Noctis Noir
117 Magnus and a Game of Chess
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Noctis Noir
Author :Papina
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117 Magnus and a Game of Chess


Epsilon yawned after she announced her victory over Magnus at a game of chess. It was Magnus who was so eager to play against her thinking he could beat her at chess, but he was wrong. Even at chess, Epsilon won against him, eating all his pieces until he only had a pawn left to defend the king.

"What!?" Magnus was shocked by the results. It wasn't the outcome he was expecting.

"Better luck next time, Maggie." Epsilon ate the last of her bowl of noodles.

"I demand a rematch!"

"I can't. I have to do some chores at my family's noodle restaurant. See you." Epsilon stretched before leaving the park.

Ever since Aries was temporarily closed, the local park was their favorite hangout spot because of the outdoor cafe. They could just sit, drink, and chat to pass the time. That day, it was only Epsilon and Magnus.

Magnus followed her all the way to the restaurant. "Razette Epsilon! If you finish your chores, you'll have a rematch with me, right?"

Epsilon turned around. "Huh? Oh, yeah sure. And stop following me like a stalker."

They both entered the noodle restaurant. Epsilon started lazily tidying the floor with a broom.

"So this is your chore?" Magnus also grabbed a broom and started sweeping madly to get the cleaning done in half the time. Epsilon gave him a confused stare as he polished the store to perfection as if it were a prized museum relic. By the end of it, the floor was sparkling like a brand new chandelier. Epsilon could even see her own reflection.

"Gaylord would love this floor," Epsilon commented.

"There! The floor is clean! Now you can have a rematch with me!" Magnus returned the broom.

"Not yet. The plants in front of the house need watering too."

Magnus grabbed the watering can. "I'll get it done fast." He rushed outside to water every plant. After a few minutes, he returned. "There! I watered all of them! Now we can finally..."

"I still need to get some vegetables chopped ahead." Epsilon removed the vegetables from the fridge.

Magnus rolled up his sleeves and donned a white apron. He picked up a knife and chopping board from the counter. "Leave this to me," he said with the face of seriousness and culinary expertise.

"Uhh... Ok." Epsilon sat back and watched as he chopped the vegetables flawlessly with the passion and vigor of a master chef on television. She was enjoying the free labor.

"Behold! The chopping is complete! And now--"

"I need to make broth too."

Magnus' jaw dropped, his mouth looking like a surprised pikachu's. Epsilon shrugged.

"Humph. Very well." Magnus donned a chef hat and cracked his knuckles. "Let's make some broth."

Epsilon totally didn't need to chop the vegetables and make broth. She was just hungry for noodles and wanted to take advantage of the free labor. She was pleased with the work of her new kitchen slave.

Magnus channeled his culinary energy into his magical cooking hands. With his power and enthusiasm for a rematch with Epsilon, he created the most delicious broth he ever made in his entire life. He even seasoned it a little like a salt bae. Epsilon gave him an applause.

As they were in the middle of cooking, Epsilon's parents entered the store. Epsilon wasn't expecting them to arrive so soon. They said they would be busy convincing suppliers to lower the price and negotiating with their black market contacts.

"My, who is this young man helping with the cooking?" Epsilon's mother was impressed by his initiative to help her daughter with the cooking. She was often critical of the young men after her daughter, but a man who could cook was a definite plus for her.

Her father tested the broth. "A fine quality broth." He approved of Magnus' cooking skills.

"The floor is sparkling! Did you help with the cleaning too? Razette never made it this clean before!" Her parents became even more amazed.

Magnus bowed to both of them. "Mr. and Mrs. Epsilon, I would like your permission to have a chess rematch with your daughter."

"How polite!" Her parents were impressed by Magnus' manners.

Behind them was Epsilon with blazing eyes that sent Magnus the message: "What the hell are you trying to do?"

"You two go on right ahead with your chess game. If you'd like, please come over for dinner tomorrow," said Epsilon's mom. Epsilon herself was shocked to see her mom act nicely towards Magnus.

"Thank you very much for the kind invitation, Mrs. Epsilon. I will gladly accept your generous offer of dinner if your daughter agrees to it," replied Magnus like a gentleman.

Epsilon was making a big NO sign.

Her mom completely ignored her. "Of course Razette agrees to it! We'll see you tomorrow night."

Epsilon did a face palm.

"I am looking forward to it." Magnus smiled at her mom before he and Epsilon left the Oodle Noodle shop.

Epsilon was looking like an evil witch ready to curse Magnus for eternity.

"So, can we do the rematch now, Razette Epsilon?" Magnus asked.

"Rematch... Yes. I'll make sure that it's a rematch you'll never forget." Her piercing dark gaze sent shivers down Magnus' spine. She grabbed him by the collar and marched down to the park where she mercilessly beat him at chess ten more times.
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    《Noctis Noir》