Naughty Princess and the Band
56 GO! Princess Go!
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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56 GO! Princess Go!

Seeing the heart felt reunion like gathering of the three people and a beast. Prince Tierre rage in anger. "What are you doing! I said kill that woman now!" he wasn't satisfied still and even pour a liquid that make the poor beast rampage. The beast body tremble from the unbearable scent of hypnotism. Who knew how long he will last until his sanity will loose and his afraid of the result afterwards. He don't want to snap of his consciousness only to see a pool of blood.
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"Maru…" Bai Shin Lin was half trembling and half crouching beside the beast. Her heart was beating fast. She knows that this situation is no good and the moment Maru went rampage, it is the end of this kingdom.

Isn't there something she could do? Damn it! It's all because of that stupid prince…

Xia who was sitting behind her was also sweating bullets. Even his face was distorted. He knew how bad their situation was. When he saw that Maru was already on the brink of his sanity he dash backward snatching the idiotic woman from behind. Not a seconds pass Maru's roar reverberated that he could feel his eardrum releasing blood. Everyone knelt down on their knee. Even the egoistic Prince was laid on the ground.

There are people who pass out from the loud roar. Fortunately, Bai Shin Lin was still conscious.Although she's very weak and frail.

Who knew after the beast went on rampage he immediately attack his persecutor.

"ahhhhhhhh!ahhhhhh!" The prince who's been on the ground was bitten and throw 6 meters from his current position. The beast not satisfied and continuously bit the cold body. Prince Tierre's life was already gone when he was thrown. So no matter how the beast attack him his shriek can't be heard anymore.

A bloody beast with a sharp pointed teeth look around his surroundings.

There are lots of prey. Who should be his next?

The thrill of a predator looking down on his prey is the true nature of a beast.

The world is full of survival.

The weak should submit to the strong.

His eyes cast on a trembling person nearby. This is his next target.

Bai Shin Lin's eyes widen when he saw the killing aura of the beast. She couldn't help herself but to nestle behind Xia. Who, on the other hand immediately shielded her sight.

"Were all dead. He's the king of the beast. No one can stop him. Even with my ability I can't" a man next to Bai Shin Lin spoke. Although there were chains bound to his feet. It was never been an issue to this man. Rather he treated it like a few dangling decorations.

They all witness as to how the beast slowly approach a trembling man and was about to pounce when his feet was caught between a hard edge of metal. What he bitted was a sword. He look upon the person who intrude his meal.

"Although I am grateful that you killed the evil. I will not tolerate any misdeeds. Enough now" Yui came in the middle.

As expected of the hero. Bai Shin Lin taught. Taking this moment to peek at the current situation. Oh no! Would Maru be killed if he battle her? But a hero and the king beast is a pretty powerful persona? And if they fought, surely this kingdom will collapse! Who knows how many days and night they will fight but this is not good ah! Her heavenly abode was here and Maru is her talent scout! Without Him his boyband will not be complete!

"Ah don't kill him!" Bai Shin Lin shouted from her position. "You don't need to be hostile from him. He just recently saved us right? hehe. Lady hero, you are a model of righteousness. Please do not scatter more blood…"

Yui stare at her. " Do you have any plan to deal with him. He is your companion after all. I do also not want to kill him."

Well with regard to that…ofcourse Bai Shin Lin taught. But who knows if it will work. "Well…" Yui once again prattled on her.

"maybe we can try it…" She was not able to finish her sentence when Yui bounce back as far as she could. Leaving her and the beast on staring contest at each other.

If there's a way, there's a will. Worst comes to worst she'll just become a sausage to this beast. Compare to dying over a peel of banana and her sacrificing her life. A least it's worth dying like this. Shit! She should ask Xia for injection of an anesthetic drug so that she will not feeling anything once he bit her. With her taught, she unconsciously look towards Xia while gulping.

Xia look at her sympathetically but with an alertness in his eyes.

Here goes nothing...

Bai Shin Lin scoop her phone on her pocket and without averting her eyes as she look straight to the bottomless pit eyes of the beast. "Look Maru! What is this!"

With a thud. She playfully throw the phone on the air.

With a snap. She took a photo of the beast in his curious gaze.

With a swoosh. She threw the phone as far as she could.

It all happened pretty fast that the beast snap out of his daze and jump over just to catch it.

The beast landed safe and sound with the gadget on his mouth. Then he slowly put it on the ground licking it as if it was his most treasured thing in the world. Then he roared at the culprit who just made this thing almost broken. 'What the heck! Do you think this is some scrap. Damn! I'm already on level 68 and killing those zombies is not that simple. What would you do if I wont be able to enter again, my current ranking will be a wasted!"

Bai Shin Lin was dumbfounded. " You already reach level 68?! I haven't even step on the 2nd level." Shit! To loose to an ancient beast is a shame to all 21st century children!

Xia and Yui: …


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