a second.

Then for a moment burst into an evil laughter.

" You really never trusted me old man huh? You knew from the beginning that I am plotting something yet you didn't stop me. You pretended that your clueless. Do you really want to be kill by your own son? Is that what you want old man?!??"

Crazy. In front of his father how can he spout those nonsense.

"You've already put people's lives on waste. Don't stir more trouble"

" Oh, but I can't father, in fact I invited a especial guest from the beast realm. His quite famous that you will be delighted."

A man with a sharp and slanting eyes enters the room. He is clad in indigo cloak yet his skin is that same scale of the feline snakes.

"Allow me to introduce the strongest warrior of the beast realm. I just recruited him a while ago and he obidiently became my servant."

" What an atrocious ploy of conduct!"

" I'd be careful if I were you, this man is the strongest warrior of the beast realm that I wouldn't want to make enemy of. So I'm being a good son only this time and spare this insidious tragedy on the account that you'd make me the Crown Prince. These beast will become a strong source of our military strength in the future."

"Hahaha, your way far behind compare to me!!!"

As he said that, the Emperor throw his glare to Yui who is on standby mode

Yui immedietly recieve the glare and in a speed of light clashes with the strong warrior of the beast realm.


The strong blossom petals in the spring

The truths whispered within the thin lips

A promised within century pact is made

Oh maiden of the moon you curse me thy blade




Bai Shin Lin can't get her tought straight. She was composing a song for a whole night yet nothing fruitful ideas came in. For the entire time she only manages to write a 1 stanza with 4 line poem.

She was so absorb on her song that she didn't know the commotion outside. She didn't even notice the fear that engulf the whole place.

"Milady!!!Milady!!! Please escape immedietly, the palace is under attack now!" It is Maomao who came running and barge in into her absolute solitary. She was panting and running out of breath when she reach out on her.

" What is it again this time?"

"Milady, the Emperor's Residence is full of poisonous snake and it seems that they hold the emperor. It's not sake here. Those animals might crawl in here"

At this time where in the world Xia went?

Did he get tangled with the commotion outside?

Shit! She was totally absorb that she lost track of the happenings outside. Now it became even worse when Xiao is not around.

"Get away here immedietly, run as fast as you can. I'll find Xia"

"Milady, it's dangerous... "

" Okay then, you go first I'll follow you" inorder to drove Maomao off on the safe place she lied to her. First things first, she needs to find Xia.

She run the opposite of the usual route. She headed where the commotion is. And when she was about to enter, someone pulled her from behind. It was Xia pulled her.

" It's dangerous inside, the hero is currently fighting the strongest warrior of the beast realm." He informs her of the current situation. While he was talking, she notice a few drops of sweat coming from him. She taught for a while. " Did you help in fighting his minions?" She was talking about the small snakes that are everywhere.

Xia told her that no sense in killing the small creatures. They just kept multiplying whenever being killed. And their only hope is for the hero to defeat the beast alone. Also the emperor was also in an tight spot since he was being force to reinstall another crown prince. Things are gotten serious than she taught.

" Hey you say he is from the beast kingdom right?is he really that strong? Does he have any weakness?"

" If he has, we won't be in this predicament. Also, its already half an hour since the hero started to fight him and couldn't take him down still. You should find a safe place. I'll stay here and take a watch"

He said that but there's no way that she'll run away. There must be something that she can do? What is it? The hero can't hold on to him any longer. Time is a matter of importance at this moment.

Think Bai Shin Lin!

" Don't try to be the protagonist of this drama okey? Just hurry and run to the safe place. That beast is not easy to deal with..."


She can't point it out but there's something within her tongue that's been stuck.





Where's Maru?

"Xia, have you seen Maru?"

" Forget it, that child only comes and go. He can be of help today but he can't be located"

Xia is right. Maru only pops up whenever he like to.

But Bai Shin Lin has a feeling that he's only on the surrounding. Playing or observing people. And there is absolutely something that he can help him to.

And with all her might she shouted from the top of her voice

"MARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got 5 sets of battery for you!!!!"




" Great! Now give it to me" just as she taught, Maru popped out of the black portal. Bai Shin Lin shot him a hungry look like she would gonna devour him any moment.

"Where is my battery now give me--"

Maru didn't finish his sentence because he felt the poisounous aura on the area. For once he immedietly recognize the source of such energy flow. Curiosity eats him as he awaits for the details of the situation. Upon hearing, he lost in a deep tough.

Something was mix in the air.

" Can you defeat the beast Maru?" Ofcourse he can defeat him but there's no way he will fight his comrade. He decided not to fight him.

" No I can't, instead defeating the beast we should go defeating his master."

"Can you do it?"

"You do it, I'll be just your assistant" Maru pointed at Bai Shin Lin confidently. The girl was utterly in pure shock hearing his suggestion.

" Count me in " Xia presented herself.

Now then, they need a strategy how to defeat them.


Yui was blasted right straight to the wall. The opponent is too strong. She wasn't also able to scratch him since the beginning. If it comes to this, she'll exhaus herself and get killed. She was still thinking of her next defense when the beast came and smash her head onto the wall.


Her world is spinning! Shes lossing consciousness!

As the beast was about to smash her head again, the prisoner boy came like a whirlwind and instantly send the beast flying few meters. His brute strength is noncomparable. However, he collapses when a small snake bit him.

Yui felt happy when he save her earlier, but now that he was on the ground she perish the taught of him helping her.

" Do not interfere. This is not your battle..."



The door that was slightly destroyed earlier exploded cause by a massive force that has been applied. White mist can be seen along with the dusty smoke that flooding that area. Yui concentrated her eyes to the people who just entered.

There are two people. They are wearing a wierd mask among their faces. While one is walking by the other's side, the other is riding a ferocious tiger. In slow motion they evaded the center area of the room and presented their goal.

" Greetings my fair people, we are a group that fights calamity, a team that wipes chaos and your hero of all season. Ladies and gentlemen we are the SOARING DISCIPLES OF THE WHITE DRAGON!!! from the Neverland kingdom!"


Yui gape in total confusion.

Who on Earth are these people?


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