Primordial Chaos God Inheritance
7 〖Violet Tiger〗
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Primordial Chaos God Inheritance
Author :Fukibito
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7 〖Violet Tiger〗

~January 10, x777~

Rin is traversing the lushy unnamed forest, with large trees around him and two-meter tall grasses. The ancient feeling that the vines are emitting and the strangely quiet atmosphere around him made him even more vigilant than be relaxed.

In a deep forest like this one, especially on the inner regions, it was really a bad thing for one to lose their vigilance as danger might appear any minute. Rin is walking slowly, steady and firm, his eyes is scanning his surroundings with his sense on full alert.

He does not want to become a food for any beast and he had no plan on becoming one. It had already been three days since he first started his journey and from the first day he had ever set his foot in the inner region of the forest, he can already feel a lot of eyes staring at him.

Beasts will be pouncing at him from time to time, this made Rin become very vigilant and ever since the day he had came her he had not put his guard off even in the slightest bit. Even when he is asleep, he will still be spreading his senses from afar so that any suspicious movement will be detected by him instantly.


A violet streak of light suddenly shot towards Rin, he become alerted immediately as he jumped backwards to dodge this violet light.


When it landed, Rin saw what that violet streak of light was. It was a rank C beasts known for its speed and very cruel nature. The Violet Tiger.

It had a body covered completely with violet fur, it had a large body of about two meters in height and mostly three-meters in length. But its body mass seems to be not affecting its speed judging by its dramatic entrance from earlier.

If Rin was slower, he would have been split into two by now. Rin looked at the tiger in front of him with a serious expression on his face.

Although he had already been against a lot of beasts they were only mostly rank E or D. He was not sure whether he will be able to defeat this rank C Violet Tiger in front of him. It is known that even rank B mages will still have a hard time fighting it alone.

It had great speed, sharp claws and most importantly, it is an intelligent beast that knows how to read its opponents movement. So the best way to hunt a Violet Tiger was to kill it instantly or else suffer the most gruesome death they could even think of.

Rin never thought that he would be encountering a Violet Tiger just as he started his journey, he felt really unfortunate to meet one. But that didn't scare him even the slightest bit, even though he is worried that he might not be able to kill it easily.

He is still confident in his skills that he will be able to kill it, a little bit barely of course and also sustaining some injuries.

The two of them stared at each other for several minutes. The Violet Tiger was eyeing Rin like he was a dead man, it had already thought that Rin will be its dinner. It had not even though the possibility that Rin is a dangerous one and should not be underestimated.

Rin didn't wait for it to move as he was the first one to initiate the attack, he used [Fire Bullets] towards it. He was not hoping much from those bullets as he already knew that it would be easily dodged by the Violet Tiger.

The Violet Tiger easily dodge it, then it was enrage and turns into a streak of violet light and shoots towards Rin. Rin saw this and took out a sword from his space storage, it was a one-meter long sword that have a silver shine on it's blade. Although it was only made of an ordinary iron, it was enchanted by his magic which makes it sharper and more durable.

He had also learn a sword technique which was called Sixty-Four Azure Strikes. The reason that it was called the Sixty-Four Azure Strikes is that the strength lies unto the number of strikes received by the opponent.

It is a special technique that amplifies the attack every time it hit the target. For someone to reach the sixty-fourth strike, one must have the power of a god for them to receive it. If not, then even their soul will not be left.

Rin's sword then glowed with azure light, he swing it towards the incoming violet light. When it collided, it sent the violet light flying towards a tree.


When the violet light hit the tree is then transformed back to a Violet Tiger, but there was not a visible wound on it's forehead. It was not too deep since Violet Tigers are known for also having a hard skin.

That is the reason while even rank A mages wish not to encounter this annoying beast. But despite all of that, another thing to take note of is that it had one of the most delicious meat. Which is widely sought after but have no stable supply because of the difficulty of finding and killing one.

Rin really wants to have a taste with this beast's meat and see if it is really like what the rumors says. Just thinking about it made him already drooling, he is now more determine to kill this beast fast before it starts to adapt to his fighting style.

He used [Blink] and appeared directly in front of the tiger, with a swing of his sword he aimed it on its neck. Since it was still dizz because of the impact from the tree and because Rin move so fast and did not make any noise, the tiger didn't noticed the incoming blade.

Before it even realize what was going on, its head was already flying on air as it spins while spurting blood like a fountain. Rin hurriedly moved away to avoid getting soaked from blood, even though he had a lot of clothes inside his [Space Storage].

"It was not that hard as I expected it would be." Rin thought to himself.

He then waved his hand and the tiger's corpse disappeared as it was not safely stored in his [Space Storage]. Rin was very hapy with this skill of his which was very convenient, just like what had Mira said, it was very easy for him to carry a lot of things everywhere he goes.

"I should leave here. The battle from earlier must have attracted a lot of attention." With that, he quickly run away from this location and continued to moved towards the inner region of the forest.

Although the battle between him and the Violet Tiger was only short, it had still attracted a lot of beast's attention. Especially the magic fluctuations in the air which will cause any sensitive beast to sense it.

Rin's training was just beginning and he knows that he will encounter something much stronger than what he had encountered today. All he hope is that he can survive and become stronger so that he will be able to return fast and unite with Mira and the others.


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