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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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7 Chapter 7

"Ok." Su Luo answered slowly after quite a while.

The bet would put her in an advantageous position, no matter the result. Even if she lost, she only had to offer a kiss, not a limb. She had played plenty of games with men in her previous life anyway.

Right now, she was penniless and didn't have any other resources at her disposal. A fool who delivered himself to her could be precisely what she needed.

On that account, two cunning people, each with their own axe to grind, officially started their first face-off.

Leading a group of people, Su Jingyu hurried to the lotus pond to check on the fire.

Su Jingyu was the eldest son in the Su family, born to Mrs. Su, the mistress of the family. He had impressive talent and had already been a third-rank fighter at the age of 20. Most people in the younger generation were hardly a match for him.

Su Jingyu didn't come alone. With a large group of people marching behind him, the scene looked quite impressive.

Su Xi was furious, yet there was nothing she could do about the situation. She concealed her entire body behind the lotus flowers and was afraid of raising anyone's suspicion. All she could do was scold Su Wan repeatedly in her own head.

Su Wan never thought she would have such a humiliating day.

It might have been alright if Su Jingyu was the only one coming. He was their brother after all. As luck would have it, however, Su Jingyu was followed by the Crown Prince, His Highness and young masters from other aristocratic families. If she got out of the pond now and was seen by them, the news would most definitely spread across the whole Capital City in next to no time. How could she socialize in Capital City in the future if that happened?

Su Xi scowled viciously at Su Wan. She swore she would never let Su Wan, that b*tch, go after she got out!

Su Wan was also infuriated. She never expected her luck to be so terrible either.

The situation was getting worse by the second. More and more people were coming. If they were discovered... could they claim they jumped into the water to swim?

It's only spring, not summer.

What to do? What on earth should they do? Su Wan was spinning around in angst.

Looking at the group of young men in gorgeous clothes., Su Luo cracked a playful smile.

It was somewhat surprising to Su Luo that so many people were rushing there. Seeing how Su Wan and Su Xi lowered their heads and shrank in fear behind the lotus, Su Luo realized the incoming people were definitely not some ordinary commoners.

The head of the group would be the Crown Prince. He was wearing a light golden brocade robe with a cummerbund that had a rising dragon print. His lips were thin and pale, revealing a touch of haughtiness. He looked insidious and deceitful, and clearly had a volatile temperament.

Su Jingyu had a handsome face and striking features. At the moment, with his eyebrows tightly knitted, he seemed to be exceedingly irritated...

The Crown Prince saw the fire and laughed out loud, "Jingyu, what are you guys doing at home? Do you always set fires for fun?"

Not only was the Crown Prince laughing, but the high-born young masters behind him were as well.

The interesting scene in front of them was apparently done deliberately.

How could it be a real fire? It was obviously a joke.

Right then, a modestly-sized bonfire was burning in front of them. A pile of flammable dried straw was underneath, covered by a layer of fresh leaves on top. It's a known fact that leaves that were not dried would produce thick smoke when burning. It was clear that whoever set the fire intended to use the smoke to lure them over.

Su Jingyu was also skeptical and suspicious. He smoothed his frown and smiled at the Crown Prince. "Maybe some servants did it by accident."

Caressing his jaw, the Crown Prince's gaze swept the site. "Oh? The servants in the Grand General's Mansion are this audacious?"

Su Jingyu's heart tightened. He explained hastily, "It could also be that one of my naughty sisters set it up for fun. Since it's alright now, shall we go back? I'm still confused about some of the lessons the teachers taught us today. It would be a great opportunity to learn from Your Highness."


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