Rakish Prince's Courtship
4 They“ll Get Their Just Deserts
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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4 They“ll Get Their Just Deserts

Su Wan spent considerable effort to get her head above water yet was welcomed by a hard slap from Su Xi.

Su Wan was clueless indeed. She had no idea why she lost her balance but she was very certain that she only fell into the water because someone kicked her butt from behind.

Full of bitterness, Su Wan placed her hand over the freshly-slapped right side of her face and said with a tearless grievance, "Fifth sister, someone kicked me. It's not like I wanted to fall."

Su Xi sneered, "There's only you and me. Who do you think would kick you? Why haven't you climbed up there quickly to find a cloak for me to wear?"

"But..." Su Wan lowered her eyelids pathetically.

Her fairy-like chiffon dress was drenched. It clung to her body tightly and revealed her womanly curves. Even her red undergarments were clearly visible. It would be extremely embarrassing if she stepped out like this and was seen by other people.

Su Wan put her hands on her head and thought for a while. "How about we call for help?" she uttered her idea in a subdued voice.

"No! What if some men come and see us? You go! Quickly!" Su Xi's face was fierce.

"No, no..." Su Wan shook her head defiantly and wouldn't comply no matter what.

"Then you take off your clothes and give them to me!" Panting with indignation, Su Xi outstretched her hand and was about to tug Su Wan's clothes.

"Fifth sister, stop, stop now..." Su Wan clutched her chest tightly and struggled against Su Xi. After all, she was only wearing an undergarment under the light chiffon dress.

"Then why haven't you gone up already?!" Su Xi lifted Su Wan and threw her ashore harshly.

Standing on the bank, Su Wan was shivering in the cold and was about to run away as fast as she could.

Just then, however, the woods somehow caught fire.

Someone seemed to be shouting from a distance, "Fire... the woods caught fire... hurry to put out the fire..."

The woods were only a short distance away from the lotus pond. The surroundings were clear at a glance. Without any rocks or boulders, there was nowhere to hide.

Seeing numerous people coming over, Su Wan face paled with fear. She covered her chest with her hands and spun around in anxiety.

"Run! Run now!" Su Xi was hiding in the lotus pond and pressing Su Wan loudly. It would be too late if she didn't run now!

Nonetheless, it was already too late.

Hearing people's footsteps coming closer and closer, Su Wan trembled with fear and jumped back into the water by instinct.

Splash. The water sprayed high.

Su Luo almost laughed out loud.

Be that as it may, Su Wan's choice was not completely idiotic. After all, the water in the pond was shallow enough for her to stand on her feet. Besides, the pond was full of blooming lotus that obscured the view. No one would notice people hiding inside without paying close attention.

"What are you doing here again?!" Su Xi's hair was almost standing up with fury. She slapped Su Wan's face harshly again.

Su Wan was also upset. "Fifth sister, don't you cross the line!" Su Wan also had a temper, for crying out loud.

Su Xi scowled at her viciously. "Cross the line? Who crossed the line? Would I be in such an embarrassing predicament if you didn't push me in? You mark my words; I will not let you off the hook easily after I get out of here!"

"But I didn't do it on purpose. There really was someone who pushed me!"

"Who pushed you? Why don't you find out and show it to me!" Su Xi said.

Disregarding the footsteps, the two sisters began to fight in the water right then.

Su Luo watched them with a cold and malicious smile. She very much enjoyed the precious moment of those two sisters at each other's throat. She hoped the following drama would be even more exciting, just so her effort of setting the fire would not be in vain.


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