Psychopath Shapeshifter
21 Single Horned Deer - Hunt - Chapter 21
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Psychopath Shapeshifter
Author :Krizantem
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21 Single Horned Deer - Hunt - Chapter 21

Martin was now a solid distance from the Fire Mountain Organization. In general, he didn't know where the settlements were because he didn't know about the world he was in so much.System gave him some knowledge but not showed him the way. But for a serial killer like Martin and also a man with deep troubles about being human, it didn't pose a problem.

Martin didn't care about people or other living beings or not living beings in any way. In general, feelings like love, anger, sexual relationships or likewise things was not contained in himself and did not occur or activated when he did not want to.

Therefore, it didn't matter what people cared about, such as "loyalty" "friendship" and so on, other characteristics of human characterism.

All he wanted to do was get more power and kill people and watch them now and then. That's what he felt in the old world. He didn't know why, but he knew it wasn't normal and he had to keep it as self-contained as he could.

Martin was a serial killer, but that didn't mean he lost control and acted like an animal. He knew his actions were bad. Even if he didn't understand why he was like this, nor he could describe it why he is do this things, but he still did it any. That's what was weird.


These thoughts came to mind when Martin's head came in a little more of the forest. At the time, he thought about himself and couldn't understand how advanced his creature was. His speed was at least a few times better before, and thanks to the strength he had, he could move quickly.

He can easily jump between 7 meters and 10 meters, and when he fell to the ground, he was not damaged by gravity. These were the details that mattered to him.


After Realizing that he had entered the woods deep enough, he took a deep breath and began to focus. He began to listen to the sounds of birds he was hearing around and nature's voices. He was only focused for a few minutes when he heard an animal sound. As far as he understood, this sound belonged to a deer-like animal.


Martin was moving as quietly as possible to the area where he heard the sound.and as he progressed, he came out of the area with frequent trees, an open area with green grass and white untouched rocks.

With only a few seconds of scrutiny, he saw a herd of animals far away. These animals resembled deer, as Martin thought. Of course, they had different points.

These deer, which had a single horn, had at least two meters in size on all fours and had pointed nails at the end of their moon. Martin knew these feet could be dangerous. That's when he used the system to study the creatures.

"Single Horned Deer"

"W-0 (Animal)

"STR = 0.3"

"Agility = 0.2"

"Endurance = 0.0"

"Int" = "0"

- Strong in Groups -


Martin breathed lightly. These unicorns he saw were not classified as a creature or monsters. They were more seen as animals. They weren't very strong in general anyway. But the little information the system gave was a simple lot of psychology.

The system told itself in detail that these creatures were as strong as herds. That could mean a lot of things -- maybe he attacked one of these deer, it meant other deer attacked him. At least that's how the herd animals in the old world were generally moving.
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Of course, Martin didn't spend much time on these issues and studied the deer that was the farthest by using the advantage of being human. Afterward, he simply collected weeds from around and drove the deer away from the herd.

After an average distance of 100 meters between Singe Horned Deer and his flock, Martin cut off the deer's head with a quick claw attack with jumping the deer from the tree. Soon after cutting the deer, he grabbed it by the legs and began dragging it away from the herd.

The smell of blood could have caught the attention of other dangerous creatures and animals around.


After a few hours of cleaning and dealing with things like that, Martin created a fire simply using his claws and began to eat the deer himself.

At the same time, as he understood, killing one Single horned deer gave him 50 points. Normally, he could keep working here, in short, "hunting", but he didn't want to waste time like that.


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