Rakish Prince's Courtship
1 A Devastating Betrayal
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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1 A Devastating Betrayal

At night, under the starry sky at the peak of Yunluo Mountain, a fresh cool breeze was blowing gently. Everything was quiet.

Su Luo's eyes were tender and filled with contentment. She gently and affectionately watched the man in front of her and said, "Yun Qi, after we leave the Organization, what do you say we just settle down here?"

Yun Qi, whose dashing eyes were brimmed with intoxicating gentleness, said, "Girl, you want to quit so badly?"

Su Luo lifted her head and gazed into the night sky. Her face lit up with a bright smile and she said, "It has been either training or fighting nonstop for more than ten years. We are always on the brink of death and can't enjoy even a moment of peace. At this point, I'm worn out by this kind of life and simply want to get out. Can you honestly tell me that you don't feel the same way?"

While she was speaking, Su Luo took out a small brocade box and waved it in front of Yun Qi. "Take a guess, what's in this?"

Su Luo's eyes were glistening, full of happiness and joy.

Immersed in her yearning for a contented and stable life in the future, she failed to see a sly wink in Yun Qi's eyes.

"The Dragon's Ring? You already got it after all? How is it possible? When did this happen?" Yun Qi's eyes squinted. The tenderness in his eyes was heady.

"I got it while you were carrying out your mission in Europe and America. I was lucky and got it somehow. Now can we quit together?" Su Luo took Yun Qi's hand. Her voice was full of hope, "Let's return the Dragon's Ring to the Organization, then settle down here and live a happy life together, shall we?"

"OK." Yun Qi's gentle kiss fell on Su Luo's smooth forehead. His strong hand pulled her into his arms and he held her tightly.

Leaning her head on his collarbone near his shoulder, Su Luo's eyes were brightened by a contented smile.

Su Luo and Yun Qi had been playmates since childhood. For over a dozen years, they survived countless missions together under heavy fire. He was her most important family and her most trusted companion. Now that she's pregnant with her baby, after they left the Organization... Suddenly, Su Luo's body went stiff with excruciating pain. She opened her eyes widely in unbelievable despair.

She pushed Yun Qi away and looked down at her body.

At that moment, a sharp dagger was sticking out of her chest. Blood was pouring out along the dagger and drenched her long, thin white dress. It looked like a bouquet of gorgeous Equinox flower blooming, blazing yet eerie.

As a professional assassin, Yun Qi knew precisely where to stab her without any miscalculation.

Su Luo staggered and fell to her knees on the rocky ground. Her beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment and anguish. She would never expect that her most trusted partner, who claimed to love her deeply, would turn around and stick the dagger she gave to him as a birthday gift back into her own heart.

So firm, cruel, and merciless.

Why... She opened her mouth yet couldn't make a sound due to distress.

Yun Qi curled up his lips and scoffed at her coldly, "Su Luo, you're so stupid. With all the secrets you knew about the Organization, you think they would let you go easily? I can't believe you thought you could just quit. How naive! Besides, why would you be so ignorant to think that I would leave with you?"

"..." Su Luo squeezed out a bitter and faint smile in despair.

AS Yun Qi said, she was indeed so naive that she actually believed he would walk away from the Organization with her.

"In your next life, try not to be this foolish!" Yun Qi picked up the small brocade box that fell on the ground. He shot a contemptuous look at Su Luo who was in anguish and misery, then turned away and left decisively.

"Yun Qi, you think you're not naive yourself?" Su Luo's icy voice sounded behind him.

Seeing that Yun Qi stopped walking, Su Luo laughed, "What do you think is in that brocade box?" Yun Qi opened the box. His face changed in an instant. "Where is the Dragon's Ring? Where did you hide it?"

A rich client offered the Organization three billion dollars to find the Dragon's Ring. If they couldn't get it in the end, not only would they not be paid, it would also be a devastating blow to the Organization's reputation.

Su Luo stood on the edge of the cliff, looking down into the unfathomable darkness below. Her smile showing both relish and wretchedness, as beautiful as a blooming flower trembling in a storm. "Yun Qi, you will never get the Dragon's Ring. Also, don't cry next to my grave. You will soil my way to reincarnation."

As she spoke, Su Luo jumped off the dark cliff.

The sea waves were rolling and crashing on the shores at the bottom of the cliff.


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