Rakish Prince's Courtship
12 Those Who Submit Will Prosper, Those Who Resist Shall Perish
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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12 Those Who Submit Will Prosper, Those Who Resist Shall Perish

"Is Prince Jin some marvelous guy?" asked Su Luo. The original Su Luo didn't have much information about Prince Jin in her memory either.

"Of course Prince Jin is marvelous. Who in the world could be better than Prince Jin His Highness? Allegedly, in the Talent Test, Prince Jin was ranked the first in the whole continent and the second in the history of the last five thousand years. Young lady, don't you think that's amazing?"

"..." Su Luo wasn't sure how to respond. The second-best talent in the history of the last five thousand years? That must be grossly exaggerated.

"Obviously, that's not all. People say that Prince Jin His Highness is a triple-talented mage, triple-talented! So many people don't even have one talent. But Prince Jin could master three!" Lvluo's eyes were sparkling, and her face was full of admiration. She continued to tell Su Luo, "I heard that a triple-talented mage would have plenty of opportunities to become a god. In fact, that martial arts master who was ranked the first in the Talent Test history eventually became an immortal god."

Nangong Liuyun was really that impressive? If it's true, then "winner becoming king and the loser becoming queen" was indeed not a joke he quipped casually. Based on his supposed talent, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to win the imperial throne.

While Su Luo was thinking, a face suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

She had just seen this very face this afternoon, so it was not likely that she misrecognized him... Could it be an illusion?

Just when Su Luo was going to rub her eyes in disbelief, her tender and delicate fingers were grabbed by his large hands. Nangong Liuyun's inky pupils were glistening dimly. He spoke to her while smiling, saying, "What? Don't recognize me anymore?"

"Nangong Liuyun?"

"You really are keeping me close to your heart. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so eager to investigate my background. Don't you think so?" Nangong Liuyun's thin lips were rose-colored like a flower. The corner of his mouth curled up into a charming arc.

Su Luo stared at him steadily without blinking. She pronounced each word clearly, "It is said that Nangong Liuyun the Prince Jin is standoffish and arrogant, callous and ruthless, stern and withdrawn. He was also born with mysophobia. No matter who touches his hand, he will chop off their hand; no matter who touches his body, he will take the person's life... You're saying you are this Prince Jin in the flesh?"

Su Luo's beautiful eyes gazed at the firm hands that were tightly gripping her own. She smiled casually, and her voice was soft and gentle.

Nangong Liuyun looked over to Su Luo leisurely. His sharp eyes were gleaming like the ocean, deep and unfathomable.

In contrast to his nonchalant and carefree attitude from this afternoon, he displayed a thoughtful and cautious manner and watched her intently.

At that moment, a chilly breeze flew over the rooftop. The cold air was almost condensed into ice and made it hard for people to breathe.

He gave off an icy-cold vibe, gloomy, deadly, and bewitching, with an overbearing demeanor that screamed: "those who submit will prosper, those who resist shall perish." It's almost like he was so imperious that the entire East Hill would shake violently if he stomped his feet.

However, even when facing his penetrating stare, Su Luo's beautiful eyes were still tranquil and serene like the waveless sea, calm and composed.

Abruptly, his lips curled up. It seemed like the gloomy and stormy weather had been cleared by a stretch of cloudless blue sky all of a sudden. The ice and frost melted into a gurgling creek with gorgeous flowers blooming along the banks.

Nangong Liuyun was especially enchanting when he was smiling.

His fair and slender fingers gripped Su Luo's dainty hand. With a slight smile, he said, "Girl, what are you worrying about? I'm not going to eat you."

Remarkably, they moved into a tie in this match of expression and bearing. Nangong Liuyun felt a sense of amazement and wonderment. He thought, maybe he serendipitously found a pearl covered by dust, a jade concealed in rocks.


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