Noctis Noir
11 Temple Maze
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Noctis Noir
Author :Papina
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11 Temple Maze

Lyria herself decided to do some training. She knew she would have to compete during the team battles, so she had to raise her level before that happened. Leveling up alone as a full support priestess was a huge challenge because the build was designed for parties. Nevertheless, she still attempted to train alone.

Lyria cast Holy Arrow on the kobold warrior coming towards her. It died after three hits. She drank a regular blue potion to replenish her mana.

"You seem to be working hard, Lyria," Lyngvi suddenly appeared beside her. "It's been a while. How are you?"

She was surprised to find Lyngvi there. "I'm doing well. And you?"

"Training as well. Is your guild participating in the event?"

"Yes. We are."

"Looking forward to seeing you there then." He paused. "Hey, I'm going inside the temple maze, would you like to join me? You can level up faster there."

Lyria nodded. "I'd love to!"

Lyngvi was pleased to hear her response. "Wonderful. Let's go."

They both walked to the entrance of the Lamia Temple Maze, a level 70 dungeon with a lamia boss monster at the bottom floor. It was a favorite among players because the monsters there sometimes dropped rare cards and crafting materials. It was Lyria's first time inside.

"Stay near me, Lyria. The monsters here are strong. They can kill you with one hit," Lyngvi warned.

Lyria nodded and cast buffs on Lyngvi.

The first wave of monsters spawned. Lyngvi drew out his sword and began fighting. They barely damaged him because of his extremely high defense. Lyria stared in amazement. Right after Lyngvi defeated that first wave, Lyria's level increased by three.

"Great exp here, right?" Lyngvi looked back at her and smiled. "Let's go left."

They continued walking. Lyria felt a little useless because Lyngvi didn't seem to need any supporting at all. She shrugged. At least he was enjoying her buffs.

When they reached the second area, Lyria spotted a familiar face. She was shocked to see Pio fighting a monster alone using just a mace. Pio cast the spell Ebullience, which heals players standing under the area of effect. Pio's health never fell below half thanks to the healing spell.

"What's wrong, Lyria?" Lyngvi asked, wondering why his companion suddenly stopped walking.

"It's my friend who's a full support priestess," Lyria replied without taking her eyes off Pio.

"Ah, that girl from Black Rose? I see her here sometimes. I think she's farming for cards. "

Lyria watched in amazement as Pio broke the stereotype of full support priests. It was the first time she saw that sort of fighting style.

"Her master fought the same way too. It really breaks the stereotype of full support priests, right?" Lyngvi said and glanced at Lyria.

For those playing as priests, there were usually two routes: full support or battle priest. Full support priests invested all their skill points on healing spells and buffs, while battle priests invested the points on the set of holy attacks available to priests. Lyria and Pio were both full support priests, investing most status points on Intelligence.

Pio noticed Lyria staring at her. "Lyria!" She stopped fighting and waved happily.

"Pio! Don't get distracted!" Lyria shouted.

"Oh, sorry. I got excited." She went back to fighting and cast the Ebullience spell again. After the monster was dead, Pio ran to Lyria.

"This is the first time I saw you fight. You're amazing, Pio!"

Pio blushed. "Thanks."

"I never thought full support priests could fight like that."

"I just copied Yaya's fighting style. She deserves the credit. If you want, I can give you some tips." Pio noticed Lyngvi standing behind her. "I see you're with someone right now. Maybe later."

"Why don't we party together?" Lyngvi offered. "I'd like to learn some of your techniques myself even though I can't apply them."

"You're not busy are you, Pio?" Lyria asked.

"I was just farming for cards to sell. I'll go with you." Pio cast buffs on Lyria. "Where to?"

"This way." Lyngvi led the way to where the water snakes spawned. "Feel free to take the drops." He began attacking the snakes.

Pio faced Lyria. "Alright, Lyria. As the party's healer and the only one who can cast resurrect, you have to do your best not to die. There are times when you'll get mobbed by monsters, so if you're saving up on potions, the best option is just to melee." She showed her the mace she was using. "This mace is actually for all job classes. I use general weapons instead of class specific ones because they have more attack. To make up for the lack of a magic attack boost, you use cards. Use the best cards out there."

Lyria nodded. "Understood."

"Now, while fighting, cast Ebullience under your feet, so it will do the healing for you. Make sure you max out that skill so it will last longer and have a stronger healing effect." Pio attacked a water snake and cast Ebullience. After she defeated the snake and picked up the loot, she walked back to Lyria. "That's all there is to it, really. Did you get that?"

Lyria nodded. "Yes. Thanks for the tips, Pio!"

"Try it out when you're fighting lower level monsters. This place is too dangerous to test it out at your current level."

"Let's get her to level 60," Lyngvi suggested. "At least then she'll have better survivability in this dungeon."

Pio nodded. "Alright." She fought another water snake, bashing it with her mace.

Lyria sat at a safe area and watched them fight. She focused her attention on Pio, watching her timing closely. She couldn't wait to test out the new techniques she learned.

Suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the dungeon. "Pio, my love!"

Pio's face immediately turned pale. "Oh no."

"Who's that?" Lyngvi asked.

"It is I, Dick Gaylord! The guildmaster of Hot Spicy Crabs." When he appeared before them, he flipped his cape to give it a dramatic effect and did a weird pose. Lyria couldn't believe there was someone who rivaled Amelie's 'coolness'.

"Umm... Nice name," Lyria said awkwardly.

Gaylord was a level 95 knight who led the small guild named after his favorite dish, Hot Spicy Crabs. People knew him as the 'peacock guy' because of the strange peacock-like headgear he wore. He liked wearing it for the sake of fashion even though it barely gave any good status bonuses.

He was also madly in love with Black Rose's Pio.

"Oh, Pio. It must be destiny that you and I met here in this dungeon!" He did a twirl and stopped in front of the priestess. "Do you not think so too?"

What's with this guy? Lyria thought, and so did every other player in the dungeon who witnessed the event.

"Hello, Gaylord." Pio obviously looked embarrassed to be everyone's center of attention.

"Will you come be my support, Pio? As I face a fierce battle with the fearsome Lamia, will you stay at my side and tend to my wounds?"

"Why don't we go with everyone?" Pio turned to look at Lyria and Lyngvi with an 'I beg of you. Please help me' face.

"She's partying with us right now," Lyngvi said.

Gaylord frowned. "Oh. I didn't know you had company. Very well, if my dear Pio requests it, then I shall go with everyone else too."

The rest looked at each other before adding Gaylord to the party.

"Let us go!" Gaylord led the way.

"Pio, how did you attract such a strange guy?" Lyria whispered to her friend.

"He just saw me and immediately started following me around."

"He is strange, but quite amusing," said Lyngvi.

Gaylord suddenly tripped and fell, making a girly scream. After a few seconds, he rolled and did a pose on the floor. "I meant to do that. Were you surprised?"

He's so lame! Pio and Lyria thought in unison.

"We're almost at the entrance. Prepare yourselves," Lyngvi warned.

"Yeah. What he said," Gaylord said as he got up and dusted the dirt off his mantle.

"Lyria, please stay right here. The Lamia has a powerful area of effect skill, so don't get near. Just heal us from this spot."

Lyria nodded. "Got it."

"I'll fight with you," said Pio.

"My dear Pio, you should stay in a safe area too and heal from there. I wouldn't want you hurt! You should leave the fighting to the swordsmen." Gaylord had an exaggerated worried look on his face.

His words irritated Pio a bit. "I can handle myself. Don't worry."

"But Pio!"

Lyngvi laughed. "Just let her fight, Gaylord."

Before Gaylord could say anything back, water spears came flying their way and split the group apart as they dodged the attack.

Pio shouted, "We have to stay close by! My Ebullience spell can't heal all of us if we're this far apart."

Lyngvi nodded. "Everyone, run to the middle!"

"Haa..!!" Gaylord charged forward towards the Lamia boss.

"What is he doing!?" Lyria's mouth dropped in disbelief. "He's going to get himself killed!"
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    《Noctis Noir》