Rakish Prince's Courtship
2 This Is Certainly Torture!
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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2 This Is Certainly Torture!

Time and space had changed.

The Biluo Continent.


Su Luo felt a needle-piercing pain all over her body. It was also felt like she was crushed by a huge truck. The agonizing pain almost made her heart stop beating.

In a muddled state, she slowly opened her heavy eyelids and saw a dirty, white mosquito net hanging over her head and a worn-out blanket on her body. In a trance, she was bewildered.

"Su Luo, you b*tch! Why don't you die? Why did you wake up?! Go die!" A piercing and strident voice shrieked with anger from beside Su Luo 's bed.

Su Luo found herself feeling particularly weak. She feebly looked over in the direction of the voice.

It was a pretty girl, probably 14 or 15 years old. She was wearing a soft chiffon dress with a light green jade hairpin. The hairpin wasn't of high quality and the girl's face was a little chubby. But she had very delicate features.

In spite of her nice look, she was acting quite cruelly. Right at that moment, she was holding a needle that was used to stitch shoe soles. Thick and large, the tip of the needle gleamed coldly.

With her eyes wide open, ferociously, she repeatedly and ruthlessly jabbed the needle into Su Luo's body. All the places she prodded were covered by Su Luo 's clothes and would never be seen by other people without removing them first.

So painful! This is certainly torture! How shameless!

Su Luo wanted to say something but realized her mouth was covered by a rag. She attempted to resist yet found out that she didn't even have enough strength to lift her finger.

The vicious girl saw that Su Luo was awake, turned to another slightly older girl and ordered in a stony voice, "Third sister, beat her, quickly, beat her to death!"

Following orders obediently, the third young lady started to slap Su Luo's face harshly.

Su Luo's eyes were glittering coldly: the abuse and the slaps, I will remember them all!

Unable to endure any longer, Su Luo finally sunk into the swamp-like darkness.

"Young lady... waah... young lady please don't die..." a tender and girly voice was sobbing as if she had cried herself hoarse.

The cry woke Su Luo up in addition to being shaken hard by someone. She slowly regained consciousness.

"Young, young lady?" Just when Lvluo was crying her heart out, she raised her eyes and met Su Luo's. Her face was instantly flushed with a pleasant surprise.

Meanwhile, Su Luo took a clearer look at the young girl in front of her. She was around 14 or 15 years old with fine features. However, right now her face was red and swollen and covered with finger marks. Her eyes were puffed up like peaches. Quite an embarrassing look.

Su Luo shifted her eyes to check out the room. The table was missing a leg, the chairs were shabby, and even the teapot and cups for water were chipped. The entire room looked like a slum.

All of a sudden, Su Luo felt a sharp pain in her head and her memory rushed back like the tides.

As it turned out, she had indeed traveled through time.

She was not in any dynasty she was familiar with. It was the Biluo Continent, a martial world that was never present in Chinese history.

There were four countries on the continent: East Hill, West Plain, South Wind, and North Desert. The four countries formed a circle with the fabled Darkness Forest in the middle was where Demonic Monsters rampaged. No one other than a martial arts practitioner could step inside the forest.

At the moment, Su Luo was in the Grand General's Mansion in East Hill. Her father was the Grand Protector General Su Zi'an. And she was the so-called imbecile fourth young lady.

Across the Biluo Continent, all the children would take a Talent Test when they reached the age of five. The test was so important that it could determine the child's entire life.

Before the test, Su Luo was the pride of the Su family because of the paranormal phenomena when she was born. The sky was covered with magnificent and radiating beams of sunshine, a rainbow paved all the roads, and the sacred bird flew around the Capital City. At that time, everyone said the fourth young lady of the Su family would be highly accomplished.

Nonetheless, at the Talent Test five years later, to everyone's surprise, the most favorable fourth young lady Su turned out to be a complete loser with zero talent and couldn't possibly practice martial arts at all!

Because of the high expectation and the dramatic fall that came with it, Su Zi'an threw Su Luo to the side courtyard in a snit and left her on her own. Su Luo's mother was also treated with a cold-shoulder and eventually died in disgrace and depression.


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