Rakish Prince's Courtship
3 Next Time We“ll Kill Her
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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3 Next Time We“ll Kill Her

Could she really be the notorious loser? Staring at the drifting clouds far away, Su Luo sneered quietly.

Su Luo had gone through rigorous training for more than a dozen years in the modern time. Even if she had zero talent here, she could still achieve significant accomplishments and make a name for herself.

She still remembered how the two girls tortured her on the day when she first traveled here through time.

"Young lady, the third and the fifth young ladies are taking a walk in the garden today. Neither of them has personal maids around. I don't know what they're talking about." Lvluo came into the room with the food box. She placed the food box on the table and took the dishes out one by one.

A plate of rotten vegetable leaves, a bowl of moldy dried bean curd, and two bowls of rice.

"I don't want to eat. I'm going out for a second." Su Luo pushed the chopsticks away. Her eyes glinted coldly. If there was one thing Su Luo excelled at, it's bearing grudges. And she always got her revenge.

In the garden, the third young lady Su Wan and the fifth young lady Su Xi were walking along the lotus pond.

The fifth young lady Su Xi was the pet of the whole Su family. Besides enjoying a superior status for being born to Mrs. Su, the legal wife of Su Zi'an, Su Xi also had a surprisingly high talent for her young age.

The third young lady Su Wan was concubine-born just like Su Luo. Nonetheless, she was a sweet talker and had been a deferential sycophant to Su Xi at all times. As a result, the two appeared to have a pretty good relationship.

Su Wan's voice carried over indistinctly, "Fifth sister, I heard that d*mn girl woke up again?"

Su Xi smiled disparagingly, "She's such a lowlife. Neither poison nor a beating could kill her. What a tool!"

Su Wan said, "Then what should we do? Isn't the marriage...?"

Su Xi clenched her fist viciously, saying, "Rest assured, next time we will definitely kill her!"

At the moment, they were strolling along the lotus pond. Su Xi was walking on the outside and Su Wan was on the inside.

With a piece of straw dangling from her lips, Su Luo listened to them plotting against her life. A cold look flashed in her eyes. She'd like to see who would dare to make an attempt on her now.

She heard that Su Xi had incredible talent and was already a Second-Rank Fighter at her young age. Right now, even though Su Luo didn't have the strength to avenge herself, she was capable of evening the score a little bit with her sisters.

Hiding behind a parasol tree, a sly smile brightened her eyes.

Her sleeves rustled. A small pebble coincidentally rolled over next to Su Wan's feet.

How would Su Wan notice what was underfoot when she was looking straight ahead? She stepped on the pebble, instantly lost her balance, and toppled over to Su Xi's side.

It's an instinct of people to grab anything around them when they fall. On that account, Su Wan was lucky that she caught Su Xi's sleeve.

Unfortunately, however, a Foshan Shadowless Kick hit Su Wan abruptly on her buttocks just when they were stumbling.

The unexpected attack caught Su Wan off guard while she gripped Su Xi's dress tightly.

All at once, Su Wan and Su Xi both flew toward the canal. With a loud bang, they fell heavily into the water, drenched and bedraggled.

By that time, Su Luo had already hid back behind the parasol tree. Arms crossed and eyes sparkling with joy, she waited to watch the drama unfold.

She was very happy to see what a fabulous show this tight-knit pair of sisters would put on when they fought against each other.

Su Xi was an innocent victim in this unforeseen misfortune. But it was her own fault for picking Su Luo to bully out of everyone.

Already arrogant and willful, Su Xi screeched with anger now that she was implicated by Su Wan and fell in the water. She slapped Su Wan's face and yelled, "Third sister, what did you do? It's embarrassing enough that you fell. Why did you drag me with you!!?"


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