Rakish Prince's Courtship
6 Winner Takes All
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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6 Winner Takes All

What a wily and manipulative man. Wait a moment... He had just called himself "Prince." Did that mean he was a prince for real?

"Come here." Su Luo's ears picked up Nangong Liuyun's low and alluring voice.

Her eyebrows knitted tightly. Come over? Wouldn't she lose face if she went to him as he summoned?

In addition, there was almost no space left on the fork in the tree where he was sitting. Where would she sit if she went up there? Could he possibly be asking her to sit on his lap?

Nevertheless, without warning, her eyes blurred. Her body moved before she could figure out what he'd meant. She was at the top of the tree by the time she opened her eyes again. Moreover, she was, indeed, in the arms of the man she had just met for the first time.

Su Luo was not the type of person who would let someone take advantage of her easily. Her hand chopped at his carotid artery by instinct. However, Nangong Liuyun had reflexes like lightning. He grabbed Su Luo's wrist single-handedly and locked her arm behind her back before she even reached him.

Being overpowered by Nangong Liuyun made Su Luo feel demoralized.

Su Luo hadn't expected that she would be so far beneath him in martial arts skills. She couldn't even land a single blow on him.

Nangong Liuyun cracked a wicked smile. His long and slender fingers casually glided across Su Luo's creamy and soft face. His thin, rose-colored lips curled up mischievously with a tint of arrogance.

"Girl, you're not a match for me. How about now? Do you want to continue?" Full of playfulness, Nangong Liuyun's voice was breezy and intoxicating.

"Let me go!" Su Luo cast him a sidelong glance. Seeing he was only a breath away, she lowered her voice and warned him sternly.

"Girl, I'm bored. How about we play a game?" With a charming voice and a lighthearted look, Nangong Liuyun seemed to be contented and pleased with himself.

Su Luo thought carefully for a moment and assumed the situation couldn't possibly get any worse than it currently was. Stony-faced, she nodded. "Say it."

"Let's make a bet on those two in the pond. If they can hide through this and not be discovered, you win. If they can't, I win. What do you say?"

"What's the bet?" Su Luo was penniless. She didn't have anything to offer if he wanted to bet with money, although she didn't mind gaining something with zero capital.

"The winner takes it all, and the loser warms up the bed?" Nangong Liuyun's eyes looked up suggestively.

Su Luo's face remained steely. She threw him an icy glance, as if she was looking at a complete moron.

Nangong Liuyun acted as though he was wounded by her expression. He covered his chest with one hand and proposed another idea in a weak voice, saying, "The winner lies down... and the loser falls upon them?"

Su Luo was almost speechless! Could this man have been any more shameless? They had just met for the first time, for God's sake! How could someone talk in such an inappropriate way at their first meeting? Even someone like her, who came from modern times, was blushing.

"No to this, no to that," she said.

Nangong Liuyun idly fiddled with her hair next to her ear and said in a calm voice, "So you really want the winner to be king and the loser to be queen? If you insist, I will certainly consider."

Su Luo rolled her eyes, annoyed.

"Where did this king and queen nonsense come from? You're not the Crown Prince, are you? Watch your tongue with this crazy talk," Su Luo said, ridiculing and dismissing him with a roll of her eyes. "Why did you make it so complicated? If I win, you owe me one thing of my choice. If I lose..."

"Then you let me kiss you."

Nangong Liuyun had seized the opportunity to make even more requests, unwilling to lose even a little ground. Would this guy die if he didn't take advantage of her? She was eager to slap him hard.

Su Luo glared at him angrily. As a result, however, she also had a closer look at him.

He looked laidback and relaxed with a smile. In the meantime, there was also an incomparable charm and a certain panache about him. The man's pressing and formidable demeanor revealed his innate majestic bearing.


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