Naughty Princess and the Band
55 Friends for the better and wors
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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55 Friends for the better and wors

Maru didn't budge on her so called strategy. He knows it'll be futile to argue with her. Bai Shin Lin's plan is to head straight way and confront the enemy. A typical suicidal move considering she had think that for just a second. When Bai Shin Lin stood up at the center and announce an idiotic name which he knows she never think deeply he was never surprise at all. Somehow he knew how her behavior goes now.

Bai Shin Lin has no confidence that they'll not gonna leave unscathed. But instead of running away on the situation it's better to head the problem with positivism.

She'll just gonna think of whatever when the situation arises. Much more she seems to be the type where her ideas are coming on the verge of dire situation. With Xia on her side and Maru as her mode of transportation, she rode on him while proclaiming their goal and with the current situation is not good... the hero, Yui is pretty bang up on the wall while the Emperor lays hostage. Such a useless Emperor. Only his looks is dominant. You can't really judge a person by its book. Surely Xiao takes a lot after his mother.

Three seconds and she spotted the master of such vile beast. He's cornering Yui on the side of the wall. With his looks she kinda know that he's the villain. Bai Shin Lin called Xia to summon an arrow. Their distance from the hero and her are massively too far. It would take time to run from there and by that moment the villain will immediately make a move on them. Long distance attack is a best course of action since she needs to separate the hero and the villain.

Getting a long range bow and arrow from Xia , she straighten her position putting a lot of force on her back while aiming straight to her target.

Here goes nothing….
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But wait, does she really know how to shot an arrow? Shit. She has never touch this thing before! How can she manipulate it! She only knows the basic of it since she saw in it in t.v. But technically maneuvering it is totally different from watching the sideline. Plus she seems putting a lot of too much strength on her back.

At this point she only needs to believe in her luck. Well, if only the arrow would be friendly to her and shot her target would be a little nice.

Eyes lock on the target with the right hand pulling the end of the arrow. In an instant she let go of it and the arrow came gushing straight in front of her.

Let it shot….

Let it shot....

let it shot the target....

The arrow went straight grazes the arm of the villain.

Great! Woohooo!

When she saw that, she leap in joy. Who would have taught that she's a genius in archery! In just one try she hit her target.


When the arrow landed, the man who's choking her was separated from her. Yui regain her breath again. Whoever these people are, she's grateful to them. Not only they distracted the enemy's attention but they completely turn their attention to them.

Yui grab this chance to pick her holy sword. Then with small incantation, she recited a spell and dash forward to the enemy that controls the poisonous snakes. Now that she fully get back to herself, she will never let herself be captured again. She was just caught off guard earlier. She has never been in intense battle for a long time. Her instincts are rusting along the way.

"Damn you intruders!!!" Prince Tierre burst into his hysterical rage then his attention went to the newly arrive group. The situation earlier is on their advantage but when these group of people came as if a gash of newly found hope entered the room. They even set the situation turn on their side. Unsheathing his royal sword, he swung it and rush forward aiming to the girl who ruin his plan. He will never let his work go in vain now that he's an inch closer to his goal.

He's just a little nearer to her when he was block by a shabby looking boy with feet shackles in chains. What is his deal? Now not only he is protecting the girl, but also the beast whom she was sitting seems to be in his wild rage. His fangs are dangerously showing and his eyes where the essence of danger. One look and he seems to tremble in front of these wild beast.

"I bet you are the mastermind of these all…you seems capable of hypnotizing one of my kin. I will never let you off easily by that" Tierre's feet surrendered and he slump on the ground by too much pressure this creature is emitting. But he still could not give up. He has something on his sleeve still. A ancient liquid that brought by someone which has the effect to tame wild beasts and creatures. It' is still his last trump care. If he make this beast vow to him, no doubt he will become the most powerful and saught after in this kingdom. Not that half-brother of his.

Tierre pulled a well crafted bottle liquid on his pocket and opened the lid of it.

For humans, it will be like some sweet scented aroma but when the beasts inhales, it force absolute obedience.

Now then, lets see who will have the last laughter at the end!!!

Tierre laugh at his hear content.

Maru felt the seductive and poisonous smell and he began crumpling on the floor.

When Tierre saw that the beast was somehow weaken by the aroma, his mood lifted. As if heavens are on his side today. The girl he was carrying on his back fell down with him also.

"Maru!!!" Bai Shin Lin panic at the sight of the limping tiger in front of her. This gotta have something to do with the bottle that person opened that Maru is in this situation.

"hahahahahahah! This is my win…Now, I am the owner of that wild exotic beast. Now to test its effect…." Tierre put the lid of his bottle back since he knew the beast already inhale it. " Devour the girl infront of you and offer her head to your master"

Bai Shin Lin was flabbergasted. This piece of hysterical crazy jerk! He dares to control his friend. Seems to be like the beast snake is also under his instruction. She will not let him have his way to Maru. She'll never let it happen.

Bai Shin Lin even lean closer to the panting beast and hugged him as if she didn't care what he would do to her. Xia came in trying to pull her out but her grip was fixated. Even the young prisoner walk in and hug her. He was trying to protect her, in case the beast would bite her.

They all cramp together close to her.

But there's no way she'll break away from him.


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