Rakish Prince's Courtship
10 An Awesome Brother!
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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10 An Awesome Brother!

Su Xi was eager to jump out and announce it wasn't her... Under the current circumstance, however, all she could do was lay low behind the lotus and wait this out.

Fortunately, she still had an awesome brother.

Seeing that his third sister was mistaken for his most cherished fifth sister, Su Jingyu hurried to explain with a simper, "It was a misunderstanding, Your Highness. That was not my fifth sister. My fifth sister is kind-hearted and graceful with exceptional talent. She is always busy practicing and would never pull such pranks."

A curious gleam flashed in the Crown Prince's eyes. He said, "Oh? Then who was that from your mansion?"

Su Jingyu put himself in a dilemma. He quietly blamed himself. Why did he have to say that was his sister? He could have pinned it on any maidservant. Now that the Crown Prince was making inquiries, how should he answer him?

Su Jingyu's father always had high hopes for his third sister. Besides, the third sister also had a cordial relationship with Su Jingyu's mother and other sisters. He needed to do his best not to throw her under the bus if he could.

All of a sudden, an idea popped into Su Jingyu's head. He thought of a plan that could satisfy both sides. His voice raised a little in excitement and said, "Actually... I'll be honest with you, Your Highness. That girl was... was..."

"All the hemming and hawing, you just won't tell me the truth. Are you saying that girl was...?" the Crown Prince's eyes flickered. His voice grew quiet, as if he was insinuating something.

"Yes, Your Highness is brilliant. That girl is indeed my good-for-nothing fourth sister!" Su Jingyu relaxed instantly upon replying to the Crown Prince. He felt like the sky was brighter, and the breeze was fresher now.

Fourth sister?

Sitting in a fork on the tree, Su Luo almost burst with fury.

Motherf*cker! Her self-righteous big brother was so freaking shameless that he would present her, who was completely innocent, to take the blame! How dare he to say it was Su Luo who made a fool of herself!

She finally knew where her notorious reputation came from. It turned out the family would always tell the public that it was Su Luo whenever her sisters did something embarrassing.

Chilly glimmers shone in Su Luo's eyes. Good, very good. Su Jingyu, you better remember this. I, Su Luo, am particularly petty. You just wait and see how I get my revenge.

Nangong Liuyun looked at the mercurial young girl next to him with interest. His rosy lips cracked a smile and said in a husky and sensual voice, "Girl, why don't you go out and clear up the misunderstanding?"

"If I go out now, my big brother would be stunned and dismiss me as a floor-sweeping servant. Do you believe me?" Su Luo beamed like a pretty flower, yet her teeth glittered coldly.

"But if you don't go, you won't be the Crown Princess anymore. Do you believe me?" Nangong Liuyun's lips were blood red. His eyes, clear like a stretch of water, could see through a person's heart.

The Crown Princess? Su Luo carefully recalled the memory of the original owner of the body.

Nangong Liuyun turned out to be right. Because Su Luo was claimed to be possessed by the sacred bird, she was betrothed to the Crown Prince by the queen right after she was born. For all these years, even though she had a nasty reputation and the engagement existed in name only, it was not officially annulled yet.

Therefore, Su Jingyu had three reasons to lie and frame Su Luo in front of the Crown Prince. First, he removed suspicion from Su Wan and Su Xi. Second, he answered the thorny question the Crown Prince asked. The third reasone, of course, was that he was making a path for his precious fifth sister.

Su Xi would only have the opportunity to become the Crown Princess if Su Luo was cast off.

Su Jingyu... what do you think I should do with you?


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