Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
Chapter 1571 The Xuantian Tower Appears
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Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
Author :Ordinary Magician
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Chapter 1571 The Xuantian Tower Appears

The valley master didn’t get angry. He merely indifferently said, “Right and wrong are decided by future generations. Something can be right at one time and wrong at another time. There are many different definitions.”

The valley master waved his hand, and the Daynight Furnace buzzed. Its divine runes exploded with light, causing the stars to shake. Long Chen was stunned to find that the world had frozen. He wasn’t able to move.

“Anyone who goes against the world is fated to have a bad ending. Sorry, this is the will of the heavens.”

The valley master shook his head helplessly as the Daynight Furnace grew larger until it covered the sky. Its opening shot toward Long Chen.

“The will of the heavens my ass! Our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect doesn’t give a damn about the heavens, or our Battle Skill wouldn’t be called Split the Heavens!” laughed the old man. Even in front of the valley master, he was fearless. The Heaven Splitting Blade bloomed with light and slashed toward the Daynight Furnace.


Seeing a collision of divine items that were being controlled by two peak experts, the seven bosses of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect hastily formed a protective barrier to block the shockwaves.

Divine power clashed. Space twisted so powerfully that it could tear Ancestral items apart.

Boss Bao and the others felt like their bodies would be torn apart. This pressure was actually going straight through their barrier, and their barrier only blocked about half its power.

The barrier blocked a portion of the spatial tearing pressure, but this energy was divine energy. They had to endure it with their bodies.

Even Boss Bao and the others who had already reached the Life Star realm felt immense pain. It was like their bodies were dough being kneaded by someone. However, they didn’t reveal that pain.

They were from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Even if they died, they wouldn’t turn cowardly. Even if they died, they had to bear it and even act indifferent.

What shocked them was that Long Chen was right beside the old man and was bearing even greater pressure than them, but he didn’t seem to react at all.

“That brat’s quite the badass.” Boss Bao and the others gave Long Chen a thumbs-up in their hearts. He really had guts. His expression was even more natural than theirs.

What they didn’t know was that this tearing power was essentially nothing to Long Chen. After awakening all five stars, the power of his physical body had reached a monstrous level.

As for the power of divine items, he could ignore it. Evilmoon would directly absorb it. Although Evilmoon was overly full, it knew how to cooperate with Long Chen’s act of badassery. It just treated it as a snack. Just this little bit wasn’t that bad.

The divine runes of the divine items clashed repeatedly. Huge waves rippled through space.

“Just half-step Netherpassage isn’t enough to block me.”

Yu Xiaoyun smiled coldly and extended a hand, pressing it against the Daynight Furnace. Its power grew explosively, and the old man shook. He was actually forced back. The space beneath his feet crunched.

The old man was actually suppressed, shocking Boss Bao and the others. Just as they were going to interfere, Long Chen slashed Evilmoon into the Daynight Furnace.

“You fuckers, I can’t eat anymore, but you keep sending yourselves to me! Why didn’t you come earlier?!” raged Evilmoon.

Due to consuming the energy of the blood gourd, it had no more space to devour more energy. Seeing such pure divine energy right in front of it but unable to devour it, it was going crazy.

It was like someone starving who had eaten several huge bowls of rice and couldn’t eat anymore was suddenly shown a luxurious feast of fish and meat.

Long Chen might have exhausted practically all his spiritual yuan, but his physical strength was extremely terrifying. Veins bulged on his arms as he resisted with just his physical body.

Yu Xiaoyun’s pupils narrowed. This was definitely extraordinary. Long Chen was actually using physical strength to block divine energy. That was not a kind of power a human should possess. Long Chen had to have some kind of secret.

Even Yu Xiaoyun was surprised. Long Chen was merely a brat who had just stepped into the Soul Transformation realm. However, the strength of his physical body could only be described as terrifying.

The two of them joining hands managed to block Yu Xiaoyun’s attack, but Yu Xiaoyun snorted and pressed his other hand against the Daynight Furnace.

The Daynight Furnace grew larger, and its divine energy exploded like a volcano.

BOOM! Long Chen’s arms almost exploded. His flesh was torn apart, and he was sent flying. That burst of power had been too great, and even his physical body was unable to block it.

The old man was also sent flying. Yu Xiaoyun was simply too powerful.

Yu Xiaoyun stood in the air, his eyes closed. He was forming hand seals and chanting some kind of mysterious scripture.

Chanting filled the air. The Daynight Furnace began to quiver like an ancient beast was slowly awakening within it.

Yu Xiaoyun suddenly opened his eyes. Looking at Long Chen, he indifferently said, “This is over.”

The Daynight Furnace, which had been revolving in the air, suddenly became still. It shot toward Long Chen and the old man. It wasn’t particularly fast, but there was a black streak left in its path.

“The void is exploding!” Startled cries rang out. The void was crumbling wherever the Daynight Furnace went. That was a scene of the end of the world.

“Child, get away. I’ll show you what it truly means to split the heavens.”

The old man pushed Long Chen into the distance. All the Heaven Splitting Blade’s runes slowly lit up.

“Old man, don’t!” Seeing the old man’s posture, Boss Bao and the others all cried out. They knew what that form meant.

That was the ninth form of Split the Heavens, the very peak of it. However, it wasn’t something the old man could unleash in his current realm.

Let alone the ninth form, even the eighth form wasn’t something he could control. What he was doing was igniting his Yuan Spirit to forcefully unleash it and bring down his opponent with him.

Just as Boss Bao and the others were about to charge forward and stop him, a pillar of light descended from the sky. Long Chen and the others’ visions changed as they found themselves ten thousand miles away.

Long Chen raised his head in shock to see that at some unknown time, an ancient mirror had appeared above them.

“The Reincarnation Mirror!”

Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted. He recognized that mirror. It was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s divine item, the Reincarnation Mirror.

Just after Long Chen and the others were brought away, in the distance, the void exploded. A huge black hole appeared in the air.

That black hole was like a gaping maw, crazily devouring everything present. It was thousands of miles wide.

Sand and stone flew up from the ground. Huge boulders rolled toward the black hole and then flew into the air once they were closer.

People hastily looked over in shock as they fled. They were afraid of being sucked in. They could feel that the black hole was extremely terrifying. Being sucked in signified death.

The ground beneath it sank as it absorbed more and more earth. It was like it wanted to suck in the entire world.

Fortunately, the black hole rapidly shrank. In just a few breaths, it vanished, leaving behind a huge hole in the earth. It was like some giant beast had taken a bite out of it.

The black hole vanished and space returned to calm. However, where it had been, there was someone new standing in front of a divine tower.

“The Xuantian Tower!” Long Chen immediately recognized that tower as the Xuantian Dao Sect’s core divine item, the Xuantian Tower.

The Reincarnation Mirror above Long Chen’s head revolved. Countless figures flew out of it, with the person at the front being the Xuantian Dao Sect’s current Xuan Master, Li Tianxuan.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, your ability at causing trouble grows ever greater. You are the pride of my Xuantian Dao Sect,” laughed Li Tianxuan.

“He’s the pride of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.” The old man glanced at Li Tianxuan with some dissatisfaction.

“Hahaha, you’re right. He’s the pride of your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.” Li Tianxuan simply smiled. He understood the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s temper far too well and knew not to compete with them. He arrived in front of Long Chen and patted him on the shoulder. “Things must have been hard on you. However, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s bitter days end here. No one will dare to bully the Xuantian Dao Sect again.”

Long Chen was about to speak when Wang Zhen, Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Mu Qingxuan, Su Mo, and the others rushed over.

Seeing them, Long Chen was delighted. When he had first returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect and seen its destruction, he had been filled with pain, thinking that they were all dead. Seeing that his comrades that had fought through life and death with him were still alive, he was incomparably moved.

The Dragonblood Legion also cheered and hugged these brothers of theirs. They all felt like it had been a lifetime since they had seen each other.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, including Wang Zhen, Hua Shiyu, and the others, were all touched looking at this scene.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s arrival caused an uproar on the other side. Wasn’t the Xuantian Dao Sect destroyed? How could they appear again? Just what had happened?

At this time, in front of the majestic Xuantian Tower, there was an elder that Long Chen didn’t recognize. That elder looked calmly at the valley master, not saying a word.

“Who would have thought that the Xuantian Dao Sect would be so patient? So you were actually hiding a Netherpassage expert.” The valley master narrowed his eyes slightly, but his voice was still indifferent.
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