Noctis Noir
62 Celebrity Interview
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Noctis Noir
Author :Papina
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62 Celebrity Interview

"We're here with the singer and actor Vi for an exclusive interview!" The host on the old recording of a TV segment said with vigor. Behind her were screaming fans who couldn't hold back their excitement when Vi appeared.

Vi looked very happy on camera. During the time of the interview, his acting career was just taking off. They were at the premier of his new movie Trust You, where he played as a loyal demon butler. He was a fresh new face in the industry, looking so pure and ready to work hard to meet everyone's expectations. Of course, companies would jump at the opportunity of attaining this asset who shone bright with potential.

"I'm honestly quite surprised to receive fan mail from all over the world. Thank you for all these messages!" He bowed politely.

"So, Vi, how did it feel to have your first concert here in this city?" asked the host.

"I was actually quite nervous for a few days right before the concert! When I got up on stage, I saw everyone so enthusiastic and cheering me on. That made me loosen up and enjoy myself. It was truly a great night. Thank you for the opportunity!" He did another polite bow.

"What do you do during your free time?"

He looked a little embarrassed. "I just sleep until the afternoon during my days off. I'm usually very exhausted from work. Sometimes, I go to the movies and watch alone."

"What type of girl do you like?"

He laughed at the question. "My ideal type of girl would be someone who can cook, especially my favorite curry."

"What message would you like to leave to everyone watching this right now?"

"Everyone, thank you for all the support! I hope you will enjoy watching Trust Me and my upcoming works. My album is also now on sale at YTunes. Please check it out!"

"And that concludes our short interview with Vi! It's about time to enter the cinema for the premier of Trust You!"

Vi started out as member of a dance group before meeting this famous producer who helped him release his first single. Lyria had been his fan even before he went solo. She was proud to see him make it all the way to the top, but at the same time disappointed that his time in the pressuring world of entertainment destroyed a part of him. Would things have been different if he hadn't become famous worldwide?

Lyria switched to another interview, which took place right around the time when artificial world development was starting to gain popularity.

The interviewer asked the first question, "So Vi, what do you think about these artificial worlds?"

Vi laughed nervously. "They're definitely a step forward for humanity. I saw how some people are using it to help others get better living conditions. I really admire those people. However, I'm also a bit afraid for humanity. Where will this all lead? Will this cause the death of our current culture? Everything is moving so rapidly. We're entering a new era. It's hard to say how things will be like from now on."

"Do you think you'll end up living in one of the artificial worlds one day?"

He smiled. "Maybe. Who knows? If it's a good place to live in, why not?"

"Would you still continue your career if that happened?"

"It would be great if I could. I still want to keep doing this for a long time." He glanced at a camera and gave the audience a bright smile. "I don't know how movie or song production will be like over there, but I hope I can make something like Trust You again."

His last movie didn't become popular. This was probably because it was released around the time Aries and a few other artificial worlds had just been released. The audience's attention was just elsewhere. In the end, only a few loyal fans went to see it, including Lyria.

The movie being unpopular didn't seem like a big deal to outsiders, but it was a huge failure for the company. They put in a lot of budget into the film. It was an ambitious project. They were supposed to rake in millions and win plenty of awards that year, but it never happened.

All because of these artificial worlds.

It didn't just stop there. The entertainment industry fell apart with less people living in the real world. Some companies managed a compromise by continuing their work within several artificial worlds, while others just declared bankruptcy and shut down.

Lyria switched to another actress' interview. This time, it was the famous actress Ileanna who also starred in a TV series with Vi. Ileanna was a beauty with wave permed light blonde hair and a slender physique that reminded Lyria of the elegant high elves in fantasy worlds. She was known for playing foxy characters onscreen.

She was also someone Lyria and the other girls knew personally. Lyria glanced at the group photo on her desk. There were nine girls in the photo, including Ileanna. Before artificial worlds came out, the girls in the photo often hung out together at school. Eventually, they went on separate ways. Astrid, Lyria, Amelie, and Luna stuck together in Aries while the rest went off on their own. Lyria waited for the day when all of them would finally reunite.

"Miss Ileanna, what made you decide to take a break from your acting career?" asked the interviewer.

"Producing any movie at this time is really difficult with the mass migration of people to these worlds. Where will we find an audience for our shows? I think it's best to just wait until everything settles," replied the actress.

"Which artificial world will you be going to?"

Ileanna gave a bewitching smile. "I'm not telling. Figure it out on your own."

Lyria had no idea where Ileanna was either. She didn't tell anyone about her whereabouts, even her closest friends Luna and Amelie. It had been months since anyone heard from her.

Lyria was starting to get a picture of Lyngvi's situation, which was also shared by other celebrities. She decided to take a break and go see what Astrid and Luna were up to.
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    《Noctis Noir》