Noctis Noir
1 Prologue
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Noctis Noir
Author :Papina
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1 Prologue

5th of May 2016.

That was the day humanity discovered records of advanced knowledge within the ruins of what was believed to be the lost city of Atlantis. Once deciphered, they found that these records contained one important point: it was possible to use binary code to create an independent space or a separate dimension, objects, and even living creatures within that space.

Once the knowledge was made accessible to the public, a new breed of programmers called "super developers" emerged. These super developers used the newfound knowledge to create worlds, solving problems such as poverty and hunger. Humanity gave up on moving to mars and instead moved to these worlds. The possibilities were limitless. Creation was only possible within the independent space, so the real world remained physically unchanged except for the large decrease in population.

In those artificially created independent spaces, the super developers were viewed as gods. After all, being a super developer required a highly specialized skill set that could only be achieved by years of training and a rather high intelligence quotient.

One day, a certain avid gamer and super developer by the name of M.K. began to work on creating a world resembling a typical massive multiplayer online role playing game. He named it Aries. With the player's safety in mind, he meticulously programmed the world's laws and made sure it was a place players could live comfortably in for days. Aries was a dream come true for gamers.

Upon the completion of Project Aries, the world of game development was never the same again.

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    《Noctis Noir》