Noctis Noir
94 Dearest Sister
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Noctis Noir
Author :Papina
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94 Dearest Sister

Wen and the rest of the team waited at the far end of the hallway while remaining hidden. Once he saw Yaya exiting the prison alone and walking calmly down the hallway, he immediately knew something was wrong.

It was only a matter of seconds when he received a message from Frisk.

"Wen, Yaya locked Jas and Sphinx in a jail cell. Their abilities are disabled inside. They can't get the door open," said Frisk. "They also said to look out for another player named Christina who guards the prisons. There is a 2nd prison. That might be where other players are kept."

Luna's eyes widened at the mention of Christina's name.

"Thanks. Tell them we're on our way," said Wen.

"I'll get them out," Luna volunteered.

"Alright. Alert us if something goes wrong."

"Got it." Luna stealthily moved towards the prison door while having

"Li Yuan and I can scout for the second prison," Ileanna said.

Wen shook his head. "We need to stick together for now until we get a clear idea of the number of enemies in this castle. I don't want to risk us getting overwhelmed and captured."

Li Yuan suddenly threw a dagger at an eye plant hanging from the ceiling. The eye fell and landed on the floor. "I think I figured out what the poet meant by 'eyes that hide'. That might be their means of surveillance."

Ileanna's eyes widened. "Did they notice Luna?"

"Luna was invisible, but I have a feeling that their eye cameras are immune to invisibility."

Ileanna cursed. She stayed on the lookout for the eyes and shot every eye plant she saw.

"That's probably going to alert them of our location," Alice said awkwardly with a sweat drop.

"We need to move fast after Luna comes out with Jas and Sphinx." Wen prepared himself for enemies to appear and investigate the eyes.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps. As the footsteps neared, the one making them became visible under the glow of the torches lighting the dark hallway. It was none other than Christina, dressed in her best silver armor. She bent down to examine the eyes the littered the hallway. After she was satisfied with her investigation, she stood up and walked towards the prison.

Wen wasted no time in informing Frisk. "Alert Luna. Someone is going towards the prison."


"Miss Luna, there is someone headed there. Hide quickly."

"What!?" Luna was in panic. "Dang! This thing is tighter than Astrid's hold on her safebox full of gold." She cursed as she struggled with opening the jail cell door. After she ran out of ideas, she readied her fist and delivered a powerful blow on the lock. It was enough to bend it and force it open.

"What do we do!? We can't go out that same way!" Jas was also in panic.

"There's a second exit here. Follow me," Potato said and hurriedly led the way. The rest ran behind her.

By the time Christina reached the jail, all that was left was a broken door and an empty cell. She sighed and contacted Yaya through her menu tablet, "Hey. Your little prisoners broke free. Help me out here."

"Oh my. I shouldn't have underestimated them," Yaya replied from the other line.

"Don't blame me if I accidentally slaughter them."

Christina ended the call and ran to the second exit. When she left the prison and entered another long hallway, she saw four people running. She raised her arm and used an earth mage skill to summon a thick wall that separated Luna and Sphinx from Jas and Potato.

"Sphinx! No!" Jas turned back and shouted desperately. She attempted to destroy the wall with her own attacks, but it was unbelievably thick and sturdy. She couldn't leave Luna and Sphinx under the mercy (or the lack of it) of Christina.

"Jas, keep running. We'll... catch up. Rescue the other prisoners!" Sphinx shouted from the other side. It was clear in his voice that he was uncertain about whether he would survive or not. After all, Christina hated him with a passion.

"You better stay alive, you idiot!" Jas shouted before running. "Promise me we'll hang out again. All of us Black Rose core members eating Pio's sweet potatoes!"

"Yeah. Yeah. I promise."

Luna had her sword ready. If it was a fight to the death, she was prepared for it.

Christina merely laughed at their exchange. "What a surprise seeing you here alive, dear brother. I thought you died along with the other weak players."

"Heh. I see your eagerness to see me dead hasn't changed, dear sister." Sphinx folded his arms.

Christina's eyes landed on Luna. "And look who's here. I was hoping you were dead as well."

"You're never going to have friends if you keep hoping for people's deaths, dear sister," said Sphinx.

"Oh? Are you giving me some brotherly advice?" She looked offended.

"To be honest, I liked you better when you were younger and not evil."

Luna observed their sibling bickering awkwardly.

Christina raised her sword. "Anyway, neither of you are going past me, especially not you, brother. Do you think I'll let you run along and play hero for your little damsel in distress? I'm surprised you'd do so much for a stranger but not for your own sister."

Sphinx was silent.

"Where were you when things got bad at home? You just left! You abandoned me and our parents. What kind of big brother are you?"

Sphinx sighed. "Listen, Christina. I'm sorry about what happened in the past. I didn't know what else to do. Things were driving me crazy at home."

"Enough excuses! I hate you! I'll never forgive you." Christina's emotions were getting out of control. She was surrounded by glowing light, power fueled by her rage for her brother. Her eyes told Luna that she really meant to kill Sphinx.

"Sphinx! Look out!" Luna pushed Sphinx away and held up her shield to deflect the attack.

"Humph. Not bad for your reflexes." Christina readied her next attack. "Just know, Sphinx, that today's outcome is the consequence of your actions. I became like this because of you!"

"I never told you to become a coldblooded murderer!" Sphinx shouted.

"Shut up!" Christina tried to punch him.

Sphinx dodged in time, but wasn't able to regain his footing in time for the next blow. He was sent flying to the wall. He collapsed in pain from the collision.

Luna couldn't stand it any longer. A few more heavy blows and Sphinx would meet his end. There was no way she would allow the slaughter of another friend. She stood in between Christina and Sphinx.

"Out of my way, Luna! This has nothing to do with you," Christina angrily shouted.

"Yes it does! Sphinx is my friend and you're trying to kill him!" Luna held up her shield. "Girl, you're going to have to get past me if you want to land another hit on him!"

"How pathetic! Defended by a girl. Can't you fight on your own, dear brother?" Christina taunted him.

"I really don't want to fight my own sister to the death," Sphinx said as he forced himself up slowly and wiped the blood off his cheek.

"Sphinx, make a run for it. I'll hold Christina," Luna whispered.

Sphinx was surprised. "Are you sure? It's dangerous alone."

"Rescue the poet before anything bad happens to her."

Christina charged in to attack. Luna instinctively punched the ground and sent a shock wave that made Christina lose balance and fall backwards.

"NOW!" Luna shouted.
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    《Noctis Noir》