Rakish Prince's Courtship
9 The Game Wasn“t Over Ye
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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9 The Game Wasn“t Over Ye

A trace of astonishment crossed the Crown Prince's face. His eyes were glowing and stared intently at the lotus pond. He seemed to be exceedingly fascinated by the incident.

"Get out! Don't blame me later if you don't get out now!" Su Jingyu shielded the Crown Prince. He was ready to fight bravely for him at any time.

His posture won the Crown Prince's favor as expected. The Crown Prince patted Su Jingyu on his shoulders, signaling that he was well capable of defending himself.

Inside the lotus pond.

Su Xi felt overwhelmed and trapped in the situation. If she came out now, she would be humiliated tremendously in front of the Crown Prince. She had had her heart set on the position of Crown Princess for a long time. Showing her face now would make her lose everything she cared about.

Never mind. Since it was the third sister who brought the trouble to them in the first place, she should step in and handle this matter.

"Remember to bring me a cloak after people leave! Otherwise, I'll beat you to death!" Su Xi's lips were trembling after soaking in the water for too long. She gave Su Wan an order, then grabbed her belt and threw her ashore.

"Ahh--," Su Wan screeched like a pig being slaughtered. Before falling onto the ground with a loud bang, her drenched body outlined an arc in the air with drops of water. She laid idly on the land with yellow mud stains on her.

What's even more unfortunate was that Su Wan's belt was already loose before Su Xi gripped it and flung her away. After all the grabbing and casting, the belt came off entirely when she fell on the bank. Her clothes were torn apart, exposing her body.

Su Jingyu goggled at the scene and couldn't believe what was happening! His mouth was open so wide that it could almost fit a fist inside.

He could never imagine why his third sister would show up on the bank so unexpectedly, let alone in such a mortifying way with the Crown Prince present.

Could she possibly be expressing her love and admiration for the Crown Prince in this manner?

This was... was... shameless!

Blue veins were bulging on Su Jingyu's forehead. He took off his coat and threw it on Su Wan to cover her scandalous naked body, then bellowed angrily, "Why are you not getting up now?"

He had never experienced such humiliation in front of the Crown Prince. He felt like his face was burning.

Unfortunately, however, Su Wan didn't answer him. She was still laying motionlessly in front of everyone and let them watch all they wanted. Su Wan was unconscious due to the fall.

"Crown Prince, Your Highness, my sister was being mischievous in the mansion and has made quite some trouble. She offended Your Highness by accident. Please forgive her." Clenching his teeth, Su Jingyu forced a still smile and attempted to ameliorate the matter and conciliate the Crown Prince.

While he was speaking, he motioned for the servants to carry the third young lady away as quickly as possible.

The Crown Prince seemed to be in a jolly mood. He grinned from ear to ear and tapped on Su Jingyu's shoulders like a brother, saying, "Is this the sister of yours with prodigious talent? Her way of making a first appearance was quite... em, peculiar?"

In fact, the Crown Prince had met Su Xi before. Nonetheless, when Su Wan first showed up on the bank, she looked like a ghost just crept out of the water. Her hair was covering her face, wet and messy. Before the Crown Prince could identify her correctly, Su Jingyu had already covered her face with his coat.

So, the Crown Prince didn't recognize which young lady of the Su family she was.

Be that as it may, the Crown Prince had his own intent in saying that.

Hearing the Crown Prince's comment, Su Xi, hiding in the lotus pond, was exceedingly exasperated. She stamped her foot in the water in aggravation.

How poor was the Crown Prince's eyesight? It was obviously the third sister! How could that be Su Xi?! Even though she was rejoicing in the fact that the Crown Prince remembered who she was, she still considered it unforgivable to be mistaken as the disgraced girl on the ground.


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