Naughty Princess and the Band
57 The night was Dark and dangerous
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Naughty Princess and the Band
Author :laidbackprincess
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57 The night was Dark and dangerous

The two people who seems to forgot their current situation was talking as if nothing happened. Xiang Xia let out a heavy sigh upon seeing that Maru already stabilizes. However, now's not the time to leisurely talk. He went straight to Bai Shin Lin and tap her shoulder while giving her a meaningful glare.

Upon remembering their dire situation, she look at the dead body of the Prince. 'Ai evil begets evil.'

She became curious, what is his motive even attacking his own kingdom. If its jealousy surely it will not get to the point where he needed to involve an innocent passer-by. Something is amiss. Somehow, there is something that is hiding from these bottomless pit. What is their motive? Whoever he is, he is not someone to be trample upon. The incident involving memory changing a year ago also cause danger to the kingdom. And it's almost only a year since then and another event happen again.

Seems like she needs to make a trip to the cold palace this time.

"Just where are your taughts again?" Xia flip her forehead and she went back to the current situation.

Even though Maru has been stabilize but the problem about another beast is at hand. The person who controls the snake is still alive! His master has been killed. Would he retaliate then?

"Leave him be" Maru butted in. "He's been controlled out of his own will. I will bring him back to the kingdom. No need to kill him" By then before he finish his statement his body disappear and reappear in front of the person and then disappear again. At this time all the little thing crawling has gone. Cheers erupted on the whole room. As if the judgement has come and ended.

Yui return her sword to her scabbard.

Then made a gesturing vow to the Emperor and decided to leave, however just as she was about to turn she was stop.

"Renowned hero, I would like to express my gratitude to you. If not for you who knows what would happen today."

"Please do not worry your majesty. I have only live up to the expectation of my ancestors."

"No no, even though you only do what you needed to do, still I am indebted to you. Come child. Please make a request. As long as it is beyond my capacity I will make sure to do it"

While the two was immerse in their own little world. Bai Shin Lin and her group made their way out.

"Look at them, his majesty is being unfair. He's only focusing on the hero yet not acknowledging our group. Hmp! If the prince is here, he will not be biased and would extend his gratitude to us also." Xia grumble as he walk. Even his footsteps are making a loud noise rallying for the unjust they had experience.

"What of it. Clearly it was her who made all the fighting." Bai Shin Lin commented apathetically. She was deadly tired today that all he could think was to slump on her own bed.

"Do you want me to massage your back?" A man wearing chains interjected.

Bai Shin Lin,"Really? You know how to do it?"

Maru, …

Xia, "I want it also! Man, my neck hurts every morning"

The wearing chains, "okay, after the lady yours is next"

Bai Shin and Xia both triumph in happiness.

But in second they turn to the person who was talking to then as if they were just a long time comrade. They made a scrutinizing gaze to the culprit. Realizing that they are talking to the stranger.

Xia was the one who first exclaim and panic. " Who are you! How come you are following us as if you belong to our group! What is your purpose"

Maru was still playing his phone and answered. " he's been with us the whole time"


Bai Shin Lin turn to a man who has only shackles on his feet. His cloths are both rugged and scratches are all over his body. He's also a little thin and underweight.

"I mean no harm. I just want to be her lady's servant"

Xia,"Aren't you Yui's servant?"
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"I am never been anyone's servant"

Bai Shin Lin scrutinize the young lad. Somehow she could sense that he's not dangerous.

"Ah, I just only want to take a bath and relax. You can follow it you want"


Cold Palace

A lone yet beautiful person can be seen sitting near the window. It was night and there wasn't any traces of moon yet her gaze traveled far away. As if she was making something out of the darkness. Then a moment, her lips turn into a cold smile.

"So my piece has been defeated huh? Interesting. To think that it only died for that cause. I need to make a sturdy and strong one next time"


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